Mountain View will attempt to rebound from loss to district rival Union

Thunder defense has some scores to settle against Battle Ground

Mountain View (1-1)

Week 1: Mountain View 34, Ferris 7

Week 2: Union 26, Mountain View 21

Next: Battle Ground vs. Mountain View, 4:30 p.m. Friday at McKenzie Stadium

The Thunder were there. Right there. They had their opportunities. Union, though, played just a little bit better, especially in the second half.

For our game-day coverage of this one, go here.

Big play that could have been even bigger:

You never know when a “play of the game” can happen. Sometimes it could be on the first series of the day. Had Mountain View won by a point or two, then this could have been it:

Union had no trouble moving the ball to open the game, going from its 34-yard line to the Mountain View 10-yard line, first-and-goal.

Mountain View quarterback Glen Perry Jr. rushed for 176 yards and three touchdowns against Union Friday. Photo by Mike Schultz
Mountain View quarterback Glen Perry Jr. rushed for 176 yards and three touchdowns against Union Friday. Photo by Mike Schultz

Union got seven yards on the first play, then threw two incomplete passes. The Titans went for it. The Titans got stuffed. Linebacker Andrew Gulliford, who sniffed out the play, found the running back and dropped him for a loss of four yards on fourth down.

Union would still eventually score first, but that fourth-down stop by the Thunder meant Mountain View could handle a few punches early and not get knocked out.

In fact, it would be Mountain View that countered with a few punches of their own much of the rest of the first half.

Perry Jr. making it happen:

Mountain View quarterback Glen Perry Jr. would score all three his team’s touchdowns. He also finished with 176 yards rushing on 24 carries. He had 128 yards in the first half.
Perry’s second touchdown, on a 45-yard run, gave us a bit of a drama, too. He was trying to outrun the final defenders and was close to the sideline. A Union defender tried to push him out, but Perry maintained his balance and jumped into the end zone.

No immediate signal, though.

The official on the sideline pointed toward the 3-yard line, but did not signal out of bounds. The official on the goal line was waiting, too.

I did not talk to the officiating crew, but I can guess this is what happened: The sideline official was pointing to tell his partner that the runner remained in the field of play. A second or two later, the official on the goal line signaled touchdown. That’s good teamwork by the officials.

That touchdown, which gave Mountain View a 14-6 lead, was set up by a fantastic interception by Jack Mertens.

Best photo of the night:

Yes, this is a rivalry game. Yes, it was even more emotional than usual because of the offseason that was and comments made. Still, the players have respect for one another. They are friends, off the field.

So after the contest, many of the Thunder and Titans posed together for photos. Pretty cool.

Coach Speak:

What did Adam Mathieson learn about his team in Week 2? “I will find out this week at practice! I did love the way we competed for 48 minutes, with class and integrity throughout; but this week will definitely tell us a lot about the metal of Team 37. I suspect I already know their answer and am sure that they are looking forward to the week ahead.’’

Thoughts on next game, vs. Battle Ground:

“We have been outscored by this program in our last two match-ups by somewhere north of 800 points or thereabouts; thus we are eagerly anticipating the challenge of trying to counter that trend,” Mathieson said. (Mountain View has given up 117 points in the last two matchups with the Tigers.)

“They are a physical group coached by a tough, veteran coach. They have kept some of the previous staff’s offense and added a downhill component to it, which makes them very dangerous.


“On a personal note, it will be our third different start time in as many weeks so we will do our best to be ready to compete when the whistle blows at 4:30 p.m.”

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