Mountain View announces its presence with authority

Mountain View Thunder

Thunder easily defeated Ferris in Week 1; will face Union this week

Week 1: Mountain View 34, Ferris 7

Week 2: Mountain View vs. Union at McKenzie Stadium, 7:30 p.m. Friday

The Mountain View defense simply overpowered the Saxons, and new quarterback Glen Perry Jr. had a 100-yard rushing game. Next up is a game against rival Union, which got even more interesting after one of the top players in the state moved from Mountain View to Union this offseason. (See coach’s quote at bottom of this post, without further comment.)

Find our write up from the day of the Mountain View-Ferris game here:


Here is how the Ferris offense fared against the Mountain View defense in the first half:

Three-and-out, punt.

Three-and-out, punt.

Three-and-out, punt.

Three-and-out, punt.

Mountain View’s defense held Ferris to just 73 yards of offense in Week 1. The Thunder will have a stiffer challenge this week when the opponent is Union. Photo by Paul Valencia
Mountain View’s defense held Ferris to just 73 yards of offense in Week 1. The Thunder will have a stiffer challenge this week when the opponent is Union. Photo by Paul Valencia

A first down on the first play of the series, then minus-2 yards the next three plays, punt.

Ferris would score just before halftime, taking advantage of good field position after a Mountain View fumble.

The second half was just more Mountain View defense. Ferris would finish with 73 yards of offense.

Notable players:

The coaching staff at Mountain View elected not to give us “MVP” honors for offense and defense. But we can list a few players who stood out:

Michael Bolds with a pick-six. He saw the route, knew what was coming, and timed the play perfectly, getting the interception on the fly and racing 49 yards for a touchdown.

Justin Lufkin-Quant had a sack and another tackle for loss. Andrew Gulliford had a stuff for no gain and had a tackle-for-loss a little bit later. Grant Francis blew up a play for a tackle-for-loss. So, too, did Mitchell Delmage.

In fact, with a defensive performance like this, all 11 guys on the field for any particular play, they all did their jobs.

On offense, Glen Perry finished with 126 yards and a touchdown on 15 carries, plus he threw for 94 yards and a score. Nile Jones ended up with 87 yards on the ground, and Michael Urruchua rushed for 65 yards.

Fun with numbers:

I noted this on Twitter during the game, but it’s so fun I’m going to put it here, too.

Mountain View had the ball at the Ferris 45-yard line with 1 second left in the half. The Thunder went deep.

Makai Anderson would make the catch as a flag was thrown, and he was tackled at the 2-yard line.

It turns out, Anderson was called for offensive pass interference. Yeah, it looked like he pushed off. But Ferris players and coaches, realizing the half was over, did not care. So they told the official they would decline the penalty.

Works for Anderson and Perry. They get those receiving and passing stats.

Coach Speak:

What did Adam Mathieson learn about his team in Week 1?

“It is a mature group that believes in preparation and trusts the preparation process. They can make adjustments on the move and are quick to implement those adjustments when necessary.”

Thoughts on Week 2: “We are playing the greatest collection of stars ever assembled in Clark County, and we are simply thankful for the opportunity to compete on the same field with them,” Mathieson said.

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