Mick Hoffman sets his goals for the WIAA

Vancouver educator now in charge of state’s governing body for athletics and activities

It is official. 

Mick Hoffman is no longer the next executive director of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association. He is the executive director.

Monday was his first day on the job as the head of the state’s governing body for high school sports and activities.

Mick Hoffman of Vancouver is the new executive director of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association. Photo courtesy of Mick Hoffman
Mick Hoffman of Vancouver is the new executive director of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association. Photo courtesy of Mick Hoffman

ClarkCountyToday.com was able to visit with Hoffman a couple weeks ago as he was clearing out his office at the administration building for Vancouver Public Schools. He had been the assistant superintendent there before he was named to replace Mike Colbrese.

The conversation that day was mostly a “best wishes” get-together as well as a chance to discuss his inclusion into Heroes Night as the representative for educators in the area.

But Hoffman did go on-the-record to note three goals he has in mind as he takes over the WIAA.

“We are looking to lift up the student voice,” Hoffman said. “It’s the kids’ game. We should have kids’ voices.”

That might include enhancing LEAP — Leadership through Education, Activities, and Personal development — a student leadership program. It could mean having students attend and participate in board meetings, to get input from students regarding possible rule changes.

Next, Hoffman said the WIAA must solidify the finances of the association. Getting costs under control will be key to the future. 

Along those lines, athletes, coaches, and fans will be asked to have an open mind. Changes are coming. Most notably, the football championship games. The WIAA announced this past academic year that state championship football will no longer be played in the Tacoma Dome. 

While it is easy for anyone — Hoffman, the media, fans — to speculate, Hoffman said there is no set plan just yet. He understands, though, that whatever is finalized will be one of the most scrutinized changes in his first year with the WIAA.

Hoffman also wants to take a look at what the WIAA offers now, with the hopes of adding competition and/or activities. Currently, the association offers 16 sports and six activities.

E-sports anyone? Lacrosse? Robotics? No promises, other than a promise to look into expanding.

“Are we an option for all kids?” Hoffman asked. “We want to appeal to the masses.”

This summer, Hoffman said he will seek out information from all areas of the state, all classifications. 

Call it a tour, if you’d like. In August, there are 11 WIAA/AD workshops scheduled throughout Washington. Hoffman is ready to attend every one.

“I don’t mind being in the car,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman is in the WIAA’s driver seat now.


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