Hudson’s Bay to open 3A GSHL play with matchup with Evergreen

Eagles have two non-league wins this season

Hudson’s Bay Eagles (2-0)

Week 1: Hudson’s Bay 31, LaSalle (Ore.) 28

Week 2: Hudson’s Bay 34, Rochester 7

Next: Hudson’s Bay vs. Evergreen, 7:30 p.m. Friday at McKenzie Stadium

Eagles crushed opponent’s rushing attack, then went to work on offense.

It was so difficult to read the numbers on the game video I watched. But I can say for certain: The Eagles dominated this one. Offensive line making plays downfield. Defensive line dominating up front.

Special teams:

The Eagles were up by a touchdown in the second quarter after missing out on a couple opportunities. Still, the defense was keeping Rochester from threatening.

And then the Bay special teams got into the action.


Hudson’s Bay coach Ray Lions has his Eagles rallying around him heading into this week’s Class 3A GSHL matchup with Evergreen. Photo by Mike Schultz
Hudson’s Bay coach Ray Lions has his Eagles rallying around him heading into this week’s Class 3A GSHL matchup with Evergreen. Photo by Mike Schultz


Rochester had a bad snap on a punt attempt, and four Eagles were all over the punter. Only one was needed to get the tackle, but had the punter escaped him, there would have been nowhere for him to run.

Three plays later, Bay’s offense was in the end zone.

On the ensuing kickoff, the Bay specialties forced and recovered a fumble. A few minutes later, another Bay touchdown. Two turnovers on special teams led to two touchdowns, and the game was secure.

A ‘Wow!’ hit leads to more defense:

Again, couldn’t see the number, but a Bay linebacker destroyed a Rochester receiver with a clean hit. That seemed to fire up the defense. Next play was a tackle for loss. Then on fourth down, there was a pass defended by a cornerback, getting the ball back to the Bay offense.

Wide receiver screen for TD:

Believe it was Carter Morse who caught the final TD for the Eagles. It was a wide receiver screen. He made one guy miss, then he took advantage of great downfield blocking. One of those blockers was his left tackle, who hustled 10 yards downfield to secure the edge for his wide receiver.

Coach Speak:

What did Ray Lions learn about his team in Week 2? “We still have areas of improvement, but when we put it together we are a tough team to beat. Offensively, we can be explosive just by getting the ball to players quickly.”

Coaching staff’s pick for MVP of offense: Carter Morse. “Came up with big catches and didn’t allow for frustration to come into play when we got a penalty,’’ Lions said. “Has been a big target for deep ball with his craft as a slot.”

Coaching staff’s pick for MVP of defense: The D-line. “We challenged them to limit the run total to under 100 yards and they succeeded (in non-substitution time),’’ Lions said. “We didn’t do anything in regard to a pretty or complicated plan. The goal was to work our D-line during practice to own the man in front. They did that.”

Thoughts on Week 3 vs. Evergreen:

“Big game, but another game,’’ Lions said. “They will have a similar based team with talent on the outside and good linemen.We need to take advantage of their 3-4 blitzing and hit the holes they vacate. Defensively, we need to stay disciplined. Evergreen has a lot of home run potential but if we do our jobs, we will be able to defend them well.”

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