Hudson’s Bay kicker accomplishes rare feat

Thanks to Nick Campbell’s 38-yard field goal with 2 seconds remaining, Hudson’s Bay topped LaSalle (Ore.) 31-28 in Week 1. The Eagles travel to Rochester in Week 2.

Nick Campbell has booted two last-second, game-winning field goals for the Eagles this season

Hudson’s Bay Eagles (3-1, 0-1 3A GSHL)

Week 1: Hudson’s Bay 31, La Salle (Ore.) 28

Week 2: Hudson’s Bay 34, Rochester 7

Week 3: Evergreen 12, Hudson’s Bay 7

Week 4: Hudson’s Bay 16, Woodland 15

Next: Mountain View vs. Hudson’s Bay, 8 p.m. Friday at Kiggins Bowl

For the second time this season, the Eagles won a game in the final seconds with a field goal.

The Iceman does it again:

For the second time in four weeks, Nick Campbell has won a game for the Eagles with a field goal.

This time, he was true from 19 yards out with nine seconds to play in the game for a 16-15 victory. In Week 1, he had a 38-yard field goal with 2 seconds to play to beat La Salle (Ore.) 31-28.

It is rare for any high school game in Clark County to be won in the final 10 seconds with a field goal. And it might be the first time in school history it has happened twice in the same season.

Dating back to 1960, there have only been two seasons in which the Eagles have won two games by three points or fewer — 1997 and 1982. (Thanks to Bryan Levesque’s old site,, for the archives!)

Hudson’s Bay kicker Nick Campbell is shown here booting a game-winning field goal against Woodland last week. Campbell now has two game-winning field goals this season for the Eagles. Photo courtesy of Aaron Morse
Hudson’s Bay kicker Nick Campbell is shown here booting a game-winning field goal against Woodland last week. Campbell now has two game-winning field goals this season for the Eagles. Photo courtesy of Aaron Morse

Perhaps one day I will go look up the boxscores of those 1997 and 1982 games, but it is probably safe to say that at least one of those games from each season did not come down to a final-second FG. I could be wrong. But we know for certain those are the only two years it could have even been possible.

Hudson’s Bay coach Ray Lions has all the confidence in the world in Campbell because Lions has seen how much preparation the kicker has put into his craft.

“Nick has been working hard from the summer to date, working on his kicks from different angles and distances,” Lions said. “An interesting note, Nick worked on the right-side kick on Thursday (before Friday’s game).”

That is where Campbell kicked his game-winning field goal. It was a tough angle, too, because it was on the hash mark and only 19 yards.

“For a right-foot kicker, that’s a difficult task, but he was hitting them consistently,” Lions said.

A 2-0 game at the half, Lions told Campbell that the game might come down to his foot again. Be ready, the coach advised.

“He was, obviously,” Lions said.

After making the field goal, Campbell raised his arms and ran toward the sideline to celebrate with the Eagles. Before the kick, though, no emotions.

“I’ve told coaches, his nickname has been earned … Iceman. He doesn’t feel any pressure or heat by any means,” Lions said.  

Defense rules:

This was a 2-0 game at halftime. Yes, 2-0 for Woodland. The Hudson’s Bay defense was not scored on in the first half.

Woodland moved the ball at times, but the Bay defense would get a turnover. There was an interception in the end zone in the first half (couldn’t see the number on the jersey) and Toa Kaumatule and Carter Morse combined on one tackle that led to a fumble, with Morse recovering.

In the fourth quarter, trailing 15-6, there was a huge tackle-for-loss on a third-down play. Couldn’t guarantee this (the numbers are difficult to read on the screen) but I believe it was No. 20, Jacquez McDonald who made the play.

After a Woodland punt, the Eagles scored on a long touchdown pass from Brian Perez to Marco Cadiz on Bay’s first play of the drive. That made it 15-13.

Later, a huge hit forced a fumble to end one Woodland drive.

Hit of the night:

Woodland had the ball, trying to get first downs, trying to kill the clock, leading by two with 2:31 left in the game.

Toa Kaumatule was not having any of it.

He got a sack for a loss of 8 yards, which brought out the Woodland punt team.

But it was not the sack that was the “hit of the night.” No, it was Kaumatule getting to the quarterback that was the big shot.

Woodland had a running back in pass protection. Kaumatule, however, went through that blocker with a monster pass rush. The blocker went to the ground and then the quarterback went to the ground.

The Eagles would get the ball back, then score with 9 seconds left to win the game.

Coach Speak:

What did Ray Lions learn about his team in Week 4? “We play with a combination of heart, mind, and faith. There were multiple opportunities to break mentally, but our minds were in it to the very end. We didn’t count the number of fourth-down stops, but there were enough to make any defensive coach nervous.

“The same can be said for the hearts of players. It would have easy to take plays off, but the pursuit and desire to win remained the same. More importantly, our faith remained steady. Everybody stayed the course, even when difficult or frustrating times came our way.”

MVP on offense: “Julio Vara made multiple catches and better yet, ones we needed,” Lions said. “Julio has been the safety net and possession wide receiver. He has the ability to make a big play, but we have found that he has been a key target in big situations. We have full confidence in Julio and will continually take any match-up one-on-one.”

MVP on defense: Toa Kaumatule “was a beast,” the coach said. “Often times he had to take on a lead blocker and make the tackle. Another compete that people may overlook was his multiple stops on important third and fourth downs. For example, we worked on defending the screen, and he sniffed it out on a red zone third down. The most impressive play was the last series on defense, where he recognized pass, ran through a Woodland blocker (not around) and sacked the quarterback.”

(Hey, I think I just wrote about that play under Hit of the NIght!)

Thoughts on Week 5 vs. Mountain View: “Stay the course,’’ Lions said. “Mountain View is an impressive team that has not only taken on bigger opponents, but has competed, too. I feel our success has never been because we have worried about our opponent or the things we can’t control. Rather, focusing on improving what we need to and building upon the strengths of the team. One aspect that will be stressed is to play physical. Mountain View will bring it every play, and it’s up to us to not only match that physicality but want it more.”

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