Homegrown Champions • The 2024 Camas Papermakers

Clark County Today is proud to present a video showcasing the Camas girls basketball team that won a state championship Saturday night in Tacoma, with game highlights, post-game celebration, player interviews, and a victory dinner.

Another basketball season, another behind-the-scenes look at a great team.

A year ago, Clark County Today was granted special access to the Camas girls basketball team, following players and coaches throughout the week at the state tournament. That team finished second.

This year? All involved wanted another video, but with a caveat: Only in the Camas Papermakers won the state title this season.

Well, Saturday, the Papermakers accomplished that goal, and reporter Paul Valencia was once again granted access to the locker celebration as well as the team meal. He interviewed athletes from the team about an hour or so after they had won the state championship. He and photographer Mike Schultz also captured some action shots from the championship game.

Beyond winning it all, this team also took time to dedicate the victory to assistant coach John Griffin, who is battling cancer.

Oh, and another thing that makes this team special: Every member of the squad is from Camas. There is no athlete who moved to Camas from another high school. Of the 12 players, 11 attended elementary school in Camas Public Schools and the other moved to Camas in middle school.

These are Homegrown Champions.

Video and photos by Paul Valencia and Mike Schultz
Video edited by Andi Schwartz

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