Hockinson’s high-powered offense prepares for Week 2 matchup with Prairie

Hockinson Hawks

Hawks quarterback Canon Racanelli had five touchdown passes and one touchdown run in Week 1 win over La Center

Week 1: Hockinson 42, La Center 6

Week 2: Prairie at Hockinson, 7 p.m. Friday

One of the more impressive openings of any team in Week 1, the Hawks had no trouble against a loaded squad that made the Class 1A state semifinals last season.

For a look at our coverage from game night, go here: https://www.clarkcountytoday.com/2017/09/01/hawks-fly-high-in-opener/

Hurry up and take your time:  

Hockinson quarterback Canon Racanelli (12) was the Hawks’ MVP in the first week of the season according to Coach Rick Steele. Photo by Mike Schultz
Hockinson quarterback Canon Racanelli (12) was the Hawks’ MVP in the first week of the season according to Coach Rick Steele. Photo by Mike Schultz

The pace is hectic. The Hawks want to make it chaotic for an opponent’s defense. Get to the line. Snap the ball. Make a decision. Gain yards. Do it again. Quickly.

That does not necessarily mean score quickly, though.

Hockinson’s first drive of the season came on an 11-play drive. The next touchdown was on a seven-play drive.

In the second half, there was a 12-play touchdown drive. And a nine-play touchdown drive.

Quick-strike, too:

Of course, when Hockinson needs to, it can score in a hurry.

La Center had just scored with a minute to go in the first half, when the game was still close.

Hockinson would take over after the ensuing kickoff at its own 48-yard line.

One play later, the Hawks were in the end zone again, a 52-yard touchdown pass from Canon Racanelli to Sawyer Racanelli.

That made it 21-6 at the half. Hockinson got the ball first in the second half, scored again, and that was pretty much the game.

Huge turnover:

In a 7-0 game, La Center had a chance to tie the game but fumbled just before going into the end zone.

It appeared to me that Hockinson’s Matt Henry stripped the ball from the runner just prior to the goal line. Couldn’t see who recovered the fumble for the Hawks in the end zone. It took a few seconds for the officials to make a ruling, too, trying to figure out if La Center scored before the fumble.

Nope, Hockinson ball. The Hawks would go 80 yards the other way for a 13-0 lead.

Coach Speak:

What did Rick Steele learn about his team from Week 1? “I guess we found out that we could be a really good football team. Team chemistry each year is big for us. We played well as a team on both sides of the ball. Good team effort, and the kids are pretty excited.”

Coach’s pick for MVP of the offense: Canon Racanelli. “He has the team on his shoulders, and he knows it,’’ Steele said. “We are tough to stop when he is on his game. Five touchdowns passing and one rushing is a good start for him.”

Coach’s pick for MVP of the defense: Joe Brennan. “First start ever at middle linebacker,’’ Steele said. “Helped solidify the middle of our defense. He will only get better each week for us.”

Thoughts on Week 2 vs. Prairie: “Totally different game for us against them,’’ Steele said. “We were heavy run stop this last week and now we have to see if we can defend the pass. They look improved in some spots. We will have to bring it fast as we don’t want to give them any confidence.”

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