Fort Vancouver to play host to Prairie Friday at Kiggins Bowl

Trappers close out season with Class 3A Greater St. Helens League contest

Fort Vancouver Trappers (0-8, 0-4 3A GSHL)

Week 1: King’s Way Christian 56, Fort Vancouver 0
Week 2: The Dalles (Ore.) 32, Fort Vancouver 0
Week 3: Hoquiam 49, Fort Vancouver 16
Week 4: Benson (Ore.) 18, Fort Vancouver 0
Week 5: Kelso 42, Fort Vancouver 0
Week 6: Evergreen 56, Fort Vancouver 13
Week 7: Mountain View 56, Fort Vancouver 0
Week 8: Hudson’s Bay 54, Fort Vancouver 0
Next: vs. Prairie, 7 p.m. Friday at Kiggins Bowl

The Trappers lost in the rivalry game but still showed some positive signs despite the record.

Fort Vancouver closes out its 2017 season with a game against Prairie Friday at Kiggins Bowl. Photo by Mike Schultz
Fort Vancouver closes out its 2017 season with a game against Prairie Friday at Kiggins Bowl. Photo by Mike Schultz

My favorite Fort play of the year:

Hudson’s Bay had the ball at its own 47-yard line and Fort Vancouver linebacker Tyler Runkle blitzed.

He did not come close to the quarterback. The offensive line was ready for him.

What happened next, though, showcases Fort Vancouver’s drive this season.

The Trappers are overmatched in most of their games. They know going in that victory is unlikely. Yet there was Runkle, chasing down the receiver who made a catch and was heading for the end zone.

Remember, Runkle was rushing the quarterback on the play. Well, Runkle also got the tackle, 40 yards downfield, saving a touchdown.

The junior never gave up, and he and the Trappers were rewarded, at least for that play.

Positive signs:

One of the team’s goals this season was to honor the program, the school, and the sport with a showing of good sportsmanship. Not going into details again, but last year had some rough moments in this regard. Not this season. The Trappers are playing with poise, even when the score gets out of control.

Fun to see:

Aiske Vaea got to return a kickoff for the Trappers against Bay. He is a lineman but the ball came to him and he took off like he knew exactly what he was doing.

Ran forward, then made a move to the side.

He got tackled. The return was not very long. But it’s always fun to see the big guys get a chance with the ball.

Opposing coach’s point of view:

Special note for the Trappers from Hudson’s Bay coach Ray Lions: “A lot of credit should be noted to the Fort Vancouver team as it would have been easy to give up and quit. We know coach (Steve) Broussard will continue doing a great job at Fort Vancouver and the fight within each player was great to see  Each year we know the hype will be there for the Peace Pipe Game, and we’re excited to see where Fort will be down the road. We hope that is where the focus is for the 3A GSHL down the road. Until then, we will do our best to represent the south for the rest of this season and hopefully the postseason.”

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