Fort Vancouver looks for upset over rival Hudson’s Bay Friday

Trappers still looking for that elusive first win of the season

Fort Vancouver Trappers (0-7, 0-3 3A GSHL)

Week 1: King’s Way Christian 56, Fort Vancouver 0
Week 2: The Dalles (Ore.) 32, Fort Vancouver 0
Week 3: Hoquiam 49, Fort Vancouver 16
Week 4: Benson (Ore.) 18, Fort Vancouver 0
Week 5: Kelso 42, Fort Vancouver 0
Week 6: Evergreen 56, Fort Vancouver 13
Week 7: Mountain View 56, Fort Vancouver 0
Next: vs. Hudson’s Bay, 5 p.m. Friday at Kiggins Bowl

The Trappers knew this was a mismatch going into the game, but they still managed to have a few positive plays against the first-place team in the league.

Fort Vancouver has two more chances to get in the win column during the 2017 high school football season. Photo by Mike Schultz
Fort Vancouver has two more chances to get in the win column during the 2017 high school football season. Photo by Mike Schultz

Applying pressure:

Early in the game Fort Vancouver defensive lineman Rameses Juarez put the Mountain View lineman on skates, pushing him back almost to the quarterback. The QB had to retreat and I believe it was Nehemiah Polk-Rasheed who nearly got to him for a sack.

A favorite play of mine:

Later, Polk-Rasheed almost got to the quarterback again. Instead, it was a shovel pass. What I loved about this play was Polk-Rasheed did not give up. He almost had the quarterback for the sack, and then he nearly made the tackle on the receiver, 35 yards downfield.


One Mountain View player had a long gain, and he struggled to stay up as several Fort defenders tried to take him down. By the end of the play, a Fort player fell just behind the Mountain View player as Fort’s Nick Hawk gave the receiver one final shove. The Mountain View player went down and tripped backward over the Fort player on the ground.

This also happened around the sideline. The hit was not late, but the effect – with the Mountain View losing his balance tripping over the other player and going out of bounds – just made it look like a rough play.

It looked worse than it was.

Immediately, Hawk extended his hand to help the Mountain View player up from the ground.

Well played.

Peace Pipe:

It is the Peace Pipe game in Week 8 for the Trappers. The rivalry game against Hudson’s Bay.

Not going to sugarcoat it: Hudson’s Bay is a lot better than Fort Vancouver these days. Still, it’s the rivalry game, and we should expect Fort’s best effort of the year. Also, this is a good chance for the Trappers to see their possible future. It was not that long ago when Fort and Bay were equals – both struggling programs with seemingly no hope for improvement.  Well, Bay had a winning season last year and already has one this season. It can be done.

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