Curt Daniels Invitational baseball tournament starts Wednesday, June 26

The Clark County baseball community invites baseball standouts from all over the Northwest every summer for a tournament to honor the memory of a teacher and a coach at the Curt Daniels Invitational.
The Curt Daniels Invitational starts Wednesday and runs through Sunday, a baseball tradition in Clark County

This is the 19th year of the invitational, honoring the memory of a legendary baseball coach and teacher

Some of the best high school baseball players in the Northwest will be playing in Clark County and in Portland this week as part of a tradition that has been going on for 19 years.

The Curt Daniels Invitational starts Wednesday and will be held at Camas High School, Evergreen High School, and Mountain View High School in Vancouver, as well as at Joe Etzel Field at the University of Portland.

This 16-team tournament features players from throughout the Northwest, including three teams with Clark County standouts: The NW Star Mavericks, the NW Futures, and the Clark County Cubs. 

Games start Wednesday and will be played through Sunday. The championship game will be at noon Sunday at the University of Portland.

A reminder that the Curt Daniels Invitational is no longer played at Hudson’s Bay High School, home of Curt Daniels Field at Propstra Stadium.

The Invitational is in memory of Curt Daniels, a longtime teacher and coach in Clark County. He coached Columbia River High School to a state title and also became the coach at Hudson’s Bay High School. Daniels passed away from cancer in 2003.

For this year’s bracket, with a full schedule of games, click here:*92h6jm*_ga*MTY4ODk3MTI3Ny4xNjkyODExNjI3*_ga_PQ25JN9PJ8*MTcxOTM0OTA0MS40My4wLjE3MTkzNDkwNDYuMC4wLjA.#_ga=2.35328486.673922989.1719162053-1688971277.1692811627

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