Columbia River was its own worst enemy in loss to Evergreen

Columbia River Chieftains

Chieftains look to bounce back against perennial power Tumwater

Week 1: Evergreen 26, Columbia River 13

Week 2: Tumwater at Columbia River, 7 p.m.

The Chieftains had some turnover issues and special teams woes but still managed to make a game of it in the fourth quarter after falling behind 19-0 in the first half.

Plays that stood out:

After a Week 1 loss to Evergreen, Columbia River must now face a tough Tumwater team this week. Photo by Paul Valencia
After a Week 1 loss to Evergreen, Columbia River must now face a tough Tumwater team this week. Photo by Paul Valencia

On Columbia River’s second defensive series, Koben Jamison did something that seems so improbable. I just got done re-watching the play. He lined up on one end of the formation, outside of the left tackle. Evergreen did a running play outside beyond the right tackle, the complete opposite side of where Jamison was lined up.

Jamison ran behind the offensive linemen, parallel to the line of scrimmage, and caught the running back, stopping him for a 2-yard gain. The Plainsmen ran AWAY from Jamison, yet he still made the play.

In the third quarter, Tristan Hoyer blew up a play, with an assist from Jamison, for a loss of 3 yards, leading to an Evergreen punt.

That was the start of the strongest series of events for the Chieftains in this game. River’s defense got the ball to the offense, and the offense went to work. Jarrett Seelbinder had runs of 14, 6, and 17 yards to set up a great touchdown run from Jamison, who willed his body to the pylon.

Coach Speak:

What did Christian Swain learn about his team in Week 1? “We are young! Our defense is still a ways ahead of the offense. We need to improve on special teams. (We gave them a short field on a bad snap and a muffed punt on the 10-yard line that led to a score.) Offensively, we moved the ball all night but penalties and two critical INTs killed promising drives,’’ Swain said.

“Matt Asplund has a very bright future but it was his first varsity start and we asked him to throw 33 times,’’ Swain added. “Look out in a few weeks when the offense catches up. I believe Asplund will be an All-Region kind of player in a year from now. It all will boil down to how fast he develops into that guy.”

Coach’s pick for MVP on offense: Jarrett Seelbinder, who had close to 90 yards on 17 carries. He set up a touchdown with big plays.

Coach’s pick for MVP on defense: “As expected, Koben Jamison was all over the field. He has improved from last year in every category, and that is a very good sign,” Swain said.

Thoughts on Week 2: “Tumwater is a great program,’’ Swain said. “The culture there is one that it’s plug and play every year.  We are also pretty proud of our school’s tradition and culture.  We are looking to leave that impression in the way we play Friday night.”

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