Clark County Today Sports Podcast, May 23, 2024: No easy solution in regard to transgender athletes but we should all agree not to boo teenagers

The sports administrators and the sports reporter discuss the laws and policies regarding transgender athletes in the Northwest, and they talk about the reasons why flag football was not sanctioned in Washington, plus a preview of spring sports championships.

Reporter Paul Valencia and sports administrators Tony Liberatore and Cale Piland talk about high school sports and more

Paul Valencia

Welcome back to the Clark County Today Sports Podcast.

This week we discuss the laws and policies regarding transgender athletes now that the Northwest became part of the national conversation when a transgender girl won a state track and field championship in Oregon last week. 

The sports administrators note that in Washington, the WIAA policy regarding transgender athletes has not changed in years. 

There is a lot of controversy over the subject. But the administrators and the reporter agree on one thing: A teenager should not be booed.

We also discuss the reasons flag football was not sanctioned. There were definitely some things going against the proposal to bring girls flag football to the WIAA.

Oh, and spring sports championship week has started. 

The podcast format is simple. Tony Liberatore of Vancouver Public Schools and Cale Piland of Evergreen Public Schools give their thoughts, along with Clark County Today reporter Paul Valencia. Liberatore and Piland are longtime sports administrators. And Valencia has been a sports reporter in the region for more than 20 years. 

We lead with high school sports. Then talk about college and pro, too. And usually a few light items beyond sports.

We’re always interested in subject ideas for a future podcast. Email us a subject idea.

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