Clark County Today Sports Podcast, Episode 2

Reporter Paul Valencia, and local high school administrators Tony Liberatore and Cale Piland talk about sports

Welcome back to the Clark County Today Sports Podcast. This is Episode 2. (And, by the way, we are open to a new name for the podcast.) 

Reporter Paul Valencia, along with school administrators and former coaches Tony Liberatore and Cale Piland talk local and some national sports. 

  • This week, we talk a little bit about Signing Day and some of the big-name football coaches who have and haven’t come to Clark County to visit potential recruits. 
  • We get into sportsmanship and what can be done to avoid horrendous, 100-point margins of victory in basketball.
  • A salute to Brooklynn Haywood of Union girls basketball for her 50-point game.
  • Some coaching changes in local high school football.
  • A shout out to Ryland Spencer of Cascadia Preps, and a little known fact: Cale Piland coached Ryland Spencer in Cale’s one season with Juanita football.
  • Plus our Super Bowl picks.

As stated when we introduced this podcast, for now we are recording once every two weeks. We appreciate any feedback or topic ideas. Send them to Paul Valencia at:

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