Clark County Today Sports Podcast, Episode 14: Is the Skyview vs. Columbia River football game necessary?

Reporter Paul Valencia and sports administrators Tony Liberatore and Cale Piland talk about high school sports and more

Paul Valencia

Welcome back to the Clark County Today Sports Podcast.

In today’s episode we tackle the Skyview-Columbia River football game. Reporter aul Valencia asks the sports administrators if the football game should be played anymore. It has not been competitive in years.

Tony Liberatore of Vancouver Public Schools and Cale Piland of Evergreen Public Schools say there are a lot of pros to the game, not just cons.

And to be perfectly honest, the Skyview and Columbia River neighborhoods also must appreciate the game because the crowds are always huge for the game.

We also talk about Brooklynn Haywood, a young basketball star who has announced on social media that she will not be playing traditional high school basketball this season. Opting instead to play for a travel team. Is this the future?

We talk a little about pro sports, too, but not much. Tony and Cale weren’t in the mood to talk Mariners. Paul is happy to talk about the Raiders anytime, though. 

We’re always interested in subject ideas for a future podcast. Tony and Cale are experts in administration for high school sports, and Paul has seen a few things in his decades in Southwest Washington sports. Email us a subject idea.

Also, none of us like the name of our podcast. Got an idea for a better one? Email us. (Be nice!) 

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