Clark County Today Sports Podcast, Episode 1

Reporter Paul Valencia teams up with sports administrators and former coaches Tony Liberatore and Cale Piland to discuss high school sports in Clark County

Longtime reporter teams up with local school administrators to talk high school sports

Introducing the Clark County Today Sports Podcast.

We hope to come up with a better name, but until then, we’ll go with this.

Longtime Clark County reporter Paul Valencia is teaming up with longtime coaches and athletic administrators from two large school districts to talk about high school sports, and a little bit more.

In this first episode, we get to know Tony Liberatore, a Columbia River High School graduate, who later became the athletic director at Columbia River. He is now an associate principal at Fort Vancouver. 

We also get to know Cale Piland, a Mountain View High School graduate who would become a state champion football coach and is now the athletic director for Evergreen Public Schools.

Two Clark County icons who have lived here their whole lives. Teaming up with Paul Valencia, who has covered high school sports in Clark County since 2001. 

We also talk a little bit about officials. We got some good news. After years of losing officials, their numbers are increasing. 

For now, the podcast will be a couple times a month. In the future, we hope to interview athletes and coaches. And we’ll tackle subjects associated with high school sports. We’d appreciate any subject ideas from you. Just email Paul Valencia: 

Valencia said he is looking forward to highlighting athletes and coaches from throughout the county, but also to get the perspective of Liberatore and Piland — subject matter experts in sports administration in Clark County. 

Thanks for listening.

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