Camas Papermakers: In the Dome

A behind-the-scenes look at a high school basketball team trying to chase a dream

The Camas High School girls basketball team granted Clark County Today with extra access last week in Tacoma when the Papermakers played in the Class 4A state basketball tournament in the Tacoma Dome.

Reporter Paul Valencia recorded moments in practices, at team meals, pre-game and post-game speeches in the locker, and he was there courtside to catch some of the atmosphere as Camas advanced to the state championship game. He also interviewed the players.

This video, edited by Andi Schwartz, documents the team’s journey.

In the end, the Papermakers finished second in 2023. The players are already looking forward to 2024. 

This project looks back on three days in Tacoma with the Camas Papermakers … In The Dome.

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