Jeremy Baker announces candidacy for state representative, 49th District

Jeremy Baker
Jeremy Baker

Vancouver resident will challenge incumbent Monica Stonier for position 2

Jeremy Baker recently announced his candidacy for Washington State Representative, 49th Legislative District, position 2. Baker will challenge incumbent Monica Stonier for the position she has held since 2017. 

As a resident in the 49th for over 33 years, Baker stated that he believes Vancouver has consistently been a great place to live and raise a family, but he is greatly concerned about the decline the region has experienced under the leadership of his opponent and her party. He is running to provide fresh leadership for the 49th District and state of Washington.

A 1994 Prairie High School graduate, Baker joined the US Marine Corps and served from 1994 to 2003 including an overseas tour in Iraq in 2003. As a marine, Baker has first-hand knowledge of the sacrifices veterans make for their country, and how the community can honor their service.

Together with his high school sweetheart of 28 years and their four sons, Baker professes an understanding of the value of strong families in the community, and once elected he promises to help refocus the state legislature’s priorities to support families with strong, accountable schools, affordable housing, and services for those in need.

Jeremy Baker with his family
Jeremy Baker with his family

Baker believes his experience in the construction industry as a laborer, union brick mason, and now manager gives him direct knowledge of how state policies affect small business. Baker is described as “a highly skilled and innovative problem solver with a balanced view of our economy that will bring fresh wisdom to the legislature.’’

Baker’s decision to run was inspired in part by the inequitable outcomes of the pandemic, the heavy handed and unequal treatment of small business vs. big box stores that destroyed the dreams of many local business owners, but he is especially concerned about the outcomes inflicted on the most vulnerable in our community. Long-term school closures have imposed lasting challenges for our students. 

“With an over 4 percent enrollment decline in our state, we must begin to address why parents are removing their children from the public education system,’’ Baker states. “We need to address the known shortcomings of our education system to assure that all students achieve reading, writing, math and reasoning skills they need for their future. If schools do not deliver these outcomes, parents should have choices for their children’s education.’’

Jeremy has highlighted the need for our state government to focus on its core responsibilities. With public safety as his primary focus, he intends to give law enforcement the tools they need to tackle rampant crime in a fair and safe manner, and create the infrastructure needed to address the growing homelessness, addiction, and mental health crisis. “This will give our community the safe neighborhoods families need to thrive,’’ he states. 

Baker intends to tackle rampant inflation by providing relief from the high taxes and fees imposed by Olympia, and finally audit government programs and reduce the overall size of the state’s budget that has doubled in 10 years.

Finally, Baker explains his position as one that is forward looking, “although we have a huge need to tackle the pressing issues facing our community today, those issues are a symptom of the core problem. The challenges of families are the source of many problems we are facing today. We need to support those that are struggling today, but if we also prioritize supporting our families, their strength will provide a stronger foundation for our community for generations to come.’’

For more information, visit his campaign website.

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