Battle Ground Shred Day 2020

Donations accepted by Battle Ground Lions Club as people bring boxes full of paper

BATTLE GROUND – It was steady from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

A few cars here, then a few more, and a few more. Sometimes, a line would materialize.

Some of the folks driving those cars had boxes, a lot of boxes, full of receipts, bills, and other legal documents. Others just had maybe half a bag filled with those papers.

Soon, all that paper would be diced and chopped into itty bits of paper. 

It was Shred Day in Battle Ground, presented by the Battle Ground Lions Club.

The event was free Saturday but the Lions Club took donations. And most people were very giving.

Usually, Shred Day is in May, soon after Tax Day. This year, of course, Tax Day was delayed. So, too, was Shred Day. The hope is for Shred Day to return in May in 2021.

Many people dropped their paper into a receptacle and drove away, knowing that Marty Damewood of Le May Mobile Shredding would do his job, by dumping those papers into the back of the truck, where the shredding happens.

Some, though, insisted on parking nearby and watching their papers get put in the shredder. There is even a small monitor that shows the shredding from a small camera inside the back of the truck.

Members of the Lions Club said they have been doing this for about eight years, and it has become a popular event.