Washington lawmakers need solution for license plate waste

In the past 12 months I have had to throw away (actually, recycle) four different sets of perfectly good WA state license plates. One was less than a year old, the second set was two years old, and the rest a few years old. All of these plates were in perfect condition yet had to be changed because I transferred ownership of a car I bought from someone. The new law that went into effect last year getting rid of the 7 year rule on license plates has caused me to throw away more plates than ever. It actually did the exact opposite of what people were asking their legislators and senators to change. We were asking for them to change the law so that we would change our plates less often, not more often. This law is unwanted and wastes money on unnecessary plate changes and causes more damage to our environment. Not to mention the people this law hurts most are those who have lower incomes and is just one more tax on the citizens of this state.
My concern along with a solution was posed to our 49th Dist Legislators (Sharon Wylie -D and Jim Moeller -D) and Senator (Annette Cleveland -D) to create a new law allowing the plates stay with the car as long as it is sold in state, with no reason to remove the plates unless the plates are not in usable condition. Even the people who work at the licensing office have said that since this new law went into effect last year their need to issue plates when there are perfectly good WA plates on the cars have infuriated people and caused them to issues almost 3x the number of new plates as before with the old law.
This new law is no good and the consequences are hurting us all just to make a few extra bucks for the state.
To date, I have had a response from Sharon Wylie acknowledging this is a problem. Moeller and Cleveland have not responded two weeks later.

Anson Service

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