Thanks for widening SR-502 Battle Ground Highway Letter to the editor

I thank WSDOT, state, and local officials involved in widening the Battle Ground SR-502 Highway, from Interstate 5 to Battle Ground, from 2 to 4 lanes, with 10-foot shoulders, for multi-purpose use of cars, trucks, buses, pedestrians, and bicycles.

This is exactly the kind of road improvement that benefits commuters and people driving around the area. Everyone benefits from safer, faster, wider roads that can handle more traffic. I commend the state for this project because this is exactly the kind of project that the people need, and this is the kind of road improvements WSDOT should focus on.

Clark County does not need toll roads, and we do not need expensive/crime-ridden light rail, we need multipurpose roads exactly like the new wider Battle Ground Highway. I remind everyone who has used the new SR-502 to think about how useful this new road is because Clark County needs a new third and fourth bridge over the Columbia River. Urge your representatives to focus on new bridges for cars, trucks, buses, NOT toll roads, NOT light rail.

We need more multi-purpose lanes to handle traffic. Maintain the useful life of the I-5 and I-205 bridges while adding two new bridges across the Metro Area that spreads out the traffic and reduces congestion county wide. Thanks for doing it right on SR-502.

Keith Mathison
Battle Ground

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