POLL: Will the CCRP’s support of Joe Kent lead to a victory for the Republican?

Will the CCRP's support of Joe Kent lead to a victory for the Republican in the 2024 Third Congressional District congressional race?
Will the CCRP's support of Joe Kent lead to a victory for the Republican in the 2024 Third Congressional District congressional race?*
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  1. Chuck Miller

    Yes on Joe Kent, who will serve our Citizens and our beloved America well, unlike Perez who has a horrible voting record!!!

  2. E. Mac Leod

    While I support the Republican effort to restore the American values and quality of life that made us the magnet for those seeking a better future, I cannot support Joe Kent. He comes with too much baggage; I will vote for Ms. Lewallen.

  3. gregduvic@gmail.com

    I am nor supportive of candidates being shipped in from other states which seems to be a trend from both parties. I want a smart candidate who will present reasonable, persuasive solutions to our issues.

  4. Nike Ajax

    Joe Kent, IF he is the “top candidate” again, will suffer the same fate as he did previously. It doesn’t make any difference if Kent is for real or not; the rinos don’t want him, and will pull the same backstabbing stunts with two-faces and sandbagger as they did the last time. I don’t like the idea of imported candidates either, but there sure seems to be a severe dearth of local, homegrown people that are willing to take on the hate of both the dems and the rinos. Watched this happen to my solid republican County as newyorkers by the hundreds flooded in, took over the schoolboards, and local governments and turned the place into a newyorkwest cesspool and solid blue. Btw, beware of a PAC called “WinRed”; as it is the rino version of ActBlue and vote/ballot harvests just as ActBlue does and uses all money collected to fight any real (having a spine) republicans, and backs twofaces and sandbaggers to insure defeat of any republican with a spine. The Editor of CCT was made aware of this and was asked to do some research and followup and report back to readers. Nothing but crickets.

  5. Glenn Kincaid

    Facts! I was a ex board member of the CCRP for 6 years as your LD14. I have had a front row seat to the RINO view and actions. The Chairman Mattila and the LD49 Brian Gellatly along with another 10ish others sabotaged every conservative motion they could. They cheated lied and manipulated the entire process. I sent 40 hours a week for two years fighting and exposing their actions. If you want to see everything? Go to TRUTH in CLARK COUNTY POLITICS and bring your coffee. This will take quite some time to get completely up to date. Here’s what’s different today. RINOS are near extinction when it comes to power at the real grassroots level of the CCRP. We have regained control of the party! And the few RINOS that are remaining are weak and exposed. So JOE KENT has a wide open door this time to WIN! And the spoilers trying to split these votes again are being recruited by the establishment. By endorsing Joe Kent last week with over a 2/3 vote of active PCOs. This should sends a clear message we are going to back just one candidate for this very important position. They spent over 14 million dollars to hurt and divide us last time. We must fight and unite now. PCO 940

    1. Terry Busch

      I wouldn’t care to ever be associated again with that echo chamber of intolerant cry babies and liars that have repeatedly blocked me and mocked me for telling the truth about a Carpet Bagger
      from Oregon. Lots of democrats on that cesspool of Hypocrites.

  6. Dawn Seaver

    Here’s the rest of the story: The CCRP has 235 active members. 71 members voted in favor of the endorsement. That means 70% of the body were either absent, abstained, or voted no. Hardly an overwhelming majority.

    Kent has been divisive since his arrival in Clark County. His big government ideas are directly opposed to the platform of the Republican party, but his supporters refuse to acknowledge this and still call themselves Conservatives while referring to everyone who wants to maintain small government values as RINOs.

    The “we must unite now” narrative is bogus. In the last election, it was expected incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler would likely occupy one of the two spots in the primary unless a challenger had enough support to oust her; and a Democrat, the other. In 2024 the incumbent Democrat will occupy one, but the 2nd spot is wide open. There is no reason to attempt to shut down other candidates a full year before the filing date.

    Joe Kent did beat Herrera Beutler, but failed to convince voters in the general election. He lost 9% of Republican Tiffany Smiley’s voters, while Marie Gluesenkamp Perez outperformed Patty Murray at about the same rate. It’s hard to see why we should expect a different result next time, and the comments here and the poll only seem to confirm it.


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