POLL: The Omicron variant is proving to be much less deadly. Should we still be testing for it?

The Omicron variant is proving to be much less deadly. Should we still be testing for it?

The Omicron variant is proving to be much less deadly. Should we still be testing for it?
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4 months ago

it would be nice if it ended but don’t think this year is the year it will end

4 months ago

If someone wants to take a COVID-19 test, then let them take it. It is reasonable for the public health department to collect statistics and to track the progress of (any) disease, especially one that has significant broad impact (such as COVID-19). Testing, if properly analyzed may also identify other variants that may be relevant to creating effective treatments.

What is WRONG with the current situation is first (and foremost) the politicization of the disease. Followed by focus on one means of control, vaccination (and lockdowns and various mandates). While vaccination has successfully eliminated Small Pox (after 300+ years of vaccinations) and has nearly eliminated Polio (after about 60 years of vaccinations), the total focus on vaccination (and ignoring the immunity of COVID-19 survivors) falls into the trap that vaccines are not 100% effective and the Corona viruses are all known to mutate rapidly — meaning that a vaccination (only) strategy was impractical from the beginning and the politicians and their advisors should have known it.