Opinion: You have the unalienable right to manage your own healthcare

Retired Naval officer encourages Washingtonians to take charge of their own health

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Ernest Huber
Retired Naval officer

Ernest Huber
Ernest Huber

Congratulations to the majority of you who recognize your freedom to take charge of your own healthcare and reject the absurd vaccine “mandates” of federal, state, and local tyrants. One of our next steps is to require local medical personnel and bureaucrats to prove by autopsy, tissue culturing, electron microscopy, and honest virology and statistics that the deaths they attributed to COVID were in fact caused by COVID (if it even exists) — ignoring the bogus PCR tests. Then they must be required to prove that monoclonal antibodies, Ivermectin (I’ve taken it and it works), hydroxychloroquine, chlorine dioxide, and other FDA cross-purposed drugs could NOT have saved most of those lives. They must then justify why they followed virtually no preventive outpatient pre-hospitalization standards of care that could have saved 85% of those who died. If they can’t prove those elements then they must be stripped of their licenses and offices, shunned by their communities, sued for wrongful death, and indicted for murder with special circumstances.

Yes, We the People also have online access to much of the same information seen by our medical employees. Thousands of good physicians, nurses, and administrators worldwide who have actually done the research on the massive COVID malpractice murders and cover-ups are blowing the whistle. Millions of citizens are aggressively protesting the covidians’ economic, medical, and social destruction of their nations. Free people are being censored by enemy leftist media personnel, defamed as conspiracy theorists, and gaslighted. We know from the rules of debate, logic, and legal procedure that anyone relying on fallacious argumentation automatically loses the debate, their credibility, and their case. This begs the question of whether many medical establishment employees will ever regain the trust and respect that it took their profession centuries to build. I doubt they will. We the People are discovering our inalienable right to be in charge of our own healthcare and treat ourselves. It might be risky at times, but that’s part of being free — and that’s good.

Physicians, nurses, and administrators have biases, prejudices, and political agendas just like most people. Many scamdemic medical accomplices have been smoked out, especially in Blue States, by their rejection of the scientific method, not doing antibody analysis, shameless lickspittle obedience to enemy leftist politicians, the resulting homicides, and national destruction. For those unaware: Due to the lockdowns and mass refusals to take the mystery “vaccine” being pimped by malfeasant government employees, millions have lost: jobs, supply lines, businesses, education, elective surgeries, sobriety, families, health, personal sovereignty, and lives through suicide. Our military and national security are also being gutted from people being discharged for wisely refusing to take the mystery vaccine that is starting to kill and disable far more than it is alleged to be saving. These are acts of war, and Solzhenitsyn would agree. Who in their right mind would inject an unknown and possibly deadly substance into their bodies that is being “mandated” by those who have overthrown our government?

The guilty in medicine cannot be allowed to use the rejected WW2 Nuremberg defense of “We were just following orders” that result in mass murder, because moral alternatives are available to them, i.e., they can simply say “no” to the CDC, HHS, NIAID, Olympia, the AMA, and clinic and hospital administrators, and SAVE lives. Going along to get along for pay has been deadly, and is destroying our freedom-protecting nation — that will result in BILLIONS of deaths worldwide if we fall. Self-defense is always authorized under Natural Law. It overrides any man-made law. Do your part to ensure we don’t fall. And do it now.

Ernest Huber is a retired Naval officer. He graduated from Gonzaga University and Gonzaga Law School, and was an Army military intelligence officer, counter-terrorism watch commander, GOP area chair, and Congressional candidate.

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