Opinion: Woke Revolutionaries weaponize Energy Policy

In her weekly column, Nancy Churchill states ‘now more than ever, Americanists need to recognize we’re under attack. Woke revolutionaries are weaponizing government and energy policy against us.’

In her weekly column, Nancy Churchill states ‘now more than ever, Americanists need to recognize we’re under attack. Woke revolutionaries are weaponizing government and energy policy against us.’

Nancy Churchill
Dangerous Rhetoric

Today, we revisit the article titled “Woke revolutionaries versus Americanists” published by The American Mind as the jumping off point to investigate another front in America’s cold civil war: energy policy. The authors remind us that Americanists “need to make a spirited defense of the nation-state (a sovereign political community in which citizens share traditions, customs, language, and values such as patriotism). The woke revolutionaries must destroy the nation-state if they are to destroy the American way of life and replace it with the woke way of life. Reliance on transnational institutions, climate change, open borders, and energy dependence are among the ways the woke revolutionaries seek to destroy the American nation-state.”

Nancy Churchill
Nancy Churchill

Let’s dive deeper into how Washington state’s woke revolutionaries are weaponizing climate change and energy policy.

Governor Jay Inslee and Senator Patty Murray have attacked the Snake River Dams, even though these amazing structures generate clean, green reliable electric energy, support one of the most productive agricultural economies in the country and are home to many tourism and recreation opportunities. Never mind all the good created by the dams, let’s destroy all that taxpayer investment in the name of saving the salmon.

Never mind there are many things that could be done to save the salmon while also preserving the dams. When you realize the GOAL is the destruction of our economy, our agriculture and our industries, this woke energy policy makes a sick kind of sense. This is part of the war against Washington’s Americanists — people who simply love America.

In the Legislature, Washington’s woke revolutionaries have launched an all-out blitzkrieg against working people, those on fixed incomes, and rural residents, as well as agriculture, construction, industry and energy production. Let’s start with HB 1045, “Creating the evergreen basic income pilot program.” This bill would create a program that would pay a state-funded monthly income to people who qualify. The bill sponsors justify this by describing life situations that create economic instability, and saying climate change will pretty much put everyone in need of government income. The bill states: “The legislature further finds that climate change will spread disease faster than in the past, creating a new normal where interruption of the labor market, quarantines, and mass-disabling events like those seen during the COVID-19 pandemic become more commonplace.” Disease, quarantines, and mass-disabling events are going to be our new normal? And government income is the solution?

Next, HB 1170, “Improving climate resilience through updates to the state’s integrated climate response strategy” would expand the integrated climate change response strategy and the Department of Ecology. This bill expands the size of state government, places too much power in the hands of the Dept. of Ecology and moves responsibility for energy policy from elected officials to unelected bureaucrats.

Substitute HB 1181 and companion SB 5203 are titled “Improving the state’s response to climate change by updating the state’s planning framework.” These bills add “climate change” to every aspect of the Growth Management Act, something that will most likely destroy your property rights and water rights.

HB 1216 and companion SB 5380 are “Concerning clean energy siting.” These bills remove local control of energy projects. They allow the siting commission to override county GMA plans, county commissioners and the will of the voters. The bills even allow the siting commission to override the Department of Ecology, endangering valuable habitat and endangered species!

HB 1347 “Integrating community-based health assessments into foundational environmental policies to improve environmental justice” deepens the impact of the scam known as Environmental Social Justice and the Climate Commitment Act.

HB 1589 and companion SB 5562 claim to be “Supporting Washington’s clean energy economy and transitioning to a clean, affordable, and reliable energy future,” while prohibiting gas companies serving more than 500,000 retail natural gas customers from adding customers. They “encourage” electric utilities to work with large gas companies, providing gas service within their service areas to identify opportunities for electrification. Is the destruction of Washington’s natural gas industry okay with you?

By now, I hope you recognize that Washington’s woke revolutionaries have declared war against American greatness and the way of life we know and love. Their goal is the destruction of our society and they’re starting with the destruction of our energy systems. You might have realized I didn’t even tackle the low-carbon fuel standards and other decarbonization legislation from last year that are driving fuel prices and inflation to new highs. These woke energy policies are hurting you every time you have to fill up your vehicle or buy any product.

Returning to the article “Woke Revolutionaries versus Americanists,” we finish with this idea: “Defenders of the American regime include many people who are not political conservatives: people who simply love America, are patriotic, and reject the woke agenda. Since wokeism is an attempt to destroy the American way of life, the most logical term for those who wish to save it is “Americanists.”

Now more than ever, Americanists need to recognize we’re under attack. Woke revolutionaries are weaponizing government and energy policy against us. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! Please find a way to get involved with state and local politics. America depends upon everyday people like us who are willing to stand up and speak out. It’s time to save America and save our democracy!

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at DangerousRhetoric@pm.me. The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.

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