Opinion: Who wins if Semi Bird attacks Jim Walsh?

Clark County resident Mark Moore believes ‘this is a moment in time when we need mature, disciplined leadership.’ Moore also believes Jim Walsh is the man to lead the WSRP and Semi Bird is the man to lead our state government.
Mark Moore

Mark Moore believes ‘this is a moment in time when we need mature, disciplined leadership.’ Moore also believes Jim Walsh is the man to lead the WSRP and Semi Bird is the man to lead our state government

Mark Moore 
for Clark County Today

For all the people who think that it is a good idea for gubernatorial candidate Semi Bird to publicly attack Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) Chairman Jim Walsh in the media, I would like you to ask yourself one very simple question. Precisely who profits from this?

I will tell you who does not profit from it. First, and most of all Semi Bird does not profit from it. This is not how you get what you need from an ally.

Secondly, Jim Walsh does not profit from it. It undermines Jim’s leadership of a deeply dysfunctional organization that he is working to unify. What Semi Bird supporters need to understand is that the same constituency that endorsed Semi Bird at the WSRP convention, is the same constituency that elected Jim Walsh as chairman of the WSRP.

Both men are reformers, both men are passionate about the work they do for the people of Washington state. Semi Bird has campaigned effectively amongst the county parties across Washington for almost two years, earning nearly 30 county endorsements. He is also an exhausted man who has seen his life’s work savagely slandered by wicked men who care only about their own self-interest. These men have demonstrated in absolute terms they will do anything to maintain their grip on power. 

Is Semi Bird a flawed man? Yes, of course he is, because all men are flawed. Has he submitted himself to the long hard process of sanctification to see those flaws transformed into upright character? Yes, I believe he has, and this is exactly why I support him over Dave Reichert. I believe a man who understands his own shortcomings is the MOST qualified of men to lead our government. His perseverance, and accomplishment is what appeals to the average voter in Washington state. It is also what makes his candidacy so threatening to establishment Republicans who believe they possess a divine right of rule to choose our candidates for us. Because he is a candidate it is easy for those people to publicly attack him.

Jim Walsh on the other hand is not nearly so convenient a target for those people who oppose his leadership of the WSRP. You can draw a perfectly straight line between the mega donors who support Dave Reichert, and his dismissive comments about the WSRP convention. It should be understood that he is speaking for those donors when he disrespects the voting members of the WSRP. Jim is not only enormously popular with the grassroots, he is a very influential legislator. Ironically, he was elected by the WSRP central committee with nearly the same percentage as Semi Bird was endorsed by the delegates at the WSRP convention. These bad actors understand they cannot publicly undermine Jim in the same way they can Semi. Nonetheless, precisely because Jim is a reformer, they are equally displeased with him. We must remember, these very powerful forces are most dismissive of the actual voters.

The grassroots support for both of these men has created a unique dynamic of unity within the WSRP. That was reflected at the state convention where Jim oversaw a very fair process that empowered the grassroots, enabling them to reject the heavy-handed tactics of the donor class. This was most evident with the overwhelming endorsement of Semi Bird for governor. This would not have happened were it not for Jim Walsh’s fundamental belief that the voice of the People is singularly the most important voice in politics.

As of this writing, we are a little more than five weeks from the finish line. The Washington state primary is Aug. 6. Dave Reichert knows he is in deep trouble with the Republican base, evidenced by his hard pivot to the left on issues like abortion. He is pandering to Democrat voters who may not have it in them to vote for a radical like Bob Ferguson. His campaign also understands the voters of either party outside of King County very likely will not support him. So, his only real hope is to try to fracture the coalition of unity that has developed within the WSRP. In his own words Dave Reichert holds the voting members of the WSRP, and their constituencies, in contempt. What the grassroots must understand, in absolute terms, is that we cannot win if we are fighting amongst ourselves. This is the exact tactic the establishment uses to maintain their grip on power. To this point, our movement has largely been able to avoid eating our own this election cycle in spite of the vicious attacks on Semi Bird‘s character.

I believe Semi Bird to be a truly honorable man who wants the very best for the people of Washington state. He has served our nation with valor in the military, and he has served our state with courage in the political realm. I also believe him to be a man who has spilled his life out on the battlefield of a very contentious governor’s race. He is tired and frustrated, justifiably so.

I believe Jim Walsh to be a man who has given his life to selfless public service, and he is the future of the Washington State Republican Party. He is a reformer, but he’s also a man who is threading a needle. The WSRP is a widely disparate and fractured body. It will take a statesman of incredible wisdom to bring any semblance of unity to the WSRP. Jim is clearly the best man for the job, and is on the right path in this regard.

Both of these men are selfless and want what is best for the average citizen of Washington state. In that, they find themselves with a common enemy in the establishment political class. To the degree that they are unified in their efforts, that establishment is threatened, and the grassroots is empowered. To the degree we are attacking each other the establishment is empowered. This is why they are overjoyed to see Semi Bird supporters turning on Jim Walsh.

It should be clear by now that the only people that profit from Semi Bird attacking Jim Walsh in the media are the very people who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars impugning Bird’s character through slander. So, I encourage all Semi Bird supporters, and I count myself among you, to reject this tactic of those who have worked so aggressively to destroy him. Let us not reward them with infighting and rancor. Those forces that would seek to instigate factional fighting amongst the grassroots will also benefit by undermining the grassroots movement that has developed significant momentum in the last 24 months throughout Washington State County Republican Parties.

This is a moment in time when we need mature, disciplined leadership. I believe Jim Walsh is the man to lead the WSRP. I believe Semi Bird is the man to lead our state government. Their convictions and principles are clearly aligned.

The only people who profit if we fight amongst ourselves are the very people who have given us the failed government and societal decay, we all want to see reformed. We must stay the course.

Mark Moore is the Clark County Republican Party state committeeman.

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