Opinion: We elected Clark County councilors to protect our freedom

Liz Pike and the members of the Clark County Republican Women Executive Board provide an open letter to members of the Clark County Council

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I urge Clark County Council members to vote to enact an ordinance which will be presented for a hearing on February 1, 2022 that will guarantee our longstanding medical freedom enshrined in our U.S. and Washington constitutions. We did not elect county councilors to keep us safe; we elected them to protect our freedom.

Liz Pike
Liz Pike

I’ve been active on the front lines of politics in Clark County for 35 years. Never in my life have I witnessed such unconstitutional behavior by public officials regarding medical freedom. Treasonous behavior has been demonstrated at all levels of government, from Dr. Fauci at the federal level, to Washington statewide officials down to our own Clark County Medical Director. Forcing any citizen to take an experimental shot in order to maintain employment or attend a public school is something I never imagined would become a reality.

This is America, land of the free.

Government thugs working in tandem with big Tech and national fake news outlets have purposely suppressed viable remedies for COVID in order to enrich their friends and repay campaign contributors in the big Pharma industry. It’s shameful. Had outpatient treatments been made available in the early stages of this pandemic, we may have been able to save many of the million plus Americans who died of Covid. 

My husband Neil and I both became ill from the Delta COVID variant last November. Thankfully, we had access to protocols from the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance including ivermectin and we recovered from our illness.  

The petition currently before the Clark County Councilors bans discriminating against citizens based on their health status. Our Governor is forcing citizens to be injected with an experimental COVID vaccine or face loss of employment. This is both morally wrong and unconstitutional. Our local Clark County officials must take a principled stand against such divisive public policy that creates a segregated society; one of the vaxxed and un-vaxxed and carries with it the potential to pit citizens against one another. This is no different than how things started in 1930’s Nazi Germany. 

There is no justification for mandating these shots based on science. It is now common knowledge the federal government-backed shots do not prevent COVID infection as they were initially promised to do. It’s also a fact that thousands of Americans have experienced severe and, in some cases, deadly adverse reactions from the experimental shots. It’s our county council’s responsibility to look at the latest data which clearly shows that the vaccinated are now spreading COVID and also make up many of those hospitalized with COVID.

I strongly encourage county councilors to look at the long-term consequences to our Clark County community if health status discrimination is allowed to stand. I strongly urge county councilors to vote in favor of this petition, enact the ordinance and be on the right side of history to protect freedom.

Liz Pike, president, Clark County Republican Women (CCRW)

Together with the entire Executive Board of CCRW:

Liz Cline, first vice president

Linda Linder, second vice president

Anna Miller, secretary

Nicole Wubben, treasurer


  1. Scott Hooper

    Literally all of your life, vaccinations have been required to attend school–or an appropriate waiver provided. There is nothing new here but the name of the disease.

    We do not merely elect people to protect our freedoms; we elect them to plan, to manage our affairs at various levels–build roads, allocate budgets, protect our boarders, and a lot more–and there’s no doubt that providing guidance and policy to protect our common interests as hundreds of thousands of us are dying needlessly, certainly seems to be under the same umbrella. I mean, many places had public service folks spraying to reduce mosquito populations when they were spreading viruses and I wonder: did you understand and agree with that?

    Sorry I didn’t get past the first few paragraphs because the misunderstandings and arguments are always the same.

    1. Melissa

      Experimental vaccines. EUA. Clinical trials on-going. Data not yet released (although at least a court has ordered the FDA to not drag their feet). Mandates under such circumstances are unprecedented. Especially for shots that lose their effectiveness by the week! Remember when the shots were 95% effective at preventing infection and 100% effective at preventing death? Those were the days.

      1. Scott Hooper

        I only know a fair bit about Pfizer. The mRNA technology in that vaccine has been under development for 28 years. There was a very large and carefully watched study showing very high effectiveness and no serious side-effects before it was approved for emergency use. Of course it was ‘fully’ approved in August, right about the time the mandates started appearing.

        The school mandates are just normal. The work mandates are bit unprecedented, but unfortunately we’re getting into that muck where we’re going to have to say you (anybody) have a right to endanger others unnecessarily, because that’s what’s happening. As sickening as it is, freedom does mean people have the right to do the wrong thing, for any reason whether it is ignorance of the facts, deliberate evil or whatever.

        I think the Federal Administration’s plan was to use the employer mandates to push the needle and force more people to get vaccinated, because it truly is the right thing to do and is saving lives. I am not strongly in support of that due to the questionable morality around the force, but I do support mandating vaccines for anybody in a position of care for vulnerable people (elderly, sick or infirm, children).

        1. Misty

          Mandates are not a normal. There has always been medical and religious rights to not getting something that doesn’t work for you, as a person, or parent in case of a child.
          You’re incorrect!
          Additionally, as a medical professional, it’s ALWAYS been an option, not a mandate.
          Mandates go against everything American. Are you an American???

          1. Dee Hathaway

            I saw what it did to people in the hospital, I heard the horror stories. Such a terrible time in history, We are going to be a communistic world here pretty soon, you better watch what you wish for Clark County cuz you just might get it!! Sad day for our fellow(true) fellow Americans.

        2. Melissa
          1. Under the EUA, the vaccines can’t be mandated, but the drug companies have liability protection.
          2. Under FDA approval, the vaccines can be mandated, but the drug companies lose their liability protection. (Phase we’re currently in.)
          3. When the vaccines are put on the children’s vaccine schedule, the drug makers finally achieve what they are looking for: the ability to mandate the vaccine and the liability protection. And the liability protection covers everyone. Children and adults.

          This is a result of a 1986 law called the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. It was passed by a Republican Congress, but it’s the same game for either party. The name of the bill is the opposite of what you really get. Once this bill was passed, the number of childhood vaccines increased dramatically. Childhood covid shots are the “end game” of the covid vaccines. It’s why Comirnaty (the FDA approved vaccine) is not currently available in the US. Pfizer will offer it in the US once the vaccines are on the childhood schedule, because that is when Pfizer gets its liability protection back. And children are stuck with yet another vaccine that they don’t need. All so Big Pharma can turn a profit and not get sued.

        3. Dee Hathaway

          How can anyone say that this is a good thing, it is killing people and Covid is being spread by the vaccinated, I had covid in 2019 and have not had it since . Why is it right to mandate something that is killing people and… who has the right to tell me what I need to do with my body, people think that the unvaccinated are spreading it, here… take mine.

      2. Born in Washington

        Yea I think the FDA asking for 75 years to release vaxx info is to make sure everyone is dead kind of like the JFK files. The fact that PFIZER sits on the FDA board really gives me a lot of confidence in the whole system. It is like colonel sanders being trusted with the hen house.

    2. Born in Washington

      What part OF EXPERIMENTAL don’t you get. It didn’t even come under the definition of a vaccine until December 2019 until corrupt congress said it could be. By coincidence before “covid” was even announced to the world. Politicians with their hands out greased by BIG PHARMA. Dr. Malone the inventor mRNA says it is not to be used for this. I think he knows a little more than you do.

    3. Harlyn Thompson

      Being a Research RN with approximately 30 years in healthcare, the actual facts speak for themselves. I assure you this particular inoculation has not been tested via the rigors of adequate time and attention to possible side effects. Case in point, Sen. Ron Johnson / Thomas Renz have see neurological damage in over 1000 military personnel who actually pilot planes in just one year. Anyone choosing to forgo the Nuremberg Code (1947) which is the most important document in the history of ETHICS in Medical Research, is falling in line with the same atrocities perpetuated by Nazi doctors. You can choose to be a human experiment IF you so desire. The Nuremberg Trial serves as a “ blueprint” for todays principals. This ensures the RIGHTS of subjects in medical research. PLEASE FOLLOW THE LAWS AS WRITTEN BY OUR CONSTITUTION. signed, “ WE THE PEOPLE” 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      1. Dee Hathaway

        That is correct ” We THE PEOPLE” NOT WE THE TRADER JOE, OR WE THE JAYBIRD INSLEE! we the people are going to be “We are so screwed people”

    4. Jim Luce

      Treason, experimental, forced to take, Nazi Germany?
      Liz you must have been on some experimental drug of your own to write such drivel.
      The only question is whether the Council member – attorney, retired Judge, will join your clown show and vote with the other idiots to approve this blatantly unconstitutional “initiative.”

    1. Scott Hooper

      Vaccination status is not health status. Anti-vax people are using that term to hark back to the strong privacy protections provided by HIPPA.

      Now, testing for COVID most definitely IS checking one aspect of someone’s health status, but if it’s important for employees to be safe (hospitals, care facilities, schools), then there’s nothing wrong with mandating this. Note that it is NOT a test/vax mandate; it is merely a condition of employment.

      It’s like drug testing welfare recipients, only it works, and it saves lives.

      1. Voiceless

        Hi Scott, I noticed that you have responded a number of times on this forum.

        If the jabs were safe and effective, I would agree with you. But none of the inoculations for C19 are either.

        Effective means it prevents disease and prevents the spread of disease. The CDC acknowledges that these jabs don’t prevent disease or the transmission of disease.

        Safe would suggest that there are no side effects. How can this be considered safe if it allows for the spread of disease? Secondly, Myocarditis, which is a known complication in males 12-28 yo is acknowledged by the CDC as a potential risk. Myocarditis can be life altering, as it causes scarring to the heart muscle.

        Why would you impose a mandate for a therapy that is more likely to cause harm than the disease itself in this age group? It doesn’t make sense.

        Most of the time when someone feels strongly about something, they have had an experience that has lead them to feel this way. If you have lost someone to C19, I’m sorry. I know people who have died from the disease as well as the vax. Think about this? What is the common variable???

        Its the spike protein. In one case the disease causes it. in the second case, it is being produced in the bodies of people who have received the jab. Its the same disease…. There are autopsy confirmations of this….. look up Dr Ryan Cole MD out of Idaho. Look up his work, not the slander.

        The reason why there seems to be a battle between the left and right political parties is because the people in charge want us to be distracted as our freedoms and constitutional amendments get taken away. Even if you feel strongly about being vaccinated and are ok with continually being vaccinated for the rest of your life, perhaps you will open your heart to preserving the right for each individual to make that decision for themselves.


      2. caprice

        Multiple sources on the left and right have stated that the viral load is equal between the vaxxed and the non-compliers and that cloth masks do nothing to stop the virus. Those who have received multiple doses of this experimental treatment cannot point to years of success among human test subjects(and especially not lab animals) as mRNA vaccine technology was never intended to be used for coronaviruses! While the technology may have found some success in cancer treatments, this Covid vaccine is an entirely new animal.

        So many people have willingly become participants in this drug trial, believing they were doing their duty, protecting family members, and helping to “stop the spread”. MSM propaganda constantly hammered these points all the while suppressing the testimony of experts who urged caution and restraint, especially among children and the immuno-compromised.

        If you haven’t seen Sen. Ron Johnson’s meeting, you should. I hope you will hear the testimony and carefully consider the facts they present.

  2. AEWhittle

    Liz, Liz, Liz. (Sigh.)
    The “front line of politics”? Oh. Please. There are so many things harmfully wrong, completely unsubstantiated, politically divisive, historically offensive, and irresponsibly conveyed sentiments in your opinion piece. May your emotionally charged and uneducated comments find you on the political sidelines as opposed to the “front line” (insert eye roll) sooner than later. You’ll do less damage.

    1. Born in Washington

      AE whittle you are quite the drama queen. (insert eye roll.) A person would have to live under a rock not to see this is scamdemic.

    2. Born in Washington

      AEWhittle if you choose to be an experimental lab rat, your choice, your business. But you do not have the right to force personal medical decisions for those of us that are too aware of what is behind the agenda of this plandemic. California or Oregon might be more to your liking. You’d fit right in.

  3. Brenda McCool

    Thank you Liz Pike! You are one of the rare hero’s speaking out. I am a former Democrat, now independent, soon to be Republican. Thank you for your service. We are grateful for you!

  4. Kimberly Lane

    Thank you Liz and Ladies for your efforts to protect our freedoms. I truly hope that your efforts become successful.
    We should never lose our freedoms of choice. Regardless of what situation or options we face, we should always have the freedom to choose what we feel is best for us. We should not be mandated or forced into something we don’t want just do we can keep our job or participate in public and community functions.
    This whole vaxxed vs unvaxxed is causing such deviciveness, segregation, discrimination and hate. This is so wrong! Thank you again for all yours efforts! So appreciated!!

    1. Dee Hathaway

      I lost my job at a local hospital, I was face to face with the monster for 18 Mos, unwanted and I was just fine, I never caused my hospital to lose money on me. My choice, my right but also I stayed when all the others left, I actually cared about my patients and put them before my health, as I am doing once again. So far, so good, I still have not received that poison.

  5. Born in Washington

    God Bless you Liz Pike for speaking the truth. This is a battle against the brainwashed and the corrupt and greedy medical industry complex with power hungry politicians. Stand up for FREEDOM.

  6. Born in Washington

    I nominate Liz Pike as a Clark County Councilor. She has EXACTLY the mind set we need for governance. It’s time to kick the puppets out.

  7. Jim Luce

    A modicum of faith in County Council. Faced with huge financial losses from the State and Federal government and lawsuits costing mega bucks to defend an unconstitutional ordinance, they did the right thing and voted “no”
    I am stunned!
    Money motivates!

  8. John Campbell

    Thanks for endorsing horse deworming medicine as a treatment. I forgot which medical school you went to? Thank you for bring up freedoms, since it isn’t a constitutional issue but a Public Heath Crisis. Your freedoms do not include the ability to get others sick – where is your basic humanity?? Partisan politics have no role in this discussion – This is a once in a hundred year event – it is temporary, Take a deep breath, calm down it’s a jab and a piece of cloth that more than likely is the best defense until this subsides, but not with all your ridiculous untrue theories based on the latest Fox broadcast. Thank you for being part of the problem instead of the solution. A closed mind is a good thing to waste.


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