Opinion: We elected Clark County councilors to protect our freedom

Liz Pike and the members of the Clark County Republican Women Executive Board provide an open letter to members of the Clark County Council

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I urge Clark County Council members to vote to enact an ordinance which will be presented for a hearing on February 1, 2022 that will guarantee our longstanding medical freedom enshrined in our U.S. and Washington constitutions. We did not elect county councilors to keep us safe; we elected them to protect our freedom.

Liz Pike
Liz Pike

I’ve been active on the front lines of politics in Clark County for 35 years. Never in my life have I witnessed such unconstitutional behavior by public officials regarding medical freedom. Treasonous behavior has been demonstrated at all levels of government, from Dr. Fauci at the federal level, to Washington statewide officials down to our own Clark County Medical Director. Forcing any citizen to take an experimental shot in order to maintain employment or attend a public school is something I never imagined would become a reality.

This is America, land of the free.

Government thugs working in tandem with big Tech and national fake news outlets have purposely suppressed viable remedies for COVID in order to enrich their friends and repay campaign contributors in the big Pharma industry. It’s shameful. Had outpatient treatments been made available in the early stages of this pandemic, we may have been able to save many of the million plus Americans who died of Covid. 

My husband Neil and I both became ill from the Delta COVID variant last November. Thankfully, we had access to protocols from the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance including ivermectin and we recovered from our illness.  

The petition currently before the Clark County Councilors bans discriminating against citizens based on their health status. Our Governor is forcing citizens to be injected with an experimental COVID vaccine or face loss of employment. This is both morally wrong and unconstitutional. Our local Clark County officials must take a principled stand against such divisive public policy that creates a segregated society; one of the vaxxed and un-vaxxed and carries with it the potential to pit citizens against one another. This is no different than how things started in 1930’s Nazi Germany. 

There is no justification for mandating these shots based on science. It is now common knowledge the federal government-backed shots do not prevent COVID infection as they were initially promised to do. It’s also a fact that thousands of Americans have experienced severe and, in some cases, deadly adverse reactions from the experimental shots. It’s our county council’s responsibility to look at the latest data which clearly shows that the vaccinated are now spreading COVID and also make up many of those hospitalized with COVID.

I strongly encourage county councilors to look at the long-term consequences to our Clark County community if health status discrimination is allowed to stand. I strongly urge county councilors to vote in favor of this petition, enact the ordinance and be on the right side of history to protect freedom.

Liz Pike, president, Clark County Republican Women (CCRW)

Together with the entire Executive Board of CCRW:

Liz Cline, first vice president

Linda Linder, second vice president

Anna Miller, secretary

Nicole Wubben, treasurer

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