Opinion: This is the hill I will die on. Have you thought about yours?

Clark County Today Administrator Heidi Wetzler warns others that ‘one day the fight for a liberty you care about will come to your doorstep.’

Clark County Today Administrator Heidi Wetzler warns others that ‘one day the fight for a liberty you care about will come to your doorstep’

Today, one of my sons was having an online conversation with a young man, unknown to him, who told him he was joining the National Guard for the sole purpose of being able to come to his house and forcefully vaccinate him. I have had many moments over the past 18 months where I actually felt a twinge of remorse for choosing to bring my children into this fallen world. This was one of them. How have we let our society become this hateful? 

Heidi Wetzler, administrator, ClarkCountyToday.com
Heidi Wetzler, administrator, ClarkCountyToday.com

This hate is bred by our leaders. And the media. A particularly vile CNN anchor recently called on Americans to “shun stupid unvaccinated people: Leave them behind. It’s time to start shaming them,” he said.  My son then said, “I can now understand how people willingly died in the fight for freedom. I would rather die than live like this.”  Agreed.  I consider it my moral responsibility to do all I can to fight for his future. In doing so, I am fighting for the future of the person who wants to spitefully plunge a needle into his arm as well. 

The young man he spoke with is being conditioned to self-righteously hate. Look at how a virus with an average survival rate of 99.9 percent has been weaponized to divide. Division begets government control. It truly is a brilliant accomplishment. And the majority are proudly accepting the challenge to follow along with things that make no scientific sense, for the mighty virtuous “good of the group.” Our society has been convinced that the chance of dying from this virus is so great, that people are quite literally afraid to live. And now our young people don’t want anyone else to live freely either. This has been the most successful psychological experiment of my lifetime. 

Treatments given out at the first sign of illness by the governments of other countries, are criminally banned in America. If you’re interested in thinking critically, here’s a question. How many people have died from Ivermectin? When has a treatment ever been banned because it “doesn’t work.” You might as well ban Tums for the same reason. But that would be silly wouldn’t it? This vaccine is the ticket to tyrannical control, not global health. I implore you to open your eyes.  

President Biden said recently in a pivotal speech that “this is not about freedom or personal choice.” What is it about then sir? My family’s previously beloved bodybuilder turned actor, turned governor, infamously exclaimed recently to those exercising bodily autonomy, “SCREW YOUR FREEDOM.”  An Austrian immigrant, who came to America and created a fairytale life BECAUSE of blood-bought freedoms said this. Screw you Arnold Schwarzenegger!  

My husband is on the verge of losing his career due to this widely accepted rape of our freedoms. He has had COVID and likely still has antibodies, but apparently the science has forgotten that’s how science works. The unvaccinated are often called selfish. Selfish because we are more concerned about a vaccine with no long-term safety data, than a largely survivable illness. Selfish because we want the chance to strengthen our own immune systems – and now that the vaccinated are largely considered protected, then why not? Selfish because we simply want the freedom to choose. I know this is an unpopular concept, but those of us being called selfish, are actually experiencing great sacrifice.  

One day everyone will meet their line in the sand. The hill they will die on. This is mine. Be it figuratively or literally. We are sacrificing our family’s future financial security for it. And I believe we are fighting for YOUR hill as well.  Because one day that moment will come for everyone. Everyone will have their own line they will not step across. What if in order to keep your employment freedoms you must accept each and every booster shot that comes your way for the rest of your life? Is anyone even asking what comes next? What if at some point the government mandates something into your body that you DON’T want there? It is easy to comply today if you are on board. But what if one day you aren’t. I’M FIGHTING FOR THAT DAY, FOR YOU.  So many of us are. And we are being vilified. And crucified. And shamed. And being told we aren’t worthy of medical care – or even life. The concern for our health is so great they say, that we should be denied medical treatment. The concern for our health is so great, that hundreds of thousands will lose their employer-sponsored health insurance.  

Maybe some people are more concerned about other types of government overreach. For example, the idea of monitoring every transaction that comes in and out of our bank accounts is currently on the table — every transaction on a financial app will have government eyes on it for the purpose of taxing your babysitting money – or simply for prying into your private life.  What if, for population control, there is a restriction on family size one day? What if certain foods and supplies begin to be rationed? What if you are only allowed to eat meat on special occasions? What if masks never come off of school children? What if an unvaccinated person can never patronize your business again? At some point, something will matter to you. If the government can require you to inject something into your body that you don’t want, in order for you to keep your job, then what can’t it do? I believe they can only do what “We the People” allow them to do.  

There is risk inherently in life. One in every 107 people die in car accidents. But I am still free to get in my car every day and possibly kill myself. Or you. Still free for now. Maybe one day in order to reduce the risk of dying in car accidents, we will only be allowed to drive on certain days. After what we are experiencing, nothing would surprise me. 

I am asking you today to step off this runaway train. Every person who supports this vaccine mandate is responsible for what is to come. I will continue to fight for the freedoms of those who stand with me, and by doing so I am also fighting for the future freedoms of those who stand against. For I promise you one day the fight for a liberty you care about will come to your doorstep. And when it does, hopefully there will be people left who are willing to fight with you too.  

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