Opinion: This is not about COVID

Clark County Today Administrator Heidi Wetzler explains why mandates and other actions taken in the name of the pandemic are not actually about COVID.

Clark County Today Administrator Heidi Wetzler explains why mandates and other actions taken in the name of the pandemic are not actually about COVID

Heidi Wetzler, administrator

It really is past time to state that what is happening in the world is not about health. At this point, the only way to make sense of the direction we are heading is to take the virus out of the equation. 

First, let’s talk about exactly who we are losing in the workforce due to vaccine mandates. These unprecedented rules are affecting independent critical thinkers, those who question governmental authority, those who can still find common sense, and those who are willing to lose everything in the fight for freedom. We are losing those who don’t believe that compromised scientists, politicians and billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies have the health of the public at heart. And we are losing the faithful. The fact that Washington state recently approved and accommodated only seven religious exemptions out of 3,891 speaks for itself. When random (most likely non-religious) people get to decide whether your religious beliefs are sincerely held or not, from a few words on a page, we have reached a dangerously depraved point. This is not about COVID. 

Heidi Wetzler, administrator, ClarkCountyToday.com
Heidi Wetzler, administrator, ClarkCountyToday.com

Police precincts, regulatory agencies and hospitals, power companies and fire stations, first responder organizations and transportation entities are left with employees who welcome the narrative without question.  Left, also, are people who took the vaccine, but didn’t want to, because they were too scared to stand up. This mix of totalitarian rulers and a sea of workers willing to participate in medical tyranny is a dangerous combination. Unchecked compliance is what they need. Heil COVID! 

In another episode of “you can’t make this stuff up,” our Democrat friends in Congress unanimously voted against a vaccine mandate for the million plus immigrants who have recently entered our country illegally. So hard working American citizens are losing their jobs, and people coming here illegally are A-OK. This is not about COVID.  

An insurmountable philosophical divide has been created and stoked at the hands of power-hungry global government-minded politicians and their main-stream media mistresses. And now these autocrats are loyally served by a legion of joiners, self-proclaimed virtuous accomplices, diligently doing their dirty work — busy citizens proudly fighting and hating for their “leaders.”  I am on the receiving end of this “righteous” hate often. 

It is shocking how many people blindly believe that this is still about health. After what we now know, the degree of mental gymnastics and willful ignorance it takes to keep believing that masking children is necessary when the risk to this population is miniscule, is staggering. Subscribing to the idea that it is necessary to inject our precious children with substances that have zero long term safety data when they have a 99.997 percent survival rate is nothing less than a crime against humanity. A teacher friend of mine commented recently about how much better-behaved masked children are. This is not about COVID.  

At this point, it’s not even the leaders who are the main problem anymore. It is their followers. I am confused daily at the way they support and justify the censorship of alternative voices and differing scientific opinions. They hold fast to the mission, even when they are unable to defend the details. I am not saving your life if I get a vaccine. Actually, when the vaccinated are infected, they can carry the same or more viral load and often walk around not knowing they are sick as the vaccine masks their symptoms. They may not be safer to be around. Wake up people. This is not about COVID.  

Doctors are having their licenses suspended for prescribing alternative treatments. Apparently, the business of “practicing” medicine as they’ve been educated to do, is no longer lawful. Obviously, the standard treatment protocol has failed over 700,000 times in America but there is no talk of lost licenses there. Blind obedience is the only acceptable response. This is not about COVID.  

There is segregation happening between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Friendships have been severed. Families are being torn apart. Young, healthy adults are mouthpieces for a treatment that is statistically more harmful to them than the virus itself. This segregation based on vaccine status is OK because it’s deemed virtuous.  Discrimination is just fine as long as one lives on the side of the discriminator. The divide is evil. This is not about COVID. 

My husband and I went out to eat the other night. We put on our masks as we entered the restaurant and walked the 20 feet to our table, took them off for the entirety of our stay and then put them back on again to walk out. I believe that if we quizzed people two years ago as to the logic of this practice, common sense would have prevailed. But today, we comply. This is not about COVID.  

We eat out a little more than normal lately, as sometime soon we may not be allowed to. We talked about how amazed we were that much of the world is obediently lapping up the next new restriction – and the next. It feels eerily like a horror movie, witnessing the unsuspecting walking dead having no idea what is coming. In Washington state, many state employees lost their jobs last week. Our governor was commended by many for his tyrannical, illogical, unscientific one-size-fits-all solution. There is an air of moral superiority among the vaccinated even though 100 percent of the remaining jabbed employees are still able to get, spread and die from this virus. To date there are over 800,000 adverse events reported, including over 17,000 deaths and 29,000 permanent disabilities, from a vaccine created for a virus that on its face has a better than 99.5 percent survival rate for most people. But again, the only way to make sense of all of this is to understand that this is not about COVID. 

Many of those being fired have already had COVID and their presence in the workforce is likely protective for others. Recently when Anthony Fauci was asked by Sanjay Gupta to explain why people who have had COVID should get the vaccine, he said, “You know that is a really good point Sanjay, I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that, that’s something that we are going to have to discuss regarding the durability of the response.”  So let me get this straight. The leader of our country’s response for the last 20 months doesn’t have a firm answer – and COVID recovered people are losing their jobs “just in case?” When the “follow-the-science” scientists ignore the science of natural immunity, and the masses blindly believe – then this is not about COVID.  

The real problem lies with the willingly deceived majority who simply go along. How can every manager involved in all of these firings believe in what they are doing? How can unions choose not to fight for the medical freedom of their union members? How can the friends and family of those getting fired, simply say “oh that’s too bad. That must be so unsettling.” How can the average person believe that losing one’s career is an appropriate trade-off for being uncomfortable with an experimental vaccine with waning effectiveness? 

Is anyone even wondering what is next? Once this round of layoffs is complete, the focus will be turned to every single man, woman and child receiving boosters every six months, potentially for life, in order to be allowed to participate in society. There is talk now of changing the definition of “fully vaccinated” to include the receipt of a booster. Is this normal? Is this fine? Of course, it isn’t because this is not about COVID. This is about endless money for those in the fold, absolute control, comprehensive compliance, private data harvesting, gross medical tyranny, communist-style thought suppression, eventual global governance and complete loss of freedom. Except, we are not losing it – we are simply giving it up. And many people must not even realize what they are doing.  

Last week in Germany, the first grocery stores began denying entry to the unvaccinated. In Lithuana the unvaccinated are limited in their access to healthcare. In Australia you can get arrested for taking your garbage to the street after the 9 p.m. curfew. In Italy you need to be vaccinated to work AT ALL. If we stay asleep, these restrictions will make their way here. While the threat of harm or death from COVID is real. Statistically, for most, it is low. And for the rest, we have a vaccine (if you choose to trust those who most likely created this virus, to also be in charge of the billion-dollar money making “cure”). It does not warrant what is happening. The average age of death from COVID is above the average life span. I’m beginning to think that whatever they put in the vaccine is inhibiting critical thinking – causing passivity. To me, anything is possible after what I’ve witnessed. 

We are victims of radical incrementalism. It’s just staying home for two weeks. It’s only a dirty piece of cloth on your face. It’s just closing schools. It’s just getting an unproven, leaky vaccine for the greater good. It’s only losing your job due to disobedience. It’s just a vaccine passport to be granted permission to eat at a restaurant. Has the world gone mad? Fear is an extraordinary motivator. Fear has been weaponized. COVID deaths have been massively over-represented. Should the death of a person already in hospice with two weeks to live, and then tested for COVID after they die be counted as a COVID death? Should someone who asymptomatically tested COVID positive 60 days before their death of a heart attack be considered a COVID death? Should someone who committed suicide be considered a COVID death? Should a death without a positive COVID test, but in an infected region be counted as a COVID death? If you said no to any of these, you should agree that this is not about COVID.  

How would you feel if you were told that hundreds of members of the very same Congress that are not under a vaccine mandate themselves have been preventatively taking the unmentionable, criminalized life-saving medicine that is nearly impossible for you or me in the United States to obtain?  Would you still believe that this crisis is about keeping you and I alive? Other countries hand out this medicine at the first sign of illness. El Salvador is one such country and has experienced more than a 50 percent reduction in their COVID death rate. In Uttar Pradesh, India with a population of over 200 million, COVID has been nearly eradicated by the same protocol. Do I need to say it again? This is not about keeping us safe from COVID.  

Even if we play by their rules, benchmarks for the future are remarkably lacking. What are the goals? What is the end game? How many people need to get vaccinated before we can go back to normal? I heard our president answer this question by flippantly suggesting 97-98 percent. Does he have any idea what he is saying? Early on in the pandemic, I remember it being suggested that when 45 percent of our citizenry had been infected, we would be at herd immunity. Now there is zero conversation surrounding herd immunity. Herd immunity is not a money maker. Herd immunity doesn’t control anybody. Herd immunity is not attainable with these vaccines. Only natural immunity can create herd immunity. When the vaccines first came out, I remember the goal was to get somewhere around 70 percent of the population vaccinated. Now it’s 98 percent? Where the heck is the goal post people? Does everyone realize that because the vaccines are truly ineffective long term, masking and control measures will never end? But wait. Control measures will never end because this is not about COVID.  

The sooner people open their eyes and minds to the uncomfortable truths regarding the handling of this virus and jump off the runaway train we are on, the sooner we can begin to take back control of our future. But I am only one person sticking my neck out to try to enlighten and inform. I talk to people every day who agree with me but are too afraid of the personal and professional costs of speaking out. I witness people every day succumbing to the vaccine under duress. At this rate we will never overcome. And in my mind, every single person who continues to comply will be responsible for what is to come. It will take every voice to shout louder than the corruption and murderous leadership we are under. We are many and we could stop all of this the minute we stand together and simply decide to say no. Enough. Please, for the love of truth and freedom, join me. 


  1. Rhonda Gibson

    I definitely agree and support your opinion. I’ve been saying this from the beginning. It’s about control, power and money. I believe if we would have just protected the most vulnerable, kept the country open and working we would have been fine. I also believe in protecting our borders, the constitution, the Bill of Rights, legal immigration and America’s sovereignty.
    The gobalists that are controlling President Biden are evil.
    They believe if America can’t be destroyed from without they will do it from within.

    Sign the petition to the Clark county council. No mandates especially for children.

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  2. Finn

    Thank you for telling us how it is (Truth) and not telling us what Biden and his administration want us to obediently do without thought or question. OBEY, and you can work, DISOBEY, and you will no longer be allowed to participate in Life.

  3. Susan

    What an excellent piece of writing! So many of my gut-instincts (that have been telling me that these things are wrong) have been beautifully put into words. It IS all about control, and about money. And I agree with you and have been saying it all along… just what is the end-game, just what is the definition of “it’s all over?” This, to me, is the most scary part of it all, and a critical piece of information that no one seems to be talking about whatsoever. I, too, fear that this self-inflicted madness will be never-ending. I truly fear that life, and life’s associated activities, as known in 2019, will never be seen again. No, I am not being melodramatic; yes, I am deadly serious.

  4. TSmith

    Thank you for speaking for the thousands and thousands who feel the exact same, but are censored anytime we even think about stating the above.
    The media has successfully brainwashed the remaining population of this once great state and the rest of this country.
    We are living in a real time Twilight Zone

      1. Citizen 2
        • Studies have unequivocally shown that there are no negative health effects on children from wearing a mask and masks significantly protect both the person who’s wearing them and the people around them (Mayo Clinic).
        • People who became infected after getting a COVID vaccine had a lower viral load than people who were infected but had not had a COVID vaccine, the exception are those vaccinated and then infected with the Delta variant.
        • The list of changing percentages regarding herd immunity is hype. If a person doesn’t understand the dynamic (changing) nature of science, then he/she ought not be given a platform to speak on it.
        • Related to the herd immunity false-hood, had more people been vaccinated sooner, the Delta variant and any that follow, might never pose the threat they do now. Higher vaccination rates worldwide are believed to be the key to ending this pandemic.
        • Although COVID vaccines don’t provide 100% protection against covid, they can get us to a level of population immunity where COVID’s effects are more manageable.
        • Citing that the virus has a 99.5% virus rate for most people is provocative. It’s an attention-getter and I believe that anti-covid-vaccine people actually care about the entire world population (not just the healthiest).
        • The COVID vaccines are based on decades of research, whereas the use of Ivermectin (in prevention of covid symptoms), is not. Once the usual standards for its use with covid are met and approved, then questioning restrictions on it would hold some weight.
        • Stating that “the standard treatment protocol has failed over 700,000 times in America” is misleading, if not unconscionable.
        1. Gerirubano

          Have studies unequivocally shown that there are no negative health effects on children from receiving the Covid vaccine?

          If you would like to receive a Covid vaccine that should be your choice. If I do not want to receive a Covid vaccine that should be my choice.

          This isn’t about our health.

          1. Citizen 2

            (Attempting again to get this response posted). Of course not. Do any vaccines claim to have zero negative potential side effects? The response to covid IS about public health. Politicizing it is the problem. I didn’t comment on an individuals right to opt out of the covid vaccine. I’m all for it. And I accept the consequences of those choices (vax or no vax). I admit that I am frustrated by those who opt out and then complain that this continues to drag on, or those who think opting out shouldn’t hold them to certain protocols. But I know that commenting on this here is pretty futile.

        2. Citizen 2

          Of course not. Do any vaccines claim to have zero negative potential side effects? The response to covid IS about public health. Politicizing it is the problem. I didn’t comment on an individuals right to opt out of the covid vaccine. I’m all for it. And I accept the consequences of those choices (vax or no vax). I admit that I am frustrated by those who opt out and then complain that this continues to drag on, or those who think opting out shouldn’t hold them to certain protocols. But I know that commenting on this here is pretty futile.

        3. Arise

          Even if there are some half truths here the full-truths are far outweighed! Specifically the number of deaths and vaccine injuries that have occurred by this vaccine which should never have happened! It should’ve been taken off the market a long time ago – like the many other trial vaccines in the past!

        4. L V

          You said, “Although COVID vaccines don’t provide 100% protection against covid, they can get us to a level of population immunity where COVID’s effects are more manageable.”

          The real basic problem is when a neighbor goes about trying to tell another neighbor what to do ~ attempting to manage other people’s lives for them. Does it occur to you that this is trespass of your neighbor’s boundary lines?

          You say vaccines can get “us” to a more “manageable” situation. Has it occurred to you that you have only the right to speak for yourself? Why do you attempt to erase my existence as a free and equal human being? When did you decide, for example, that you are free to speak for “all of us”? Do you find that at all disrespectful to your neighbor’s? To me.

          I don’t know you. We are not married. But even if we were married, I would still remain an individual who speaks for myself and makes my own decisions.

          It’s unfortunate when manners are lacking in respect for others.

          I have not joined a collective “we” or “us”. I have not ceded my individuality, my boundary lines, my rights, or my decision making power to anyone else. I decide for myself. I speak for myself. No one is “my manager” making decisions for me or speaking for me.

          I still exist.

          I will make up my own mind about my own life, property, and my own body.

          Believing you have great judgment in your own personal life is your right.
          However, making “management decisions” for me is trespass nd is very disrespectful.

          Women battled for ages to gain their human rights to be owners of their own bodies, their own property, and to make their own decisions.

          It seems Biden and others want to take women back to a dark time and place where patriarchal men declared women chattel property men owned, managed, and controlled.

          That is unacceptable to me.

          Please be polite, state your views, and wait for me to agree or disagree speaking for myself and respecting my ownership of my own body, my property, my own autonomous decision-making power and my voice.

          Because I am not going to see women’s rights taken away by men coming again to lay claim to women’s bodies as their property on this soil.

          It doesn’t matter how great you believe your ideas are. What matters is that you respect your neighbors.

          1. Citizen 2

            Odd response. I’m not the one who commented STFU, or called people names like fear-driven sheep so I am unclear why you would imply that I am not being respectful or polite. I also haven’t suggested that anyone be forced to get the vaccine. In fact, I stated otherwise in a previous response, but that comment (although reportedly approved 5 hours ago), still has not been posted by the moderator.

            For the record, I am a woman and I agree with you. I have not contradicted anything in your misplaced diatribe. I only commented on why the author’s article is misleading. I believe scientists from around the world who report that population immunity (in the US for instance) would be achieved more quickly if more people got vaccinated. I didn’t say that everyone should get vaccinated.

        5. HowHow

          You are so blind. I would encourage you to research ALL the FACTS and not just the ones the government or their controlled/owned media tell you about, but it is very obvious your mind has been closed and your sight is dimmed.

        6. Reality Check

          Florida has had no mandates, average vaccination rates, and no mask mandates. They, along with Hawaii, now have the lowest infection rate in the U.S. The difference is, Hawaii has been one of the most tyrannical states with mandates, vax passes, etc. Normal, healthy, children have a 1 in a million chance of serious consequences from Covid. Israel and British data show is the vaxxes DO NOT “protect” one from serious disease or death past 3 or 4 months after the shot. There have been studies showing that there is no statistical difference in outcome between those states that mandated masks and those who didn’t. I could go on. Most of the data you site is either outdated, or comes from the CDC, which had changed its mind like some change their underwear. You are the proof the author is exactly right in her commentary.

          1. Citizen 2

            It’s true that Florida is currently in a down cycle for infections. But that’s proven to be cyclical data. There is zero evidence that Florida’s lax masking and low vax rates are the reason for the expected waves of infection. And unfortunately, Florida continues to have a high covid death rate when it doesn’t need to. Floridians could be reducing their death rates by getting vaccinated. It’s a choice, but a sound one for many. You are just wrong Reality Check. My data is not outdated nor refuted. And it’s important to note context when you are retrieving/sharing data – something I’m afraid you are missing.

          2. Reality Check

            You avoided my point. It’s also interesting you only chose to address my Florida point, and ignored the rest. I am not wrong. There is no evidence to suggest that any of the mandates have done a thing to mitigate deaths, hospitalizations, or spread. The data is statistically insignificant between non-mandate states and mandate states. Florida’s death rate is average. Several mandate states, to include NY, NJ and others, have HIGHER death rates than Florida. You chastise me for ignoring context, while you ignore it as well. Just as I would expect a cultist to do.

        7. Anon

          We have been lied to constantly from almost the beginning. Many people realized in early 2020 (around the time that governors were caught putting covid patients into nursing homes) that none of this was about our health. Many with eyes to see predicted very early on that it would eventually turn into vaccine mandates ($$$ and control).

          I know this is difficult to accept for many people who just can’t believe such atrocities could be committed, but just look back through thousands of years of history and you’ll see the pattern. Americans have grown complacent and ‘fat’ (figuratively) and unwittingly become sheep led to the slaughter.

          1. Citizen 2

            “Many with eyes to see predicted” this…nice drama but it means nothing and it certainly doesn’t prove that this is about money and control. It simply demonstrates that some people rather invest in conspiracies and deny facts than accept reality. And for what? To me, it seems primarily politically and sometimes religiously motivated. But with the vaccine specifically, Trumps admin developed Operation Warp Speed. The minute it became available it’s evil? He got the vaccine himself – even after contracting the virus – because he knows it’s value to his health.

        8. Anti COVID-19(84)

          Ah yes, Citizen 2 a fine example of “a legion of joiners, self-proclaimed virtuous accomplices, diligently doing their dirty work — busy citizens proudly fighting and hating for their “leaders.””

          Citizen 2 – In your Covidite religion, make some room for IVM and HCQ+zinc. Doing so will not harm you, and in as little as 12-24 hours after the beginning of your bioweapon encounter – yes, the virus you proudly fight for – you are likely to turn the corner. No harm in trying for 24-48 hours, and nothing to really lose – you can still ventilate, though that won’t be necessary if you dare try the “forbidden”…

          1. Citizen 2

            Who said I don’t make room for other therapies? Not me. I only questioned the logic behind determining that none of this is about public health just because ivermectin is not yet accepted by medical professionals worldwide as a proven prevention or curative for covid. So again I will state that once it has undergone trials and peer reviews, like the covid vaccine, which is backed by decades of research, then it would make sense to question those evil scientists and doctors who are advising us to not go that route.

            I don’t fight for the covid virus. What a ridiculous notion that is.

        9. Jamie

          respectfully. Ivermectin has won a 2015 Pulitzer award. There are nations that take it who have beat covid. I took Ivermectin & was over it in under a week. My family did not pass it around but have had it at different times & the rest of my family beat it in a few days with hydroxychloroquine. You know if you have treatments s vaccine is illegal. My husband was a fighter pilot fir 28 years & we KNOW what communism looks like. Remember to take ownership in the dictatorship that you are helping to take us over. Pray for the thousands that have died or been maimed due to the shot. A friend that flies for the airlines was hospitalized 2 days after the forced shot, 1 month after hospitalization they & 4 mos later they are telling him he will probably lose his wings… no biggie you get to hype the political regime still along with their mandates.

          Do you have any idea how many real immunologist doom this process? Did you ever look up how many Fauci killed in other countries or during the aides pandemic? Katy Mullins, the inventor of the PCR test, was going to blow the whistle on Fauci & his ignorance for abusing his test & he called him IGNORANT. He was going to go on the news & tell everyone & oh no he dies 2 days before he tells the news. He tells us that depending on how many times you duplicate the test … you can get it to show whatever you want!

          kerp watching MSM, you are brainwashed & a killer of freedom. I’m glad I finally figured it out. I love my family enough to put the politics to the side & see it all for what it is… Americans killing freedom for politics! SHAME! GREAT ARTICLE!!!

      1. Matthew Buitron

        Speaking of half-truths – where I come from, half the truth is considered to be a lie. When it comes to media reporting on covid related content, 95% of media has lied to us by reporting ‘half-truths’. You obviously have not read this article, or you don’t want to hear and see the truth– and if that’s the case I am sorry.
        But, whether impatiently stubborn to the WHOLE truth, or just mentally and emotionally handicap, you are wrong. This article very clearly describes what is actually going on here in our local region, our state, nation, and world right now.
        Anyone who can not see this, is simply refusing to see the truth. Which is something that has happened since the beginning of time.
        Example: Jesus is the truth. He performed miracles right in front of people’s eyes. Most walked away and refused to see and believe. They decided it was a trick. They refused to see and hear the WHOLE TRUTH. But some had the eyes and ears to see the truth, and chose to do so.
        The truth is indefinite. Some see and hear it. Some do not. But, in the end it’s partly your choice and partly God’s choice.
        So then, once you have read this, May God bless you Christian Berrigan with truth and life. May he open your eyes, ears, heart and mind. May he lift your eyes up to see his gazing down upon you. May your heart be surrendered to him and you mind be renewed in the perfect and all-powerful name of the only saviour – Yeshua Hammachiach (Jesus the Christ)

  5. L V

    Beautiful article.

    We all need to develop our own medical treatment plans as our own contingency plans. Then just forget about COVID. Our own strategy in place, and we can move on.

    Waiting for the government to tell us when we can move on and get back to normal is a slave mentality.

    We need to tell people the truth: it’s all in their head.

    Like rolling over because of the flu and pneumonia. COVID may not be exactly that – but it’s a parallel truth.

    People who trust the government will soon find out that COVID power corrupts as absolutely as they permit.

  6. Christian Berrigan

    Excellent article. As a former Clark county resident now living in Northwest Arkansas, please remember you are living in a fishbowl. Your experience in Washington is indicative of the problem but not the same everywhere.

    Last night I went into a restaurant and the sign up front said “Masks are NOT required. If you choose to not wear a face covering please be respectful of others.”

    This entire exercise has been a gross violation of the Nuremberg accords, that is empirical, not hyperbole.

    I have noticed a dramatic change in the attitudes of those who have chosen to submit. The jury is in my opinion still out on whether it’s plain old Stockholm Syndrome, an ingredient, or a combination of both.

    I have noticed that some people who have submitted/succumbed go to great effort to maintain their ignorance on certain subjects which might contradict their currently adopted views on the social, political, and scientific aspects of this “crisis”. I’ve noticed that some people think what a talking head on CNN tells them is tantamount to “science” without even conceiving of the possibility some or all of it may be propaganda.

    A wise man once said that “every adversity carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”. I hope we as a society find it. It seems to be elusive.

    The fact that this situation is still accelerating and has not yet reached its zenith is of great concern.

    Thank you for your fantastic article I hope it gets proper exposure.

    1. Heidi Wetzler

      Thank you for the reminder! While I recognize that our experience in Washington is different than in other states, it is still easy to feel like the world is closing in up here. And obviously that is coloring my view. Our hope is to make our way to a more reasonable state and experience that freedom soon. And thank you for your quote from a “wise man.” I’m keeping that one close.

  7. Kathy

    I too, have noticed a change in demeanor in vaxxed people. A personality change to become mean, contrary, and follow their “leaders” with a strange hypnotic devotion. Their way or no way as they argue with another person and demand Proof of your views but really cannot provide anything on their end but what they’ve seen on TV. Mr inslèe has people so scared that they actually believe their next breath could be their last as even walking outside can contaminate them.
    It’s been awful seeing people like this. No one will talk to you in the grocery line, or stand closer than 6 feet, though they’re wearing a mask. I’ve seen this in my own daughter. Our eldest and her husband ran out and got the jab right away. She can’t wait to,be able to get the kids jabbed..
    But there is a website for Australian Nurses, and other medical personnel to speak out about what is happening to people they see. And this point is one, the amount of people that have personality changes is astonishing. And they are convinced that the jab has something to do with it.

    1. Kristin Nelson

      The change in demeanor may be we’ve discovered just how many selfish, deluded people we know that are willing to put others at risk because they’ve been fed a steady diet of outrage, fear & misinformation and half-truths, and believe that commonsense & reasonable public health measures amount to some kind of tyranny. Last I looked, our freedoms and rights also come with obligations & responsibilities as citizens of a society. I’m about as discouraged as I’ve ever been at the state of the nation as I read the comments here, couched in superstition, malice & pique born of what? When did so many Americans lose their collective minds to follow the lead of charlatans, those who would politicize the efforts to protect each other from a disease that frankly, doesn’t really care about anything but replicating.

      1. Vanessa Amundson

        The CDC director admitted on CNN on Aug 6th that the vaccine does not stop transmission. So…how does it make me selfish that I don’t care to participate in the experiment, just because you think I should? My recovery from COVID gives me durable and possibly lifelong immunity to covid, which is superior to any shot the corrupt bureaucrats can come up with. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2021/08/06/cdc_director_vaccines_no_longer_prevent_you_from_spreading_covid.html

  8. reuschracer

    I am on your team Heidi. I have been writing the DOH, getting involved at school board meetings, attending rallies against forced vaccination, not wearing a mask indoors, basically pushing back in every way possible. It is madness and has been going on for far too long. We must awaken the other lions. This is not about health, it is about government power and control and money.

  9. Laurie Sue

    All these low life politicians that say they’ve taken the jab – don’t believe it at all! Reckon they’ve taken a plosibo. Why anyone would believe anything a politician has to say is beyond me!

    1. Kristin Nelson

      The word you want is spelled: placebo. The jab is the safest, most effective modality for mitigating the impact of covid-19 from a health & economic perspective. To deny the reality of Covid is the definition of insanity.

  10. Jane S.

    Thank you, Heidi! You covered the subject well. It is not about Covid. Live not by lies is the mantra we should embrace. Our people are being lied to, manipulated with fear and led astray by corruption.
    I will not comply. God bless you.
    Jane Jones

  11. Valerie J.

    Heidi, once again you bring clarity to the confusion, sanity to the madness. If only everyone would read this and could actually see and understand the truth of what’s going on. It has NEVER been about Covid!

  12. RebelAlliance

    I’m with you!!! If everyone who is against this INSANITY stood down walked off the job shut down the economy -truck drivers, police officers, firemen, health coworkers with a brain, teachers, students, every patriot stand down!!! this would end !!!! Look what they did in parts of Russia -they stopped the passport because people refused to go to businesses who required it!!!
    stop patronizing business who required Digital ID QR code’s -they will shout from the rooftops to push back against it if they are going to lose their businesses! RESIST as if you’re very life depends on it because it does!!!!

    1. Kristin Nelson

      Your ‘resistance’ is actually oppositional defiance disorder. This isn’t tyranny – it’s called reasonable public health measures to prevent a wide variety of unpleasant outcomes such as morbidity, mortality, economic devastation and other adverse effects on a society in the midst of a pandemic. Yet here we are….it’s downright discouraging as a healthcare provider to see the misinformation, distortion of the reality and just plain lies. But it is the way opinion pieces like this one generate so much fear & outrage which is really what is destroying the peace & tranquility of our nation. Shame on Heidi.

  13. Mike Perceval

    Thank you for a beautifully written synopsis of truths regarding this synchronized and coordinated campaign of mass psychosis. It is so powerful precisely because it is based on very real ‘science’; the science of fallen human psychology. It is employing the most sophisticated means of propaganda and mind control ever known on earth, combined with the crass and brutal methods of control that have been employed (and improved upon) over past millennia.

    It’s not about ‘health’ at all – at least not good health. But it’s also not about this or that narrowly focused objective or agenda. Instead, the ‘pandemic’ has been used as the unifying justification for the advancement of many different agendas, which is how it has gained such broad support from groups that would normally be opposed to each other.

    This has been seen many times in history and such history ‘should’ be of value as a guide. But it’s value is undermined, as always, by believing that, ‘this is different’, ‘it can’t happen here, or in these days’ – because ‘we’re too smart, strong, resilient, or advanced, for that’. And even those who are not evil in intent, who truly believe that the reason(s) they join in, support, or otherwise don’t resist the overreach and erosion of freedoms is ‘for the greater good’, acquiesce in the manipulation via twisting and distortion of truth, together with fear and/or desire, to achieve their own narrow, special interest(s).

    The true power behind all of this; the one who is orchestrating it all and guides these disparate streams into a mighty, overwhelming flood, is the one Jesus pegged as ‘the god of this world’, the father of lies; the ultimate ‘psychologist’ – Satan. And the Bible makes it very clear where he will lead the world in ‘the End’…

    We are fast approaching that point in this epoch of human history, yet it is extremely hard for so many of us to accept that this is truly what is happening. That is ‘natural’, and that very fact is incorporated into the evil scheme to achieve its end goals.

    While it is exceedingly hard , even repulsive, to accept, the ship is sinking. How long we have before she slips under the waves is not clear, but it’s not long either. For those with eyes to see, and ears to hear, there is yet time to prepare for that reality:

    2 Corinthians 6:2

    For He says:

    “In an acceptable time I have heard you, and in the day of salvation I have helped you.”

    Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.

    God is still sovereign over all things. His will and purposes will be fulfilled in the end, no matter what happens, or who resists Him. It is not His will that anyone perish, but that all come to salvation. Yet the overarching aspect of His will and purpose in creating human beings, and giving us free will, was to ultimately arrive at the point where we could share in His love reciprocally throughout eternity, in true and blessed power, peace and harmony, and without falling away into self-centered, destructive sin.

    This may not be the ‘best’ world that some could imagine. But it is the only world in which His glorious, blessed purposes could be realized for and with His highest creation, human beings.

    Raging against the darkness will avail us nothing. There is a dark, evil reality that we are all doomed to be subject to; the ship of fallen humanity is indeed sinking, and will most certainly go down. But, there is an alternative; there is salvation from this otherwise hopeless doom – albeit only one glorious way freely and easily accessible to every human being:

    Acts 4:10-12

    “…let it be known to you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified, whom God raised from the dead, by Him this man stands here before you whole. This is the stone which was rejected by you builders, which has become the chief cornerstone.’ Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

    May the Lord Jesus Christ bless, preserve, protect, and guide us all, as we move through these challenging times. And may we all walk in the fullness of His will, for His glory, and the glory of His Kingdom.

  14. Daniel Parsons

    Totally agree with you Heidi. Have had to travel to Europe 2 times and to South and Central America one time and have had around 14 negative covid19 tests. Those tests have cost me a small fortune as I also have to pay for my wife’s tests as well as she is in the legal immigration process from Chile. I totally identify with your thoughts that we have lost our ability to think critically. LinkedIn removed my comment about how important it is to boost your immune system on a post about US Government opening up the border soon.

  15. Kristin Nelson

    This whole article is one big fat logical fallacy of a slippery slope & disinformation. You are weaponizing outrage & fear in your opinion. Lots of opinion and short on factual information. Lots of jumping to conclusions & assumption s. Independent critical thinkers? Ha! People who get their health information from Fox News, OAN, NewsMax, CloutHub, Telegram, Parler, Facebook, Alex Jones, this opinion piece…are sadly misinformed. Do you think you in on some ‘secret’ when you huddle together to take a public health crisis and turn it into a wide conspiracy to take your freedom? I just see selfish people. Uneducated people who don’t understand the complexities of dealing w/a major world wide healthcare crisis, the responsibilities of government and health care experts to mitigate the impact as best they can. The prevalence of your ‘opinions’ such as yours has made it that much harder, difficult, ramping up fear & anxiety. Shame on you.

    Workers who choose not to be vaccinated are choosing to not meet the requirements of the job. Healthcare providers who do direct patient care are a danger to their patients if not vaccinated. Workers who are unvaccinated who get sick cost their employer sick leave, increased health insurance costs, life insurance payments if they die and increase risk of liability if a patient under their charge becomes ill from a disease that can be prevented. The requirement for a vaccine in any number of settings (school, work, travel) is not unique. A responsible healthcare setting does all it can to mitigate the risks to patients, now that vaccines are available they become part of the equation. They are documented to reduce risk of spread, serious illness & death. Allowing an unvaccinated care-giver work with patients amounts to deliberate malpractice. I work in a hospital. My unvaxxed colleagues who whined their way out the door disgust me and I respected most of them – until now.

    With freedoms & rights come obligations and responsibilities. When did a segment of the American population forget that part. This demonstration of mass oppositional defiance disorder based on conspiracy theories, and faux outrage is disturbing.

  16. Karen Hopson

    Everything you said is absolutely wrong. Do you not see the statistics? Do you not believe the infectious disease experts. Did you not see how the polio vaccine ended polio or the smallpox vaccine ended smallpox. This IS ABOUT HEALTH and keeping people alive. And your so-called opinion is weak and pathetic.

  17. Carol Wood

    This is so well stated!!! Thank you Heidi for YOUR courage to speak out. I have myself tried speaking to close friends and relatives who believe in the vaccine and think I am totally crazy, to the point where, as you said relationships have been lost or damaged. How people can’t see what is happening is beyond me. Their blind compliance is terrifying.
    The shameful silence of the truth and the out right lies of the main steam media has navigated the slaughter. This is a very treatable virus….. no vaccine required. Common sense would save lives. Let’s see. This virus causes inflammation, blood clots and respiratory distress. Hmmmm. How many people have aspirin in their home..? An inhaler for respiratory distress? Even if your quack of a Dr won’t give you an inhaler , then go get Primatine Mist at the store. It’s basically Epinephrine… it will do the job. And how about doing a little research. Quercitin,NAC, zinc,vitD3(have you seen all the articles out lately in the main stream media about how dangerous vit D3 can be)??? Because it works and let’s not forget Vitamin C… a potent anti viral… but I digress.
    YES. We must speak out and step out if our comfort zones. I refuse to wear a mask. No one has stopped me yet or asked me to put one on.
    Again. Thank you.

  18. Veronica B.

    Thank you for this article. This situation can feel very isolating if one is on the wrong side of the issue, especially in some regions and states. I feel like a minority in my area and it’s very frightening to see the level of branwashing and compliance. I will share this article, as it speaks to everything I’ve been feeling and you have so eloquently expressed it.

  19. Kaye Bovey

    Thank you, Heidi ! I agree with you. It is globalism which is a cult religion and not about COVID. That is the crisis/chaos to help bring in the socialist agenda happening now. We must stand up with courage against this over reach of government.

  20. Bob Runnells

    Thank you so much for voicing these concerns, for laying out the cognitive dissonance and trends that should greatly disturb even those most afraid of the man-made virus. One thing to emphasize is that you (and I) are not alone, although the narrative and the governor’s whacked declarations would have you think that you are the last to be jabbed. I will be sharing this excellent article across the state.

  21. Gordon Glockner

    Thank you, Heidi for sharing your common sense views and this wisdom. It is remarkable the number of sheeple continuing to comply given all the evidence of power grabbing and deceit that has presented itself over the past two years. It has become very apparent to me over these many months these obvious truths: 1) Most people are living in fear; 2) Most people are informed only through their television; 3) Most people prefer obedience over freedom; 4) The vast majority (all of the covid jabbed) are not free thinkers; 5) Lastly, there seem to be a large number of people who readily and freely take on the nazi role, and this has been the most difficult aspect during this time.

  22. Alison

    This is such a well expressed piece, thanks! I do encourage you to no longer comply and do not put a mask on to enter any business establishment. Force their hand. Each time a mask is worn, the lie is perpetuated.

  23. Liz

    Excellent article! I agree 100 percent. I lost my job of 16-1/2 yrs with my employer because I refuse to get vaccinated. Weird space to be in as they say we don’t want to lose you, I hope you change your mind. Keep up the great work!

  24. Janet B

    Give me a break!! It’s ALL about COVID. Vaccinations are about trying to end a worldwide health crisis. It’s NOT about trying to control individual freedom. Covid vaccinations reduce illness and death.

  25. Jack

    After reading this alt right Steven Miller inspired screed and the overwhelmingly positive responses it engendered, I worry that the MAGA hats you folks bought are far too small and likely constricting blood flow to what’s left of your brains.

    You all want things to go back to the way they were, yet when offered a pathway to reach that goal, you refuse, praddling on about government overreach and loss of your freedom. Try selling those fantasies to the loved ones of the 800+ thousand people who have died from COVID. In this case. the government has rightfully and thankfully stepped in to save you from yourselves.

  26. Louis

    “This is not America
    Little piece of you
    The little piece in me
    Will die (this is not a miracle)
    For this is not America.

  27. Elida Field

    Yes! Beautifully written and I agree 💯! There is a scene from the movie “Ants” where the grasshoppers explain that although the ants are small, together they could take back control and win if they ever realized that their strength was in their numbers. There’s a few big grasshoppers running our lives and we must say, “No”! We must take back our rights, our freedoms or I’m afraid we may never get them back.

  28. Nancy

    Finally someone has a sense to figure out about control, covid greed and forcing people to do their bidding. Are you running for office? You got my VOTE

  29. Julia

    Stop complying, everyone! I won’t give money to a restaurant or other business that enforces masks or other nonsense, even though I live in SF Bay area, the belly of the beast. Even if there is just 1 restaurant in your area that doesn’t comply, vote with your $$ for non-compliance. What’s the point complaining and still complying?

  30. Karole Fedrick

    As we continue to be herded into the chute of totalitarian globalism, it’s important to remember that with Marxism the issue is never the issue; the issue is always the revolution. Create conflict, divide, and conquer. So, no, it’s not about COVID – or LGB or T, or race, or immigration, or the environment, or any of the other issues that are hot-button topics today. They are all about destroying autonomy at every level. God help us.

  31. Scott C.

    The demarcation line is pretty clear and words don’t seem to sway opinion too far from the line. Who would have ever thought just a few years ago (let alone our parents generation) that we as a nation and as brothers and sisters would arrive at this place (can you remember what it was like).

    Where is John Gault? I’d like to join him and the others in freedom of choice and opportunity. That is what this country was founded upon and it is what made it unique in the world.

    I suspect that it will eventually come to this – Like minded independent thinking freedom seeking people will band together while the followers will enable control of their lives to their own demise.

    Tragic for all of us, liberating for none.

  32. Raymond Johnston

    I keep being reminded of the movie “demolition man.” It’s crazy how satirical that movie was but how close to it we are coming in such a short amount of time. Scary times.

  33. Larissa

    I’ll just say, I’m a recently fired nurse from Legacy Salmon Creek. Now collecting food stamps and on Medicaid. Does this really seem okay to people?

    1. John Ley

      Larissa —

      Thank you for having the courage of your convictions. Truly not an easy choice for you and the many coworkers who made a very difficult decision.

      The saddest part is that you never have been forced to make such a choice. The coronavirus is over 99% survivable. While it is an appropriate “concern”, especially for people with certain preexisting conditions, this is not the plague.

      Reach out to your community if you need help and support.

  34. Born in Washington

    You are so eloquent in all your columns and you speak the truth so clearly even those drinking the koolaid should be able to comprehend.

  35. Dann Flesher

    I Use a new word to describe the people you call “Compromised Scientists”. I am not sure I am the first to use this word, so I doubt I could “copyright” it. Even if I could I have no platform to profit from its use. Therefore I am willing and actually hopeful that you will use it to bring this harmful group and their follies into the public mentality.

    The words is Pscience or Pscientist or Pscientiffic. Here are the definitions

    def: Pscience
    1) Politically Correct science: scientific results that comply with current political thought
    2) Politically Compromised Science: scientific results that are paid for and controlled bu government entities
    3) Pseudo Science: data or conclusions that are manipulated or edited to appear to be obtained from qualified scientific sources
    4) Para-Science: “distinct from, but analogous to: real science

    def: Pscientist
    an individual who participates as an active agent in one or more of the Pscience categories (see above)

    Def: Pscientific
    adj ; subject to an action or report of an action that uses or promotes one or more of the Pscience categories (see above)

    I would like to see this set of words and definitions, or a similar set, added to the English vocabulary. Therefore you have my permission to use it as you see fit.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Dann Flesher


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