Opinion: ‘The information that I used as my impetus for getting the vaccine was completely false’

Clark County Today Editor Ken Vance shares his own story about the decision to receive a COVID vaccination

Clark County Today Editor Ken Vance shares his own story about the decision to receive a COVID vaccination

Those who engage in the comment section on our published content know that I rarely participate in those conversations. When I do, it’s usually just to explain a complaint, criticism or question about our performance. But, today was one of those rare occasions when I got lured into a conversation.

Editor Ken Vance
Editor Ken Vance

One of my responsibilities as editor of Clark County Today is to decide whether or not to approve the many comments made on our content. Our staff helps with this task so I don’t read every single comment that is made, but I read the majority of them. That means I am very familiar with those who comment regularly on our content.

As you know, I publish content from the WND News Center. Much of that content is COVID related. Clark County Today has been accused of having a COVID agenda. That’s accurate, we do have a COVID agenda. It’s just not the agenda we are accused of. We believe that the national narrative, largely controlled by the mainstream media, is not an accurate representation of all of the facts. So, we believe strongly in publishing studies and information about COVID that is termed “misinformation’’ or “disinformation’’ by others. It’s safe to say that my idea of what is “misinformation’’ or “disinformation’’ is different from others.

Yesterday, I published a story from the WND News Center stating that Dr. Anthony Fauci “complained on Monday that his effort to get people to adopt the government’s COVID-19 health measures has been hampered by ‘misinformation and disinformation.’” We have two individuals who regularly comment on the WND News Center COVID content that I choose to publish. They are appreciative of the content and generally agree with much of it. 

Whether you agree with them or not, I challenge anyone to suggest that these two individuals are anything but civil. We also have two individuals who regularly comment on our content who seem to only have differing opinions than those expressed and represented by much of the content we publish. They are also usually civil and respectful and I appreciate that greatly because not everyone is these days. One of those two individuals has been relatively silent recently but the other joined in the conversation this morning and it made me take a rare jump into the ocean of discussion.

I don’t like getting into conversations about COVID. Folks are often too emotional and they take things too personal and it often doesn’t have a pleasant outcome. Also, I often remind folks that I am too old to have the energy to waste on such an endeavor. But, because it was the individual who I wanted to offer a rebuttal too, I was comfortable making this rare exception. 

If you care to, you can see the entire thread at the bottom of the WND News Center story on our website. But, the comment that lured me in was a response to a comment that included the statement, “The risk of adverse events from the jab by far outweigh the risk of catching Covid19.”

The commenter replied with, “So, to be clear, you are saying more people have died from adverse effects of the vaccine than have died from the virus? We’re over one million deaths in the US and I’m pretty sure even the useless VAERS data wouldn’t claim that many deaths from the vaccine.’’

I didn’t think that was at all what the original commenter was saying, so I fired off the following:

Clark County Today Editor Ken Vance shares his own story about the decision to receive a COVID vaccination

“That’s not at all what she is saying and you know it. Your counter argument/comparison is irrelevant. The examination that would be more relevant is comparing the adverse effects, loss of freedom and rights of being forced to have a COVID shot vs. the actual (not promised or perceived) benefits of receiving the vaccine. I made the choice to get the vaccine largely because my primary care physician said it would take death and hospitalization ‘off the table.’ We now know with 100 percent certainty that isn’t true. We also know the shot doesn’t prevent us from getting COVID. So, if you want to preach that others should get vaccinated you need a dramatically different argument.’’

And, I wasn’t done with that.

“And in anticipation of your response, I am not stating that I believe there is no benefit to the COVID vaccine. I just believe the evidence strongly suggests the benefits have been grossly exaggerated and the adverse effects have been minimalized or even hidden from us intentionally. And that doesn’t take into account the loss of freedom and rights by the mandates and coercion etc. So have all the shots you want, it’s your right. Even express your desire or belief for others to be vaccinated. Just use truths and relevant facts when making your argument and not the nonsense we’ve been fed for so long now!’’

There you have it. I buried the lead in this column. I decided that if it was worth my time to share those thoughts in that comment thread, it was worth my time to share them with you here. It is the absolute core of my frustrations over this whole debate about COVID vaccinations.

I believe I am a reasonable person. I just turned 59 years old and I have comorbidities that make me vulnerable to COVID. I have taken virtually every precaution that I believe is reasonable and thankfully I haven’t had COVID yet. 

As I stated in my comment, I was vaccinated once. I spent months gathering information before making that decision. I had the least effective of the vaccines, the Johnson & Johnson, because I wanted to play Russian Roulette once not twice. I don’t regret that I had the vaccine, but I’m not sure what good it has been for me and the information that I used as my impetus for getting the vaccine was completely false.

I am not saying that I won’t ever get another COVID vaccine. But, one thing I can tell you is I won’t until someone can show me the ACTUAL benefits of the vaccine so I can weigh those against the risks etc. I don’t read as much COVID content and information as some, but I certainly read more than most and I have yet to see anyone provide a compelling and believable accounting of what I’m asking for. I know some believe they have, but they haven’t.

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  1. Margaret

    Children’s Health Defense is one of the few groups that shares reports of deaths and serious, sometimes debilitating health declines after vaccination each week. This is the most recent report, see article for details
    9-Year-Old With No Pre-existing Conditions Died 2 Weeks After Pfizer Shot, Latest VAERS Data Show
    Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data shows 1,357,940 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID-19 vaccines, including 29,790 deaths and 247,686 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and July 22, 2022.

    “Of the 13,805 U.S. deaths reported as of July 22, 7% occurred within 24 hours of vaccination, 15% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination and 54% occurred in people who experienced an onset of symptoms within 48 hours of being vaccinated.”

    “Historically, VAERS has been shown to report only 1% of actual vaccine adverse events.”

    1. Margaret

      ​​The Defender has reported on numerous cases of blood clots following COVID vaccination with the J&J shot:

      • Jessica Berg Wilson, a 37-year-old mother died from VITT after she received J&J’s COVID vaccine as a condition of volunteering at her child’s school.
      • Emma Burkey, an 18-year-old teen was put on a respirator and underwent three brain surgeries from blood clots after receiving J&J’s vaccine.
      • Anne VanGeest, a healthy 35-year-old, died of a brain hemorrhage 11 days after receiving J&J’s COVID vaccine.
      • Brad Malagarie, a healthy 43-year-old father of seven experienced a stroke from blood clots hours after receiving J&J’s COVID vaccine. The stroke left him unable to walk, talk and with paralysis on the right side of his body.
      • A 30-year-old man from California on April 8, 2021, was hospitalized and treated for a blood clotting disorder he developed after receiving J&J’s vaccine.
      • Barbara Buchanan developed blood clots in her lungs, stomach, brain and throat 6 to 8 days after receiving J&J’s COVID vaccine. She chose J&J because it was a one-dose shot, and because experts declared the vaccine was safe after they lifted a 10-day pause.
      • Kendra Lippy, a healthy 38-year old woman, was diagnosed with severe blood clots that subsequently sent most of her organs into failure after receiving J&J’s COVID vaccine. She also was left without most of her small intestine — and with crippling medical bills.
      • Sandra Jacobs, a 60-year-old woman died from blood clots after receiving the J&J shot, according to an autopsy report released Sept. 20, 2021, by a forensic pathologist for Michigan Medicine.

      See full article including report of another woman from Oregon Woman Died of Blood Disorder After J&J Vaccine. CDC Says the Disorder Is Rare — But Is It?

      1. Gloria

        MANY peoples family and circle of friends have already been greatly affected by their loved ones making the choice they did. It is worse than anyone understands. The Media will tell you nothing

    2. Sylvia

      Thank you, Margaret for sharing pertinent information. Compelling and scientifically factual data indeed.
      So often these adverse events have been dismissed as either ‘rare’ or ‘statistically insignifant’. Those events are very real for those who experience them. Even one injury or one death,is one too many. What is ignored is the correlation, direct or indirect, between those adverse events and the jab. The adverse events occurred after the jab(s), not before.
      In a previous ClarkCounty article:

      “In a House committee session last Wednesday considering an amendment to a bill, Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., said it’s time to “dispel the myth” that the vaccines stop infection and the spread of COVID-19, which was the basis for kicking people out of the military.” “It is a crime in progress.”
      I agree that it is indeed “a crime in progress.” – a medical crime against wellbeing.

      Fortunately increasing numbers are seeing through the myth and lies snd subterfuge, and are taking ownership of their health. Governments must treat health in a bipartisan manner, it must never be politicized or monetized. Here’s hoping!

      1. Gloria

        I’m sorry but I see the SAME FATAL FLAW here!
        Everyone is waiting for some Legislature, or some other kind of Politician intervention!!!!!
        HAVENT we learned by now? NO ONE but the people Standing up and saying NO! Is what will fix it!!!
        ALL the citizens of Earth HOLD THIS ALL IN PLACE by acquiescing to what the Dark Ones who have never had our best interests at heart have been telling us we needed to do for centuries now !! STOP doing the same thing(s) you have been doing over and over and over your entire life! WE NEED REAL CHANGE !

        1. FedUpWithInsanity

          Wish I could “like” this 1000 times!
          WHY is the SOLUTION so painfully OBViOUS to so few, while fully 81%. just guiibly swallow the hype, hook, line and sinker?!
          I’ve got to stop giving a damn. Can’t educate Stepford Clones.

          1. Wolfie

            Right there with you. No matter what we say to some people, in particular a couple regulars here, no matter how much evidence we lay down.. the denial is heavy. To Gloria’s point, we simply have to band together and say no more. Stand up and refuse the lie.

    3. Gloria

      Thank you for posting these statistics. PEOPLE need to know the truth. Years ago, the first SARSV2 Vaccine they brought out ended with 25 deaths. FROM THAT they pulled the Vaccine OFF the market. Today? LOOK AT THE NUMbeRS ! IF THIS does not tell you something, then there may be no hope. EVERYONE needs to dig deep and do their homework.

      1. Sylvia

        The fact that vaccine/jab makers are 100% exempt from any and all liability in US must be addressed and revoked. The very same phsrma organizations make pharma drugs, but they have no exemption from liability for those drugs. Strange but sadly true.

    4. Segue Fischlin

      And that doesn’t count people like my father, who had a sudden heart attack about a year after receiving the shot (aka ‘the clot shot’ as it is commonly called in skeptic’s circles), absolutely NO warning. He was very lucky and got care within 5 minutes, but he had a 1 in 10 chance of surviving it let alone with his brain intact. I know for a fact that the shot was a major contributing factor based upon all of the myocarditis going on in athletes who have taken the shots, but how do you prove that definitively? You don’t, so it’s never reported. (It happened within 36 hrs of him starting intense cardio workouts again aka ‘spinning.’ He’s a retired runner/marathoner). The shots nearly killed my father, and they might still kill him yet.

      1. Sylvia

        I am deeply sorry that your father had an adverse reaction to the jab. What a dreadful experience.
        It is so good that he survived it. As a runner, his body is obviously used to managing all kinds of stress, and that may have helped him during the post-jab ordeal.
        If you have not done so, please look through Margaret’s posts in this, and other similar, article – she provides fantastic information as well as links to relevant articles. (Thanks Margaret!). Numerous scientific journals also publish research papers on this, and other related topics
        Many are taking micronutrients to help the immune system, including liposomal-C, selenium, vit K2 + D3, quercetin, etc; Please note that I am only sharing this information, and not making any medical recommendations.
        Best wishes for your father’s recovery

  2. Sylvia

    Ken, thank you so very much for sharing your experience and wisdom. It means a great deal to me.
    I sincerely hope that you continue to take great care of yourself and place your wellness front and center.
    You have my gratitude.

  3. Melissa

    Interesting editorial. I very much appreciate Clark County Today carrying the WND News Center Covid articles. The articles provide much needed balance. Looking critically at Covid policy and public health advice (propaganda?) is important to do. Most in the media have abdicated this role for the past few years. Journalistic oversight helps keep people honest. Public health could have used this oversight and pushback. Instead what has happened is they have oversold the vaccine benefits; undersold the risks; and suffered credibility with the public as a result. And the public has been denied the ability to make an informed risk-benefit analysis on getting the vaccine. Thank you for your comprehensive coverage on covid.

    1. Sylvia

      What an excellent post. Thank you, Melissa, for stating it so perfectly. I support it 100%.
      It is extremely rare to have a forum like Clark County Today, that encourages open civil dialogue by sharing factual and bias-free articles/data. It stimulates the expression of diverse viewpoints and gives us all an opportunity to learn from one another. The Editorial Team has been exemplary in maintaining high standards even during incredibly trying times. Congratulations to all of you!
      We do, after all, live in a shared universe despite our differences. Diversity in Unity must be accepted, embraced, and practised by all as part of everyday life.
      Clark County Today deserves our respect and gratitude.

  4. Wolfie

    Excellent article, Ken. Journalism of this sort is rare today. We all have opinions and many of us have done exhausted research on this very topic. We do not take the general narrative as gospel and instead, meet every news bite with some skepticism and do our own deep dive. The whole COVID narrative has been mired in lies, politics and behind the scenes deception. Everyone has to make their own decision and mine remains vaccine/mask free.

  5. Gloria

    Ken! Thank you for sharing. It really helps having people join in on this most multifarious subject ! I have 800-1000 hours research into this ENTIRE CV Plandemic and it is no where near a pleasant subject. Its no wonder people are biting each others head off!

    People are DONE ! WE HAVE HAD IT ! Anyone wherever I go, if they DARE ask me the 50 questions about CV or even SAY that word, I look them straight in the eye and say: “Do NOT SPEAK that word in front of me ever again.
    THIS whole CV thing was the BIGGEST M-ind K-ontrolling Psyop EVER perpetrated upon mankind! I AM SO DONE with it! WE must take our Country back, but sadly just looking at the Primary Elections of Tuesday? SO MANY PEOLE are still A S L E E P ! Very very sad. SMH

    1. Wolfie

      Honestly, Gloria, people act like they are absolutely brain washed. Critical thinking skills have just left the building entirely. How people can believe that the mask protects other people from them (HUH???) just makes me scratch my head. When people lay out the symptoms, all I think is… cold? Allergy? Many many reports of cause of death being earmarked COVID when it was actually in addition to. Its crazy.

  6. Wolfie

    So understanding all of this.. when Herr Inslee calls for us all to ‘mask up for the greater good’ who is going to stand with me to say no?

    1. Sylvia

      All those who question the scientific validity of a mask mandate should exercise the US Freedom of Speech (assuming US is still a democracy), and provide the ‘mandator’ with links to the 150+ scientific research papers on masks.
      Wearing masks for protection against droplets in crowded areas is OK. Wearing masks to stop a virus is sheer fallacy.

  7. Sylvia

    Rumors abound that the CEO of Pfizer has caught 91divoC (!!!!) despite having been quadruple jabbed, and that he is now taking Paxlovid. Is this yet another futile attempt at publicity?!
    Wow! Safe and Effective????????
    Neither jab nor vaccine nor drug will ever succeed in a war against nature. Seven decades of vaccines have not successfully eradicated any disease.
    The sooner we all accept this, the sooner we will end this pathetic plandemic and take back our rights.

  8. Rubicon

    Thank you for your frank understanding of the Vaccine. About 3 weeks after we started deeply thinking about the Big Scare; we decided to get online. We started finding expert doctors in the field. Most of them were *not* in the US. Instead, some were from Canada, Western Europe, The UK, and some Asian specialists. Even that early, they were raising their eyebrows over this issue. Using those sources & other sites, within 2+ months we understood these Vaccines were deadly, and vowed never to be vaccinated. Two years later, that conviction stands firmly.


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