Opinion: The crumbling COVID narrative

Vancouver resident Jennifer Baker discusses the breakthrough of the vaccine delusion and COVID-19 hysteria

Jennifer Baker
Vancouver resident

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com 

As we approach the two-year anniversary of the first COVID-19 case in our country, I think it is important to reflect on where we have been and where we are going in relation to our response to the novel coronavirus.  

Jennifer Baker
Jennifer Baker

From that first “two weeks to slow the spread” in March of 2020, the people of Washington have endured seemingly endless rounds of lockdowns, masks, vaccines, and other mandates of draconian measures. We have shut down schools, churches, and businesses, and for many in our communities we have shut down our lives in fear of acquiring the deadly disease that is COVID-19.  

The one common factor in all the statements from our governor, media, and local officials is that the measures implemented were truly based on science and data.  That staying home, shutting businesses, wearing masks, etc. were effective in keeping Washington’s residents safe.  Then the vaccines were approved, we were saved.  Millions of people rushed to get their vaccine with the desperate hope that their lives would finally return to normal.  And for months the infection rates dropped remarkably. 

Then Delta arrived, this new variant spread like wildfire. 

The initial explanation of a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” proved to be a reasonable explanation.  With a great percentage of the population freshly vaccinated the majority of the cases were indeed with those that were unvaccinated.  But as the months dragged on an interesting fact began to emerge.  Some of the vaccinated were coming down with COVID-19.  Introduction to the term “breakthrough” was needed for the maintaining of the narrative. The number of these categories of cases eventually necessitated the CDC to change their definition of vaccines to “A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”1 

The mRNA vaccines provided an “immune response” not immunity. These “breakthrough” cases, we were told, would be minor.  But the fact of the matter was the vaccine’s efficacy was showing clear signs of waning.  Boosters became the focus, and this push appeared to be working.  COVID-19 cases were again dropping. Then came Omicron.  The next doomsday variant of this pandemic had arrived and once again we were herded into the panic room.  

COVID-19 Activity Level

To be clear, Omicron is a game changer, this variant makes it clear that the vaccines are clearly not working as advertised. Unfortunately, those in control are doubling down.  To them, limiting gatherings and events are still an essential tool, lockdowns are still seen as a viable tool, and unfortunately, schools are transitioning to a “hybrid” learning model again.3  

So as we approach the offramp of despair, we as a people need to take ownership of our future.  We need to honestly look at our past and decide if we need to revisit it. Our politicians and bureaucrats are once again trotting down the same path, using the same tools that have brought us near full circle back to the early days of the pandemic. 

If they are unwilling to change course, we need to arm ourselves with the most up to date information. Here in Clark County, our Public Health Department updates the county’s data once per week. What is the data showing us?  The CCPHD presents the data in a way to perpetuate the narrative.  Case rates are emphasized.  Each week at the top of the page total cases are updated in bold.  The number of new cases posted alongside. There are graphs showing enormous spikes for the unvaccinated4.  The narrative successfully defended! 


But if one drills down into the data given a different picture emerges. If one looks from week to week and compares the data that CCPHD does not want you to compare, the data appears to tell a different story. 

Clark County Public Health Data  Dec. 30  Jan. 6 
Number of new confirmed cases  1,1952,434
Number of new unvaccinated cases  549 • 46%1,037   • 43%
Number of new breakthrough cases  646   • 54%1,397   • 57%
*Data compiled by comparing COVID-19 data and vaccine data on CCPHD’s website 

The graph CCPHD provides gives us the impression that this is indeed a “pandemic of the unvaccinated ” but simple math paints a different picture.  It appears that the majority of the people getting COVID-19 in recent weeks are vaccinated. The defense for this discrepancy I am sure lies in the simple fact that vaccination rates for Clark County currently is 67.5 percent.  

Since there are more people vaccinated than not it makes sense there would be more cases from those that are vaccinated.  I think it is important to stop and let this data sink in.  We are told vaccines are “safe and effective” but it seems the “effective” part of that equation is not holding up.  Although I do not have access to the database that CCPHD and the state are maintaining, the last two weeks of data shows a significant portion of cases are coming from people who were told six months ago that if they got vaccinated, they couldn’t get COVID-19.  Since we now know that is not true, the narrative pivot to vaccines provides protection from severe outcomes is supported by the CCPHD’s graphs seen below:  

Chart, line chart Description automatically generated

Again, the graphs posted on CCPHD’s website appear to make a very compelling case that to be unvaccinated is a ginormous risk. Again, I performed simple math from the data provided on the CCPHD’s website and come up with a less clear case that the vaccines are preventing severe illness or death.  As shown in the table below, over 1/3 of the patients in the hospital for COVID-19 last week were vaccinated and a statistically significant amount of the people who died last week had indeed succumbed to a disease the authorities had promised (not that long ago) immunity with vaccination. 

Clark County Public Health Data  Dec. 30  Jan. 6 
Number of current unvaccinated cases hospitalized 44  • 81%42   • 64%
Number of current vaccinated cases hospitalized 10   • 19%24   • 36%
Number of unvaccinated cases who died 8   • 89%7   • 64%
Number of breakthrough cases who died 1   • 11%4   • 46%
*Data compiled by comparing hospitalization data and vaccine data on CCPHD’s website  

At this point in the pandemic, we really need to rethink our approach.  No focus is given to the fact that cases and severe outcomes have disconnected from previous trends.  The data available seems to signal good news, that we may be past the phase in which this disease is a significant driving factor towards death in our community.  

The limited data available to the public seems to indicate this most recent surge of cases (see COVID-19 Activity graph) is not mirrored in the graphs highlighting hospitalizations and deaths. Is it safe to say that we are now in the endemic phase of this disease? Is Omicron a natural vaccine? An attenuated virus?  Do we need to follow the same rules and procedures that were established almost two years ago when we were combating a much deadlier form of Sars-COV-2.  I urge all of us, especially our politicians and bureaucrats, to look at the science, look at the data and be willing to change our hypothesis with the changing data.  That is traditionally what scientists do.  

In conclusion, I freely admit the data that I am using is incomplete.  It is a brief snapshot in time.  The numbers presented are extrapolated from the data available to the public, but I feel the exercise should raise questions.  Possibly, and hopefully, it will inspire those in charge of our public health to look into this matter closely and see what the data truly says. 

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  1. Seth

    I am so sick of this horrible reporting. I get this is an opinion piece, but the lack of research is appalling. Clark County Today is a joke and a disgrace to journalists everywhere. 10 minutes of research can debunk your claim that the CDC changed its definition of a vaccine to keep up the narrative (linked below). You’re missing so much context and purposefully misleading readers. To Clark County Today and Jennifer Baker – I hope you are ashamed of yourselves for continuing to publish articles and pieces that make a mockery of integrity and journalism. Stop misleading our community, you take advantage of them, knowing that they’ll eat up anything you post. I hope you realize what you’re doing to our community.


    1. Molly Culver

      The mockery is from our so called leaders who only spread misinformation and fear without listening to the true experts…and that most certainly does not include that lying, hypocritical Fauci!

        1. Molly Culver

          Hardly taking advantage of me, Seth!
          If you would choose to listen to alternate new sources…other than the lying, misinformation spreading mainstream media…you would be introduced to a number of thinking, truth-giving individuals…Dr. McCullough bring one among many!

  2. Liz

    What does this information do to the “national” news that stated around 35% of all hospitalizations were because of OTHER health complications and covid-19 was an “additional” symptom? Of course, if the patient died because of a bad heart, the death was listed as a covid-19 death. Would the hospital have to forfeit the thousands of dollars the government paid them for treating covid-19 cases if we find that folks actually died of a heart attack or cancer?

  3. Francesca

    Appalling display of right wing extremism, superspreader Joey Gibson’s “Patriot Prayer” gang of thugs clearly chose its home base well. It’s no wonder Clark County has the highest covid infection rate of the entire Portland Metro area- congratulations, you’re number ONE!

  4. Liz Botha

    Having read The Real Dr Fauci book by RF Kennedy Jr I’ve come to realize that the way this pandemic was approached was to satisfy the need for money and power by a few individuals, all at the cost of very many lives. Everyone who has lost a loved one unnecessarily should be enraged by this, I know I am.

    1. Molly Culver

      So true, Liz!
      I read the book as well and it certainly backed up so many of my own beliefs about the terrible mishandling if this entire Covid mess!

    2. Molly Culver

      I so agree, Liz!
      I have read the book too and it certainly backed up many of my personal beliefs about this whole Covid mess!

  5. Margaret

    At the national level, WorldNetDaily.com reports, Dr. Peter McCullough: Official COVID ‘narrative has crumbled’‘The vaccines should be pulled off the market, they clearly are not solving the problem’
    “The focus, he said, should be on “treating high-risk patients who develop symptoms” with some of the early treatments that he and other physicians around the world have found to be effective, including ivermectin and a new drug granted emergency use authorization by the FDA, Paxlovid.
    McCullough cited a study from Denmark and data from the U.K.’s health agency showing that the vaccines have zero effectiveness against omicron.”
    In the half-hour video interview with WND (embedded below), McCullough also discussed:

    • The punishment of physicians who counter the official COVID narrative and use clinically indicated, FDA-approved drugs off-label such as ivermectin to treat COVID-19 patients, including a colleague in Maine whose was ordered to undergo a psychological examination after her license was suspended;
    • The Supreme Court’s rulings Thursday on vaccine mandates;
    • The possibility that omicron could spell the end of the pandemic, serving as a “universal booster”;
    • Data showing that vaccination has backfired, making the pandemic worse in nations with high vaccine intake;
    • The lethality of the mRNA vaccines;
    • His view on Biden’s mass testing program;
    • His take on new FDA-approved treatments and his simple, inexpensive, over-the-counter protocol for treating omicron;
    • The unwillingness of so many doctors to “come off the sidelines” and treat patients for COVID-19;
    • The “crisis of competence” among top government health officials;
  6. Molly Culver

    Good for you, Jennifer!
    Sadly, the mass psychosis they’ve created is alive and well all throughout CA, OR and WA!

  7. Melissa

    CCPH narrative-building on full display. They process and show data with an agenda in mind. 1) Maximize vaccinations; 2) Stoke fear. It’s sad. Public Health agencies have become the promotional arm of the pharmaceutical industry.

  8. Aaron

    Perhaps this publication should provide opinion pieces from experts who have a foundation of knowledge to stand upon and understand and have access to complete empirical data. Further, the vaccine was designed to lessen symptoms and mitigate a visit to the hospital not completely disable the virus.

  9. Peter currie

    Good article

    what needs to be repeated are 2 stats

    those vaccinated for less than 14 days after the 2nd shot are called unvaxed

    Studies show that cases in the freshly jabbed spike in the first week.

    and they are called unvaccinated – that is scientific fraud – hiding jab induced sickness with the unvaccinated

    the 2nd stat – in the US and Europe there are 56,000 dead and hundreds of thousands injured

    not a single unvaxxed person has a vax death or injury

    that is non speculative actual science

    great paper – doing a most important job

  10. Yod Trlb

    It’s a much bigger issue than personal freedom of choice. These are not real vaccines either in medical or legal terms. More accurately experimental gene therapy. They do not impart immunity or inhibit transmissibiliy. Designed only to at best slightly reduce symptoms. The news about these ‘vaccines’ gets worse. Much, much worse. Spike proteins produced by the body in response to them are devastating. Over 21,000 deaths from these vaccines; even mor serious injuries – statistics from U.S. and European gov’t databases.
    This is a serious violation of bioethics, the Neuremberg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Treaty, and other legal statutes.


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