Opinion: Restore Election Confidence Initiative signature-gathering effort nears deadline

The Restore Election Confidence (REC) Initiative is in its final stage of signature gathering, with a deadline set for May 25, 2024.

To get this initiative on the November ballot, it needs 27,702 valid signatures by May 25

Rob Anderson 
for Clark County Today

The Restore Election Confidence (REC) Initiative is in its final stage of signature gathering, with a deadline set for May 25, 2024. To get this crucial initiative on the November ballot, it needs 27,702 valid signatures. 

Rob Anderson
Rob Anderson

This initiative proposes the following changes to Clark County’s election procedures:

The voters of Clark County submitted an initiative concerning election procedures. If approved, this measure would create new ordinances requiring the Clark County Auditor to maintain a chain of custody for all ballots, prohibit sending or reporting of fraudulent ballots, video record ballot collection and counting, perform an additional forensic audit, report suspected voter fraud and set timeline requirements for reporting ballots and voter roll updates.

Should this ordinance be approved?



Over 70 volunteers have stepped forward to help the REC Initiative efforts, and more than 40 signature stations are set up across Clark County for area residents to easily sign. These stations are located at businesses, nonprofits, churches, and individual office locations. Additionally, some volunteers are collecting signatures at grocery store entrances and various community events. Several thousands of signatures have been collected with many thousands to go in this critical final stretch of signature gathering.

How did we get here?

Clark County’s voter participation has significantly declined over the past decade, hitting a record low of 26 percent in the November 2023 general election. This concerning trend highlights the need to address valid, thoughtful, and evidence-based concerns about our voting systems.

In June 2023, multiple issues were raised at a Clark County Council meeting regarding a $4.7 million request by Auditor Greg Kimsey to remodel the Elections Department. Out of respect for these concerns, the councilors voted to table the funding request for further investigation. However, behind the scenes, Kimsey dismissed these concerns in an email to the Clark County Council in July. Despite assurances from then-Chair Karen Bowerman that the public’s concerns would be investigated, no follow-up occurred, and Kimsey’s funding was approved without inquiry. Once again, the public’s concerns were ignored.

Overcoming early obstacles

The REC Initiative has faced and overcome several obstacles. One significant challenge was Prosecuting Attorney Tony Golik’s attempt to block the initiative by disregarding the Home Rule Charter, Clark County’s Constitution. After a Writ of Mandamus was filed in Skamania County, his office reversed its stance, eventually providing a proper legal review and deeming the REC’s subject within the scope of local initiative powers.

Ongoing challenges

An ongoing issue is Auditor Kimsey’s attempt to amend the Charter to prevent future initiatives like the REC. This move is seen as an effort to restrict petition rights and empower the Prosecuting Attorney’s office to block initiatives that challenge the status quo. This matter will be addressed at the County Council meeting on June 12, and public opposition is crucial to halt these changes.

Make your vote count and voice heard

  • Find a Signature Station and sign the REC today: Go to www.restorevotes.com and find one of the 40+ businesses, nonprofits, churches, and offices across Clark County.
  • Attend the County Council Meeting: Show your support on June 12 and oppose changes that restrict initiative rights.

Your involvement is vital to restoring confidence in our elections. Let’s work together to ensure that every voice is heard and every vote counts. Sign the REC Initiative today!

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