Opinion: Let’s fix what’s broken

In her weekly column, Nancy Churchill discusses ways Washingtonians can help fix their broken state.

In her weekly column, Nancy Churchill discusses ways Washingtonians can help fix their broken state

Nancy Churchill
Dangerous Rhetoric

Washington state is broken! Our authoritarian governor has exercised emergency powers for almost 850 days, and has just “ruled” to make a vaccination requirement permanent for state workers and contractors. Never mind the labor shortage and the looming recession. Get those boosters, peons! 

Nancy Churchill
Nancy Churchill

Our radical state Supreme Court blew up drug enforcement laws because the statute was missing the word “knowingly.” Many addicts’ only chance to break free of drugs happens in jail. Progressive legislators have chosen to condemn addicts to death by overdose rather than make a simple fix to the law. Then our state legislature blew up law enforcement and public safety by limiting police pursuit, and refusing to prosecute criminals. 

Our progressive lawmakers have increased taxes during a time of record budget surpluses, and prefer to push their inflationary enviro-econo disaster policies rather than provide relief to Washington state taxpayers. They have pushed comprehensive sex education, social-emotional learning and diversity equity and inclusion ideologies into our public school curricula, over the protests of parents and education experts. 

Our state has been broken by progressive, Marxist ideologues. How can we begin to fix it? 

The Solution, Part One – Elections

One-party rule by the progressive Democrats is a huge problem. We must elect strong Republican candidates to the legislature, especially in the Puget Sound region. Restore Washington and The Washington State Republican Party are promoting a strong group of candidates for House and Senate seats. You can find information about each of the challenge candidates at the Restore Washington Facebook Group. You can help one, some or all of these strong candidates with a small financial donation. That is an easy first step on the path to “fixing what’s broken.” Even ten dollars each will help these fine Puget Sound conservative candidates. 

The Solution, Part Two – Initiatives to the Legislature

Even if we can elect a conservative majority to both houses of the legislature, Inslee will retain his veto power until 2024. How can the people begin to fix what’s broken? Initiatives to the Legislature are a special tool for the people to use. If enough signatures are collected, these initiatives are presented like bills to the Legislature. If the Legislature passes them, the initiatives become law without the governor’s signature, and they are not subject to a veto by the governor. 

The Let’s Go Washington project is 11 Initiatives to the state Legislature! This bold and bipartisan project is designed to fix much of what’s broken in Washington state. These can be grouped into three general topic groups: public safety, cost of living, and good governance. You can find more information and read the specific language of each initiative at Let’s Go Washington (bit.ly/3P0FbBp). 

Fixing Public Safety

There are three initiatives in this group. I-1474 would “Restore Police Pursuit: Don’t let the bad guys get away.” Next, I-1510 would “Make Hard Drugs Illegal,” because “There’s nothing compassionate about overdose deaths.” I-1512 proposes to “Keep Guns From Criminals” with the aim of “prosecuting criminals, not law abiding citizens.” 

Fixing Taxation

The four initiatives in this group would allow you to keep more of your money. The initiatives would trim the sales tax by 1% (I-1475), cut the state gas tax by 24.7 cents (I-1508), and provide a $250,000 property tax exemption (I-1509), “making home ownership more affordable for everyone.” The last initiative in this group would repeal the capital gains tax (I-1491). “There’s no greed worse than government greed.” 

Returning to Good Governance

Surveys have shown that our governor’s unlimited emergency powers is a top concern for Washingtonians. We’ve been a dictatorship since Feb. 29, 2020, and Inslee shows no willingness to give up his absolute power. I-1480 would create a process for Emergency Powers Review, because “Emergency Powers Shouldn’t Last Forever.” 

I-1480 “Curriculum Transparency” was developed because “Our Kids Education Should Not Be Secret.” “This measure would require public education providers to make available online, within one week of first use, publicly-available materials and activities used for student instruction or staff training, descriptions of nonpublic materials, and certain information regarding staff training requirements, funding sources, and expenditures.” 

I-1502 concerns Electoral College Allocation and would give each congressional district the ability to allocate one elector based on the presidential/vice presidential candidates which won the district. This would give conservative districts a voice in presidential elections! 

Finally, I-1505 is the Voter Protection Act. This initiative creates a process for a bi-partisan review of election results. This would go a long way in restoring confidence in our election process. 

Get Excited and Get Involved! 

Citizens have until mid-December to collect around 400,000 signatures of registered Washington voters for each initiative. If you’d like to host a signature gathering party with 19 of your closest friends, you can contact Restore Washington or Let’s Go Washington to get a packet of initiatives. In addition, every Republican county committee in the state also has packets of the initiatives, so please contact your county Republican Party to find out when they will be hosting an initiative signing event. Let’s Go Washington! 

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at DangerousRhetoric@pm.me. The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own. 

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