Opinion: Governor explains why there’s no middle-class tax relief in his budget

Gov. Jay Inslee
Gov. Jay Inslee. Screenshot of video courtesy Washington Policy Center.

Gov. Jay Inslee says states offering middle-class tax relief are different than Washington

Jason Mercier
Washington Policy Center

Jason Mercier
Jason Mercier

The governor was interviewed this week by TVW. One of the questions he was asked was why no middle-class tax relief in his budget, yet again, like is occurring in other Democratic states. The governor replied that those states are different, they aren’t facing the same problems as Washington, and we don’t have an income tax to cut. He also said broad tax relief would benefit billionaires. 

Here is a clip of that exchange HERE.

On the one hand, the governor made it very clear that he’ll unlikely ever propose broad-based tax relief since he believes the benefit the middle-class would receive is outweighed by his concern that the wealthy may also benefit.

On the other hand, based on his bragging about Washington having no income tax, notwithstanding the unconstitutional capital gains income tax, I look forward to working with the governor to pass a constitutional amendment banning any form of income tax to prevent future efforts to circumvent the voters’ consistent opposition to income taxes.

Jason Mercier is the director of the Center for Government Reform at the Washington Policy Center.

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  1. Crazy

    Is the middle class burdened by the capital gains tax? What’s your definition of middle class? I think you might be off by, I don’t know, a few hundred thousand dollars. You’re young, you’re getting paid, but ask yourself, is it worth it?
    Washington is a sales tax state. It benefits higher income earners.

  2. MetaWorld2

    It is a KNOWN FACT that BLUE States are ‘Swimming’ in their so -called Rainy Day Funds! The Hunger Games Status yet remains.
    Inslee is a CAREER Politician and needs to be GONE! NOW!
    Go look up and SEE, how long he has been in there!
    Its just like these States crying over and over for $ for our schools; while they throw their surplus abundance of supplies into the Dumpsters! Yes! My sister and I, took advantage of their spoils, by helping ourselves!


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