Opinion: Dishonesty and depravity define progressive politics

Image courtesy Signoftherose.org
Image courtesy Signoftherose.org

Vincent Cavaleri of the Silent Majority Foundation states that ‘self-governance simply put, is the autonomy of a people to decide its present and future’

Vincent Cavaleri, director of education
Silent Majority Foundation

James Madison is often referred to as the father of the Constitution; and rightfully so.  His remarkable understanding of human nature and virtue are intrinsically woven into the fabric of our founding documents.  He opined that people must believe that they have a solemn duty, and right, to govern themselves; and if they ever stop believing this, then for all intents and purposes, self-governing is dead, despite the rituals still being carried out.   

In the last quarter century, the debate over America’s geo-political edifice has been at the forefront of many disputes.  America, and all her glory, is an institutionalized meritocracy, based on ability, ambition, and accountability.  Recently, I spent the better part of a weekend researching America’s founding documents, and the infinite wisdom of our founding fathers. 

Self-governance simply put, is the autonomy of a people to decide its present and future.  America as defined is a constitutional republic.  Without getting too caught up in all the minutia of a republic versus a democracy, we are by all accounts a bit of both.  A country is considered a constitutional republic if these two thresholds are met.

  1.   It has a constitution that limits the government’s power.
  2.   The citizens choose their own heads of state and other government officials.

Ideally, the expectation is that elected leaders will not ignore their constitutional mandate, but sadly, as we’ve seen from this president and the progressive left, the constitution is merely an impediment to hurdle over.  Even with certain safeguards in place, radical progressives have proven that there is more than one way to skin a cat and circumvent the legislative branch in favor of a radicalized agenda. 

As of March 24, 2023, Joe Biden has signed more executive orders, proclamations and presidential memoranda than the last five presidents combined; and he still has two more years left in his presidency.  Most of these orders are intended to circumvent the legislative branch. 108 executive orders, 130 presidential memoranda and 396 proclamations: and counting.    

Most of those congressional bypassing orders have had a devastating impact across the United States.  Governing by executive order is counterintuitive to a constitutional republic, or a democracy.  The founding fathers stressed that the will of the people is not a commodity for ideologues to trade away based on political affiliation or political ideology.   

Simply look at the last two years under this president.  This is by far the worst American economy in over 60 years. Our southern border is on the verge of collapse, crime is off the charts in every Democrat-led city and fentanyl is now poisoning an entire generation as Chinese spy balloons traverse the continental United States.  

This is the new normal the progressives continue to speak of, and every bit of it is policy driven.  

America is truly the world’s last superpower, but our strength is not derived from its nuclear arsenal.  Our strength lies within a thriving economy, a meritocracy that inspires brilliant men and women, and a robust and always-ready, armed forces.  But most importantly, it comes from being an example to the world.

If America hopes to retain its status as the leader of the free world, it must continue to lead the world both economically and morally.  Reckless financial policies and a breakdown of the moral fabric in today’s America, has placed our nation on a collision course with despotism.  Modern-day liberalism has proven to be the key component in this poisonous amalgam. 

We are learning the hard way that a self-governing nation must be led by virtuous and moral individuals.  The progressive’s departure from America’s core value system has created a societal breakdown.  Crime, violence, drug abuse, sexual deviancy, greed, lust, the list goes on and on; and it’s no coincidence that liberal cities are the epicenter of this wickedness.  

All of us must understand that we are currently in a revolutionary moment in America’s history, like it or not.  If we are to go on as a nation of self-governing rule, we must recognize and be willing to talk about these uncomfortable topics; and of course, act against the bad actors involved.

Americans have an intrinsic right to be free, and that right comes from God.  Our founding fathers called the gift of freedom a “self-evident” truth; and this gift was meant to be safeguarded, not profited from.  A gift that comes from God, can only be taken back by Him.  Stand with me as we protect God’s gift to humanity, these United States.

This opinion was first published by The Silent Majority Foundation.

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  1. John Ley

    An excellent column that should give citizens “pause” about where we are headed, and if we truly desire to remain “self governed”.


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