Opinion: CDC acknowledges changing situation with COVID-19; Inslee has some catching up to do

Elizabeth Hovde of the Washington Policy Center explains why the vaccine mandate needs to be thrown out along with the booster directive

Elizabeth Hovde of the Washington Policy Center explains why the vaccine mandate needs to be thrown out along with the booster directive

Elizabeth Hovde
Washington Policy Center

Updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said COVID-19 recommendations will no longer differentiate based on vaccination status. CDC officials told reporters the new guidelines acknowledge that most Americans have some form of protection from the virus (having had prior infection or vaccination), and they are unlikely to become seriously ill.

Elizabeth Hovde
Elizabeth Hovde

That acknowledgment has yet to be realized by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. He is holding on to his outdated vaccine mandate as a condition of employment, discriminating against state workers, including those fired last fall and future workers.

In October, numbers from the Office of Financial Management and news reports showed nearly 1,900 people were fired, resigned or retired due to the mandate for state employees. People’s careers were ruined, their individual and family finances suffered, and state service levels were harmed and remain worrisome. 

A mandate was made before there was enough knowledge about vaccination or COVID-19, and our state is paying the price for the misguided policy. 

The CDC guidance is a great opportunity for the governor to reverse his vaccine mandate. He could say, “Due to new CDC guidelines, it is an appropriate time to end my vaccine mandate and continue to look out for one another in other preventative ways.” 

He is already updating a recent directive that was going to require the vaccine mandate to include boosters. Instead of the booster requirement, it appears the state will offer incentives for boosters. This change looks as if it was made under the influence of labor negotiations — not because people can contract or spread COVID-19 regardless of vaccination status. I’m trying to learn more about the reasoning.

Inslee said the booster addition was necessary to keep people safe, but it appears it is now simply a bargaining chip for union negotiation, open to a system of incentives that will likely cost taxpayers money. Instead of protecting people’s health, taxpayers could be spending more money and not always ensuring fully boosted state workplaces. Perfect. (Read more about the updated directive here and here.)

The vaccine mandate needs to be thrown out along with the booster directive. The CDC’s updated guidelines offer an excellent opportunity.

Elizabeth Hovde is a policy analyst and the director of the Centers for Health Care and Worker Rights at the Washington Policy Center. She is a Clark County resident.

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  1. Sylvia

    The CDC has persistently made derogatory statements about people who chose not to take the jab for various reasons. This culminated with “the pandemic of the unvaccinated”, that Joe Biden then repeated to the world – seemingly without verifying its validity. Not fit to be a leader!
    The recent CDC decision to cease using vaccination status indicates yet another clumsy ‘cover up’ of a previous edict that proves to be false. Comparative data from various nations on the jabbed vs unjabbed have clearly shown that the unjabbed fared better, particularly those with natural immunity. It is strange indeed that the CDC (Walenski), FDA, NIAID (Fauci), have avoided any discussion on the all important subject of immunity. Except for a cursory mention here and there, this topic has been awarded a ‘taboo’ status.
    It is equally odd that those expert science organizations have thus far avoided an open public roundtable discussion on SARS-CoV2 with other scientists, including those who have been excommunicated despite their unquestioned scientific credentials. What are they afraid of?

    1. Wolfie

      They are afraid, terrified actually, because it completely goes against their agenda. Its not turning out like they hoped and they are scared. Trust me.. another false flag is coming.

    2. Melissa

      They have spent the last two years trying to frighten people into believing their own immune systems won’t work against covid. All the while they have been collecting data showing just the opposite! This is why the public still can’t see data on natural immunity (previously infected). This data is still guarded like the Crown Jewels.

      I think they are afraid of losing even more credibility. Our public health officials should be thrilled that healthy people have immune systems that work! They should be thrilled that children have such robust innate immune protection from covid. Instead they have hidden that information and downplayed natural immunity. Healthy immune systems got in the way of promoting the vaccination program.

      The new guidance toward those unvaccinated is certainly a step in the right direction! It leaves Governor Inslee’s vaccine mandate looking ridiculously outdated and riper than ever for lawsuit!

      1. Sylvia

        Great analysis, and spot on. Thank you, Melissa! Natural immunity will always be superior to artificial immunity. Natural immunity interacts with the whole virus, and produces antibodies accordingly. Jab immunity is artificial and only addresses the spike protein; worse still, the body is forced to become a manufacturer of the spike protein.
        Research has shown that:

        1. The mRNA vaccines promote sustained synthesis of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.
        2. The spike protein is neurotoxic, and it impairs DNA repair mechanisms.
        3. Suppression of type I interferon responses results in impaired innate immunity.
        4. The mRNA vaccines potentially cause increased risk to infectious diseases and cancer.
        5. Codon optimization results in G-rich mRNA that has unpredictable.

        The data shown below is from a previous fantastic CCT article – these are the facts. At least UK has the honesty to share factual research findings. Most importantly, it has thus far not suppressed scientific truth. Research by Israel and Russia have produced similar data.


        How likely is CDC to follow UK’s example and, for once, stop the cover-ups, the clumsy lies, and the manipulation of the people. All those evil attempts are collapsing since they are nothing but a ‘tower of cards’.
        It is up to the US people to decide how much longer they are willing to be treated with such disdain, before they stand up and take back their RIGHTS.
        Thanks again for your enlightening post.


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