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    An ESA would be a terrific idea for Washington. The dollars should follow the student.

    My kids are grown and out of public schools, but one more area where Arizona seems to be doing a better job: vaccine mandate. My son, who graduated from WSU during the pandemic, is not vaccinated for covid, so WSU is not an option for grad school. He has enrolled in Arizona State online for his graduate program.

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    Where did you get the erroneous information behind the statement, “While ESA funds can be used for home education, ESA students do not file homeschool affidavits and are not considered “homeschool” students by state law. The first part is true: ESA parents (not students) do not file an affidavit, and that is because the ESA contract contains the same agreement to ensure the parent is complying with state law to ensure their kid is being educated, as is in the affidavit. But the 2nd part of the statement is false (they are not considered homeschool students by state law). The definition of “homeschool” in AZ law 15-802.G.2 states “Homeschool means a nonpublic school conducted primarily by the parent, guardian or other person who has custody of the child or nonpublic instruction provided in the child’s home.”

    • This defines a homeschool in AZ by 2 criteria:
    • Nonpublic
    • Primarily conducted…
    • by parent/guardian/custodian
    • OR in child’s home
    • The definition IS NOT dependent on how homeschool is funded, not by participation in an ESA or lack thereof.

    This misinformation is pernicious, and no one can seem to tell me where it comes from.

    I am an Arizona homeschool dad.


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