Opinion: Are you worried about Washington’s future?

In her weekly column, Nancy Churchill shares that the time has come to stop complaining about the news and start taking small positive actions.

In her weekly column, Nancy Churchill shares that the time has come to stop complaining about the news and start taking small positive actions

Nancy Churchill
Dangerous Rhetoric

Because I write about politics, many people approach me to share their concerns about the political direction of our country and our state. There are many concerns. 

Nancy Churchill
Nancy Churchill

To even begin thinking about solving problems, we need to understand where actions will be taken on the issues. National policies are set by the president’s administration and Congress. A few of the top national concerns include the banking crisis, the Ukraine crisis turning into World War III, medical mandates, and government regulations that prevent economic growth and prosperity. Also very concerning is the weaponization of government against anyone who disagrees with the “official” narrative. Most people, no matter where they fall on the political spectrum, understand that the political elites in government and business are trending towards totalitarianism — which is contrary to our commonly held American values. Closer to home, at the Washington state level, everyday people of all political persuasions have concerns about public safety, education, homelessness and addiction, job creation and rising transportation costs. There are also concerns about the rigid grip on power held by progressive far-left Democrats in our legislature and state executive branch.

Many of the current problems in Washington state are the direct result of Governor Inslee’s and the Democratic Party leadership’s empowerment of the hard-left, anti-human extremists in the party. Today’s Democrats are not your father’s Democrats.

Are you ready for higher gasoline prices? Are you worried about increasing crime? Is homelessness in your future or a current reality? Are your children receiving a great education? Are government regulations stifling your small business?

If you are worried about the future of our state, you can help reshape Washington state politics.

First off, don’t leave the state. There is no where to run, really. You might experience some short term relief, but the battle for American culture and constitutional rights is raging in every state, not just Washington. With your current network of local family, friends, and neighborhood social groups, you have the potential to influence many people to turn back to supporting traditional American values and constitutional protections. We cannot just give up on Washington State, we have to work to bring it back towards the political middle.

Since you are ready to accept the challenge of promoting and standing up for your beliefs, the next logical question is “How?” How do you get involved in politics and influence your network? Getting involved in a local political party is only one path, and it might not be the right path for you. Then what?

You might consider running for local office. This year we will be voting on local city councils, commissions and boards. School boards, hospital boards, water boards and parks boards will all have open positions that need someone willing to give back to local communities. If you are considering running for office, reach out to your county auditor and your local political parties for direction — they are your elections experts and can give you great advice.

Another choice would be to become an issues-oriented activist, much like the work I do on the “Influencing Olympia Effectively” project. You can research, write, educate, campaign, or lobby — whatever suits your skill set and inclinations.

Start your journey influencing politics at the Washington Action Conference

The time has come to stop complaining about the news and start taking small positive actions. To discover the many ways you can influence politics, register today to attend the 2023 Republican Action Conference. This year’s event will be held in Kennewick on Saturday, May 6, with a welcome reception on the evening of Friday the 5th.

During the Saturday event, there will be panel discussions to inform both candidates and for activists. For potential candidates there are the following panels: “Campaigning 101: Build a Winning Campaign”, “Campaign Fundraising 101” and “Digital Media: Build Your Brand.”

For activists and organizers there will be: “Grassroots Activism: Organizing for Victory”, “Citizen Lobbying: Influencing Olympia” and “Ballot Collection: Get the Republican Votes”. The keynote speaker on Saturday evening is Christina Bobb, President Trump’s Election Integrity and Grassroots 2024 Campaign Director. Ms. Bobb is also the author of “Stealing Your Vote: The Inside Story of the 2020 Election and What It Means for 2024,” the number 1 new release in political advocacy books on Amazon.

According to its publisher, “Christina Bobb’s Stealing Your Vote is the first and only investigative report into what truly happened in the 2020 elections and the cover-up that followed, and what we must do now as our next presidential election approaches.” The book pulls back the curtain and educates the reader on how election fraud happens, according to the introduction by Steve Bannon. “It’s up to us to get involved and prevent the manipulation that is robbing us of our ability to self-govern.”

You won’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity to hear Ms. Bobb’s ideas to restore election integrity so that all Americans, liberal and conservative, can have confidence that our votes have meaning and value. The Action Conference and dinner is the most important conference to attend if you want to help fix the problems you see in today’s world.

Connect with other like-minded concerned people and become inspired to take action! Attend the 2023 Action Conference in Kennewick and become empowered to solve some problems and help restore some balance to Washington politics! Register today at wsrp.org/conference.

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at DangerousRhetoric@pm.me. The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.

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