Opinion: A second look at the Woodland School District replacement levy

Voters are asked to consider the same levy request that was rejected in the February special election.
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Voters are asked to consider the same levy request that was rejected in the February special election

Dick Rylander

In February, the Woodland School District placed a replacement levy on the ballot … and lost. They are returning in the April 25 special election with the same levy. No changes. Just another request that voters reconsider and give them the money.

Dick Rylander
Dick Rylander

In this article we’ll pull together some information for your review and consideration. We’re not here to tell you to vote Yes or NO. We’re here to help make sure that you have both sides of view. The school board and district have one goal: pass the levy. Their information on the website and in any mailers will focus on why voters should say yes. They are not required to share any Con information. They are not required to present a balanced view. They have the money and resources to paint the picture supporting their ask. In short, they are inherently biased and have an “iron in the fire” and a vested interest in a yes vote.

So why might someone vote no?

  1. Let’s first share the information from the February levy:  Woodland School District 2023 Levy (www education.org) 
  2. Here’s a website that is the most comprehensive K-12 data set on Washington State. Take a few minutes to review the facts: Woodland School District | The School Data Project
  3. How is Woodland doing according to the OSPI Scorecard?  Report Card – Washington State Report Card (ospi.k12.wa.us) 
  4. Analysis of the Woodland Levy based on data: School District Measures April 25th 2023 | The School Data Project

Here’s a comparison of school districts in Southwest Washington that may help you get benchmarks. (Where does this data come from? The OSPI Report Card website):

Some questions you might consider as you choose how to vote:

  • Are you happy with the education the children are getting?
  • Do you think they are using the money wisely?
  • Will the increase in this “replacement” levy make a difference and if so how?
  • Can you afford the increase? Has your income kept pace with inflation and the cost of living?


  • Of the eight (8) school districts in the table (above) Woodland spends $17,986/student/year which is #1…#1.
  • Their attendance rate, at 80.6% is the highest of any of the districts.
  • Their test scores appear to be in the middle of the pack

The district is painting a dire picture if the levy fails. Given their spending levels and results you decide whether those are scare tactics or true. Whatever you do please don’t act out of fear or be intimidated. Make an informed decision … and vote.

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  1. Susan

    Excellent, fact-based article! Just plug in “Vancouver School District” or “Evergreen School District” or “Washougal School District” and the same is true for all of them.

    School Districts are saying “more money, more money, more money… and don’t dare hold us accountable.”

    Woodland voters beware… this has a direct impact on your property taxes! It IS a “new” tax in that you do NOT currently pay the amount you will be paying if the levy passes.


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