Letter: Who is Dave Shook?

Area resident Lisa DiStefano discusses Dave Shook’s candidacy for Clark County sheriff

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When I first learned about Dave Shook and what his plans were to address the problems facing the Clark County Sheriff’s Department, I instantly knew this man of integrity, honesty, and decades of upholding the Constitution had my vote. I plan to educate as many people as I can on the real truth of what is going on in the Sheriff’s Office, and how Dave Shook can be the change.

Area resident Lisa DiStefano (right) is shown here with Sheriff candidate Dave Shook (left). Photo courtesy Lisa DiStefano
Area resident Lisa DiStefano (right) is shown here with Sheriff candidate Dave Shook (left). Photo courtesy Lisa DiStefano

I am learning about many existing problems from decades of mismanagement, and this is my wake-up call on what is going on in our Sheriff’s Department. The saddest part is that many of our deputies and their families are too afraid of retaliation to speak openly about the issues within the Sheriff’s Office. For a long time if you were not a part of the “GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB” in this department you got passed over for assignments and promotional opportunities. Is this how you want our Sheriff’s department run?

I have been a Clark County resident all my life except for moving away for a few years but I have always come back home. Times have drastically changed over the years and we have a growing population and out of control criminal activity. The shortage of deputies out there to uphold the Constitution and protect us is scary, and the homeless have not gotten better and are still on the rise. They are losing deputies left and right. Why? Our deputies are the lowest paid in the state! So where is all that money going after the county councilors give them a budget to work with?

I found the following information from the Shook4Sheriff website, https://shook4sheriff.com:

“I’m David Shook and I’m excited to announce my candidacy for Clark County Sheriff. Like many of you, I live in Southwest Washington by choice. I strongly care about my community and want our families to live in the safest neighborhoods possible, which is why I am asking for your support as I run for Sheriff.

“Leading our Sheriff’s Office into a new era of public safety while still honoring the rich history of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office is one of my highest priorities as your Sheriff. I believe that the combination of my experience, along with a fresh set of eyes and ideas are what is needed to keep the best of the present and to collaboratively grow the Sheriff’s Office of the future. As we turn the page on the laudable efforts of past administrations, we cannot rest and allow challenges to go unanswered.

“I have the experience, the energy, the vision, and heartfelt desire to advance our Sheriff’s Office into the future of providing excellent public safety services for our community. My goals as Sheriff will be to engage our community, bring accountability to the office, build trusting relationships, bring strong financial planning and management, seek technological advancements to enhance our policing efforts, and recruit, train, and hire people of solid character. I want to be your next Clark County Sheriff and provide Clark County with the highest level of law enforcement services in the state.”

Some of the topics, he has posted information about include:

• Training and Accountability

• Homelessness in Clark County

• Your 2nd Amendment Right

• Our State’s Mandates

• Police Reform Laws

• Approach to Racism in Policing

You should take a look, I think you too will be impressed.

Lisa DiStefano
Clark County

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