Letter: ‘We skipped autumn, and are close to skipping spring’

Vancouver resident Ethan Eichenberger discusses his views on climate change

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I am sure many have heard about it before: climate change. The controversy behind it! Has anyone paid attention to the weather lately? The last few winters have been extremely cold, and our summers have been extremely hot. We skipped autumn, and are close to skipping spring. It was near 90 degrees last week but today’s high temperature is only 54. Climate change is describing these changes. Just because we still get rain and still have cold weather does not mean our Earth isn’t warming. I want to ingrain this into the public mind. I know other people do too.

Ethan Eichenberger
Ethan Eichenberger

Though our state is ahead of many others, I side with scientists that action needs to be taken as soon as possible. Washington is trying, so thank you Washington. But you aren’t doing enough. Now, I do not know the numbers, but from my perspective as a consumer, these plastic bag bans are not working. The offer versus serve policy on single-use utensils? That’s not working either. Pushback from businesses, workers, and the general public makes these initiatives near pointless. I find myself in a tough situation. I want to see more progress in my everyday life, and the actions the state has taken thus far have not worked too effectively. Washington hopes to step away from fossil fuels by 2030. Specifically, in cars and pickup trucks. So, as I hear of agencies working on a game plan to make this effective, what do they have thus far? Why am I not seeing things coming out in full effect? Hard-core campaigning needs to start now so the facts can be told and impactful change can begin. So using a couple examples, this includes more than charging 8 cents for a highly wasteful bag that will still be thrown away. This includes more than throwing 5 paper straws per customer because they disintegrate so quickly, and it’s more than shocking yet satisfied lunch-goers who received 20 taco sauce packets while they only needed two. 

Greenhouse gasses are emitted at substantial rates due to the all-encompassing waste our society produces. Those who believe this need to step up and never back down. That is how change happens. Right now, we find ourselves backing down. To those who agree with me, accept that, and then move forward. What’s your opinion?

Ethan Eichenberger


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    Terry Busch

    Unfortunately science in current political fallacies
    such as what is a woman, and how many genders there are, has as much credibility in changing biological facts as it does in proving that “climate change” is anything other than known weather cycles.

    Yes “Climate Change”, The Marxists redistribution of wealth is a term that has evolved over time. Each new description, global cooling, global warming have them selves been “politically changed” to fool the fools into paying large sums of money to the goverment that they will use for everything but changing the weather. ALL of AL Gores predictions did not occur. John Holdren Hussain Barack Obamas Climate CZAR was caught manipulating Climate data in East Anglia at the Climate Research Center. He instructed Michael Mann to “hide the decline” of temperatures that were found during research in his report. The “Global warming” campaign was exposed. A fraud funded by the Obama Biden administration. So after a few years the next political campaign and fraud “Climate Change” nothing has changed except the label.

    Do your own research you will find that Carbon Dioxide is a colorless odorless necessary element in photosynthesis. It is NOT a poisonous dirty gas!
    Obama lied when he instructed the DOE to list CO2 as a poisonous gas to be regulated. We exhale it and plants need it.
    #Climategate John Holdren exposed.


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    Piece reads like it belongs in the comments section of a Greta thunberg YouTube video.

    You can tell this climate propaganda affects the young and impressionable the most, sadly it’s exactly those kids who have an earnest desire to do some good. But just because you missed the some warmer days this month, you shouldn’t assume that it’s the climate monster and you definitely shouldn’t use that as your primary argument. We’ve had worse aprils 50 yrs ago when Al gore was about your age. And we are make up 13% of global emissions. You could talk to me about china and India making up the majority of global pollution but you still couldn’t tell me how much that will affect us or them. Either way, I’m not ready for platitudes from a kid who had a teacher that wanted every day to be earth day, and now that he sees the world through his teachers eyes, everyone around him is being irresponsible. Ask the kid if he drives, flies , enjoys ac and heat, enjoys wearing clothing that isn’t sewn by his grandmother, he will say yes, but he plans on doing better when he can afford it. And without those things to help you, I wonder when that will be.

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    It is so nice to see a young man concerned about the weather and the nation’s Climate Action Plan. The CAP is the stainable building codes are of the United Nations. Wind, solar, and electric are not stainable.
    Ethan needs to do more research about our geoengineered weather. Dane Wigington a famous scientist and conservationist is on the radio every Saturday after noon on you tube. “Geoengineering: Global News Alerts.” As he calls it (The Bad News broadcast.)
    you tube: Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News,
    May 6, 2023, #404

    You tube: The Dimming

    GeoengineeringWatch.org has the patents on the weather modification tools.
    The military is spraying aluminum oxide, strontium and barium every day in our sky.
    Learn about chemical ice nucleation.
    Bill Gates is SPRAYING DUST in our air to block the sun. What is the MSDS report on that?

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    Vince Myers

    The author of this opinion proves nothing since the “science” he refers to has been wrong about every single prediction on climate ever made, the models have all been wrong. Climate on Earth needs to be measured in millenias, not just a couple of decades. If he had actually done any research he would have discovered that in the last 100 years there have been several hot Mays recorded. Educate yourself kid, don’t just spout someone else’s talking points.


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