Letter: ‘We skipped autumn, and are close to skipping spring’

Vancouver resident Ethan Eichenberger discusses his views on climate change

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

I am sure many have heard about it before: climate change. The controversy behind it! Has anyone paid attention to the weather lately? The last few winters have been extremely cold, and our summers have been extremely hot. We skipped autumn, and are close to skipping spring. It was near 90 degrees last week but today’s high temperature is only 54. Climate change is describing these changes. Just because we still get rain and still have cold weather does not mean our Earth isn’t warming. I want to ingrain this into the public mind. I know other people do too.

Ethan Eichenberger
Ethan Eichenberger

Though our state is ahead of many others, I side with scientists that action needs to be taken as soon as possible. Washington is trying, so thank you Washington. But you aren’t doing enough. Now, I do not know the numbers, but from my perspective as a consumer, these plastic bag bans are not working. The offer versus serve policy on single-use utensils? That’s not working either. Pushback from businesses, workers, and the general public makes these initiatives near pointless. I find myself in a tough situation. I want to see more progress in my everyday life, and the actions the state has taken thus far have not worked too effectively. Washington hopes to step away from fossil fuels by 2030. Specifically, in cars and pickup trucks. So, as I hear of agencies working on a game plan to make this effective, what do they have thus far? Why am I not seeing things coming out in full effect? Hard-core campaigning needs to start now so the facts can be told and impactful change can begin. So using a couple examples, this includes more than charging 8 cents for a highly wasteful bag that will still be thrown away. This includes more than throwing 5 paper straws per customer because they disintegrate so quickly, and it’s more than shocking yet satisfied lunch-goers who received 20 taco sauce packets while they only needed two. 

Greenhouse gasses are emitted at substantial rates due to the all-encompassing waste our society produces. Those who believe this need to step up and never back down. That is how change happens. Right now, we find ourselves backing down. To those who agree with me, accept that, and then move forward. What’s your opinion?

Ethan Eichenberger

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