Letter: ‘We need candidates who understand the challenges of the private sector’

Incumbent Vicki Kraft has worked in private sector for large and small businesses

Aura Reddington
Aura Reddington

We need elected officials who understand the challenges of the private sector, where most of us work.

Vicki Kraft, running for re-election as 17th District state representative, worked for Dell, Pillsbury and Frigidaire as well as small businesses.  But, she balances that experience with nonprofit and community development volunteerism, including the Boys and Girls Club,  Clark County Veterans Assistance Center, Salvation Army, and Teach One to Lead One.

My family strongly supports Teach One to Lead One, which brings community-based mentors into schools to teach kids about character, responsibility, and leadership. There is nothing more important. I’ve observed that Vicki Kraft is a good role model for character and leadership, someone we can trust as an example for our kids.

Aura Reddington

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