Letter: ‘We must take this opportunity to choose a bold and experienced leader who is willing to confront the challenges we face – John Horch’

Jill Brown, wife of fallen Clark County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jeremy Brown, endorses John Horch in the race for sheriff

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We face a race of particular importance to the safety and well-being of our local community – electing a new sheriff in November. We must take this opportunity to choose a bold and experienced leader who is willing to confront the challenges we face – John Horch.

Jill Brown
Jill Brown

As a proud member of the law enforcement family, I am honored to endorse John Horch and am confident that he is the ideal candidate for this very important position. I have known John as a devoted friend and fellow public servant. I also experienced his sincere and thoughtful leadership through his long-time mentorship of my late husband, Sgt Jeremy R. Brown.

I witnessed John’s unique ability to honestly engage in difficult conversations through our shared effort to fix bad legislation following Jeremy’s murder – always with respect and thoughtfulness.  He approached each meeting with local leaders as an opportunity to better understand their concerns. He worked to ensure they had a clear understanding of how the changes would impact the safety of our communities and those who have vowed to protect them. 

John is a man of integrity – a 30-plus year veteran with the Sheriff’s Department who has held numerous key positions.  His experience and knowledge offer us residents the level of confidence in our Sheriff we deserve. By comparison, Rey Reynolds offers no budget oversight or mid or upper-level law enforcement leadership experience.

The choice is clear.  We need a proven leader with the experience and knowledge to move CCSO forward and ensure the level of public safety that Clark County residents deserve. That is John Horch.

Jill Brown

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  1. Scott Creager

    Jill is spot on as usual. She has professional insights that few in our community have. Her family has sacrificed much and her opinions are forged from enduring the tragic loss of her husband. If there is a credible source on who is best suited to be Sheriff, Jill is definitely seated in the front row. Visit the candidates web pages and see who is endorsed by rank and file public safety professionals. You will see those who are currently and have done the job are consistently supporting John Horch.

  2. Mary

    I so admire you and your husband. There very much is a very thin blue line. My concern is I do not see Mr. Horch changing the status quo. He is so close to Sheriff Atkins in policy. I believe it is those policies that put our wonderful and brave deputies in danger. If they are in danger what does that say for the community?

    1. Scott Creager

      Hello Mary. I’m curious what policies you are referring to here? Is it pay for Deputies? Then your issue is with the County Council and Administrator. Is it with the recent laws that hamstring law enforcement and empower crooks ? Then your issue is with State Legislators and the Governor. Is it with prosecution of cases? Then your issue is with the PA”s Office and the courts. What are the policy or policies that the Sheriffs Office have implemented that “put Deputies in danger?”

  3. Susan

    A vote for Horch is a vote for the status-quo. He’s so entrenched in the CCSO style of doing things that, frankly, he is part of the problem… and is NOT the solution.

    Simply stated… we need to “clean house” and get some fresh ideas within the CCSO.

    Vote Reynolds! (That is, unless you like the increasing crime, growing drug problems, and reluctance of the CCSO to respond to pleas for help from the public whom they swore to protect.)


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