Letter: ‘We find the dominant, post-Christian culture in the U.S. to be unfair and intolerant’

Vancouver resident Ann Makar explains why people with her beliefs are frustrated with the unfairness and intolerance they perceive in the dominant culture

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com 

I’m in the camp of people who value truth and clarity and support freedom, personal responsibility, and parental responsibility, while others are more concerned with climate change, scientism, secular humanism, earth worship, socialism, safe space-ism, the ideology of gender fluidity, critical theory of all sorts, and other ideologies. I believe children should be taught to be colorblind in the way Martin Luther King, Jr., and other Christians have long proposed.

Ann Makar
Ann Makar

We are told that public employees are not supposed to share their religious ideology, but it seems unfair that so many people are imposing in public, taxpayer-funded schools, including among children in pre-school, graphic so-called comprehensive sex education, the gay lifestyle, the ideas of gender fluidity and gender expression, and other ideologies mentioned above, not only on children but on those of us who reject these beliefs, which we honestly believe to be harmful. We find the dominant, post-Christian culture in the U.S. to be unfair and intolerant. It demands that we affirm and celebrate ideologies with which we strongly disagree. We don’t demand that of others!

Many people seem to think it’s important that children lose their natural innocence as early in life as possible. I’m in the camp of those who believe that modesty and chastity are very good and that encouraging sexual experimentation is wrong. Virtue should be encouraged. 

Governmental bodies have increasingly taken on the role of a parent, and this bodes poorly for society. It seems that public schools have supplanted secular humanism and other ideologies, the input that many children used to receive from family and faith communities.

Maybe people don’t realize that one of the most effective ways that groups such as Communists, for example, ensure their control is by driving wedges between children and their elders, the latter being portrayed as old-fashioned “killjoys.” This same activity has taken place in the U.S. for generations. 

There ARE people who benefit from emotionally separating children from their parents and grandparents. Two groups who benefit financially are Planned Parenthood and those involved in selling gender transition and mutilation and all the treatment entailed for the rest of the life of the gender dysphoric who undergo “gender-affirming care.” Maybe gender dysphoria in young people should be considered an adverse childhood experience (ACE).

One can understand why people with my beliefs are frustrated with the unfairness and intolerance we perceive in the dominant culture. We do NOT advocate harming or shaming people with different beliefs but do not find that attitude reciprocated. Many are afraid to speak in opposition to the dominant, post-Christian culture, since doing so could jeopardize their livelihood and personal safety. I think we call this “viewpoint discrimination” or “being canceled.”

If you find my comments offensive, please know that my intent is not to offend, and I sincerely would like to understand in what ways you are offended by what I’ve stated. I value truth and clarity.

Ann Makar

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