Letter: ‘We don’t understand why VPS did not follow their own policy’

Vancouver resident Gloria Tumlinson asks citizens to join her in requesting Vancouver Public Schools remove book from Fort Vancouver High School library

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I urge everyone to email Vancouver Public Schools Director of Curriculum and instruction Dari Fronk regarding this sensitive issue of the book “Gender Queer’’ in the Fort Vancouver High School library. I am hugely disappointed to see no regard what-so-ever for the wishes of the adults and parents of these children’s families.

Gloria Tumlinson
Gloria Tumlinson

It must be very important now to realize, it is the corporate-owned media that has “created” this entire Gender Issue storyline, narrative, and the entire Critical Race Theory, making it, forcing it to be a problem, an issue,for everyone when it never needed to be. A perfect example of problem-reaction-solution!

Things were fine before this all started. I say, this issue has been intentionally created to add to all the rest of the chaos out there and needs to be stopped!

I suggest everyone familiarize themselves with this book and then act upon getting it out of the schools. Pretty telling that the librarian won’t even meet with the parents. Please write Darci Fonk a letter telling them how you feel.

Darci Fronk, director of Curriculum and instruction, Vancouver Public Schools, darci.fronk@vansd.org

We don’t understand why VPS did not follow their own policy and allow us to meet with the librarian. We have also inconsiderately been told that the librarian is not removing the book.

 In accordance with VPS’s Policy and Procedure 2000, Course Design, Selection and Adoption of Instruction Materials, I am requesting for reconsideration that the library book “Gender Queer” be removed from Fort Vancouver High School Library.  

I am also requesting that this book not be placed in any VPS library permanently.

Gloria Tumlinson

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