Letter: ‘We are in the midst of a shoplifting crisis’

Vancouver resident Ann Donnelly shares an email she sent to Clark County Prosecuting Attorney Tony Golik regarding charges against Vancouver Police officer

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Based on Clark County Today’s prompt reporting, I was able to express my concern just now in an email to Prosecutor Tony Golik, as follows:

Ann Donnelly
Ann Donnelly

Having read the reporting about this case I wanted to express my immediate interest and concern on behalf of this officer. I appreciate that the Vancouver Police Officer’s Guild

(VPOG) has already issued a statement, and after this initial reading, I support the guild 100 percent. Whatever I can do to add public support to the guild support, I will do.

We are in the midst of a shoplifting crisis involving not only small-scale crime but systematic cartel-related shoplifting mega-projects, some originating internationally. The public is shocked and disgusted to watch shoplifters get away with whatever they want to take in stores large and small, confident they will face no accountability. And they commit other crimes based on that confidence.

In this case, Officer Mendoza accomplished what the public would view as exemplary performance:

  • She arrived at the scene promptly.
  • She and her partner arrested one of the perpetrators without anyone getting hurt.
  • She recovered the stolen goods, thus earning the thanks of every store owner who has watched their profits walk out the door with shoplifters.

But instead of calling the criminal to account, here is what happened:

  • The charges were dropped against the youthful offender who now learns that criminal behavior pays off, and that he can go on to offend again.
  • The police officer is called to account and has her career threatened because the criminal reports that he “felt threatened” when she used her taser and exposed his genitals, threatening to use her taser on them.

I look forward to following this case closely.

Ann Donnelly

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  1. Barry

    It amuses me that during this fight, officer Mendoza had time to unzip the criminal pants, pull them down and threaten to taser him, “again”. What is it I missed in this story?

  2. TJ

    In my observations of the way young people dress these days I doubt his pants needed to be pulled down very far if at all. By his own admission this act was the turning point of the arrest. He didn’t cooperate after the first tazing so I am not sure what we would have wanted the officer to do next. Anything else would have probably caused him more harm. I really don’t see how it can be justified to charge the officer and drop the charges against the real criminal.

    1. Police Supporter

      Agree 100%

      I can only imagine what anyone would do in the officers position? The criminal attacked the police and refused to cooperate I think she’s a hero. Her tactic worked 👏


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