Letter: ‘We are being threatened on all fronts’

Sandra Tobias expresses her support for Congressional candidate Joe Kent

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Sandra Tobias
Sandra Tobias

I am voting Joe Kent for United States Congress. I’ve been to his live debates. He has proven to be a fighter with a no-nonsense approach. We need a strong leader to represent our state and take it to Washington, D.C. Please do your own homework and share with family members at the dinner table for discussion. First-time voters will have fun discussing this important process.

Here is his website: JoeKentForCongress.com.

We have many issues that need fixing in our state. Joe will represent us while working to keep our entire Country safe and prosperous.  We are being threatened on all fronts. This is about our national security, not local government. But I would like to acknowledge that many people are pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and starting up their own businesses again. So many new places to explore. Joe Kent is aware of problems here and major concerns in Washington D.C. as well.

The big picture is the chatter that is apparently pointing us into a World War lll

scenario. There are many reasons for voting Joe Kent into this position, especially our National Security is at risk. Joe Kent has served his country in the military in both combat and intelligence. His experience in foreign affairs is a huge plus. It speaks volumes. Please read up on his full credentials regarding his military background and you will not be disappointed. Congress has the authority over our military. They have the power to provide defense and declare war. They can make rules and regulations for the military and purchase land for military bases. The United States Congress has a lot of power. Again, I encourage you to do your own research because this election is so important to our country.

There is so much at stake. I strongly recommend a vote for Joe Kent for Congress on November 8th.

God Bless The United States of America.

Sandra Tobias
Washington State voter

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