Letter: Washougal residents to decide city’s next mayor

Russel White: ‘Time for us to choose a responsible, ethical and committed leader’

Citizens of Washougal:

Russel White
Russel White

Our city is about to decide who our next mayor will be and we need to look back as well as ahead and see where this will take us.  We are in a difficult time with rising utility costs due to past negligent leadership as well as an exciting time of coming growth that will require responsible leadership coupled with someone willing to work with small business and bring jobs to our hometown.

I ask you to consider Dan Coursey as our next mayor.  He is a pro-life candidate that supports our local Pathways organization that works to save unborn children and provides help for mothers.  His opponent is endorsed by Planned Parenthood.  If you visit Lifepac.org there is much more information concerning these subjects and candidates  You may think this is an irrelevant issue to affect a small town mayoral race but in my opinion this issue above any other tells me much about someone’s moral and ethical make up.

It is time for us to choose a responsible, ethical and committed leader that wants what is best for our town.  By listening and putting citizens first Dan Coursey is capable of being that leader. I hope you will join me in giving him the opportunity to serve us all. Thank you.

Russel White


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