Letter: Vote for Stephen Dabasinskas for Camas City Council

Camas resident Douglas Tweet offers his support for Camas City Council candidate

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com.

I agree with Camas City Councilors Leslie Lewallen and Jennifer Senescu in endorsing Stephen Dabasinskas. 

Douglas Tweet
Douglas Tweet

Among other qualifications he will bring much-needed fiscal expertise to our city’s budget. For example, I have heard Stephen speak at a City Council meeting expressing concerns about the excessive use of high-priced consultants by the city with nebulous “scope-of-work.”  

A recent instance of this kind of largess was reported in the Post-Record. Earlier this month the City Council was “set to approve a $479,000 consultant contract with the Seattle-based Johnston Architects to help ‘refresh and reimagine’ the Camas Public Library.” Councilor Senescu voiced strong opposition, stating “… I don’t feel that we need consultants … to tell us what flooring and furniture to put in.” 

We need the expertise and attitude of Stephen Dabasinskas to help make wiser use of taxpayer funds.  With his background as a private business consultant and instructor of budgeting and finance for the US Department of Defense he is amply qualified. Furthermore, he has helped draft legislation for the California Attorney General, and worked in law enforcement as a patrol officer and detective, as well as Task Force Commander for a narcotics task force. I am confident he will prioritize both public safety and fiscal responsibility

Stephen Dabasinskas has the wide background and deep professional qualifications that make him an exceptional addition to the Camas City Council.

Douglas Tweet

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  1. Dave Roberts

    Good comments highlighting a major problem with the Director Level of Staff in Camas. You have people in positions paying $150K+ per year that continually need CONSULTANTS to do the analysis and cough up a PPT to justify the projects. Seems like you you’ve got the wrong people Mayor Hogan and YOU need to make some changes. Whatever happened to those Goals, Objectives and measurement tools that were discussed 🤔🤔🤔


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