Letter to the editor: ‘We millennials are on our own and we believe in a more fair and just system for all …’

Vancouver resident Tom Rybeck offers his thoughts on the difference between millennials and baby boomers

Tom Rybeck
Tom Rybeck

Time after time I see attacks against the “millennial” generation by the baby boomers. The boomers are constantly complaining that we are going to lose our freedoms, our way of life, and basically become a communist state because of millennials.

I hate to break it to boomers but it is a different world today, and much to their disbelief things are just handed to us like they were to the boomer generation. To put it plainly the American Dream for the majority of us is dead and the boomers were complicit it its death. We work for less wages/benefits than our parents for the same job. Educational requirements are higher than what the boomers were expected to attain. Housing prices are through the roof and many millennials don’t have the economic resources to save to put a down payment down on a house. Generally life is harder for a millennial when compared to a boomer.

Many of these problems are brought to you by the corporate influence in our political system, and the brainwashing of the boomer generation that relies on a certain propaganda cable news channel, and right wing radio. There is a strong perception among millennials that boomers are in fact selfish, having “got theirs” so to speak and not fighting to make the future for their children (the millennials), or the world around them better.

We millennials are on our own and we believe in a more fair and just system for all, not just our generation. We want to save the world, not exploit it. We are kind and compassionate. We believe in good and aren’t afraid to fight for it. So maybe you boomers can understand it’s a different world today and maybe think twice before spouting off about how we will be the downfall of society.

Tom Rybeck

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