Letter: The case for the Restore Election Confidence Initiative

Restore Election Confidence Initiative Sponsor Rob Anderson makes the case for the Restore Election Confidence Initiative.

Restore Election Confidence Initiative Sponsor Rob Anderson makes the case for the Restore Election Confidence Initiative

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

Just last week, the Restore Election Confidence (REC) Initiative surmounted its final review obstacle, paving the way for the citizens of Clark County to have a say. The journey, rife with challenges, unfolded against the backdrop of a Prosecuting Attorney’s Office — under Democrat control — whose actions appeared to defy the law, attempting to deny the initiative to voters. Pause for a moment and consider the implications: an office that played a role in formulating and advancing the Home Rule Charter chose to disregard it. Why? Perhaps to shield bureaucratic affairs from the influence of the commoners? Quite possibly. To curtail the people’s exercise of free speech rights via a petition aimed at enhancing election procedures in Clark County? It appears so.

Rob Anderson
Rob Anderson

Regardless of their motivations, their obstruction was halted by the Writ of Mandamus I filed, reminding them of our commitment to the rule of law. Consequently, they reversed their stance, make no mistake was solely due to the Writ, forwarded the ballot title, and completed the legal review, confirming that the Restore Election Confidence Initiative aligns with the Home Rule Charter, operating within the confines of State and Federal laws as articulated in Home Rule Charter 7.2.

Why is the REC initiative essential? It arises from profound questions and concerns about our election processes, exacerbated by a declining voter turnout, evident in the mere 26% participation in the last General Election. Multiple groups, spanning beyond Conservative lines, recognize the urgency to address this unsustainable trend.

Enter the REC initiative, carefully crafted to target actionable reforms, narrowly honing in on the Elections department under the Auditor’s guidance. Attorneys, an Election Integrity Team here in Clark County, and several others helped and contributed to the proposed reforms. Lately, I engaged with the Elections department staff, outlining the initiative’s intricacies. While some changes are straightforward, others pose more significant challenges, yet all reforms are geared toward fortifying our current electoral processes, instilling confidence in every voter that their ballot counts.

The initiative introduces measures such as a chain of custody report for all ballots from pick up (even though there’s no explicit requirement, estimates are allowed by the State) and a thorough post-election audit after every Presidential election. The existing audit framework, one of the most minimal mandated by the State, failed to identify several ballot errors uncovered in the 2022 recounts. The initiative also proposes the use of cameras at ballot boxes and during processing for increased security, transparency and urgency in disseminating election returns — an array of common-sense reforms that promise to enhance the integrity of our elections.

Some argue that the State’s regulations pose insurmountable obstacles to change. In reality, the State grants Auditors and counties the authority to conduct elections within guidelines, fostering a decentralized approach. For instance, when RCWs address audits, they instruct Auditors to choose from a list of options as minimum requirements for result certification. The REC’s proposed additional post-certification audit does not openly conflict with State or Federal law. Although Clark County enjoys Home Rule Charter status, affording greater autonomy, constitutional constraints prevent the passage of laws conflicting with State statutes. The REC initiative does not contravene laws; such conflict was never its intent.

Despite conjecture and attempts to insert legal opinions, as witnessed with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, the REC initiative successfully withstood legal challenges and is now poised for the people’s decision.

Read the ballot title that the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office eventually wrote describing the initiative to the voters and decide for yourself:

The voters of Clark County submitted an initiative concerning election procedures. If approved, this measure would create new ordinances requiring the Clark County Auditor to maintain a chain of custody for all ballots, prohibit sending or reporting of fraudulent ballots, video record ballot collection and counting, perform an additional forensic audit, report suspected voter fraud and set timeline requirements for reporting ballots and voter roll updates.

Should this ordinance be approved?



To be candid, this is no easy task but we shall overcome it. Bureaucrats like Kimsey, who played a pivotal role in crafting the Home Rule Charter, have established rules with short timelines (only 120 days to gather signatures) and higher-than-average signature requirements (a little over 27,000 signatures required). Nevertheless, I firmly believe the people will prevail, driven by a desire to enhance our elections in Clark County and restore confidence in the process.

The ball is now in our court. The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and others may seek to impede our efforts, but we have the power to overcome. Elected or unelected, no bureaucrat will rescue our elections’ integrity; we must take the initiative. Inaction is not an option. Seek out the initiative, sign it, encourage others to do the same, volunteer, contribute, and share the cause. By doing so, we can Restore Election Confidence and likely witness a positive shift in voter turnout and results.

Click HERE to volunteer.

Click HERE to find Initiative signature locations.

Or go to www.restorevotes.com.

Rob Anderson
Restore Election Confidence Initiative Sponsor

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